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I like DST logo colors and the Christian message that is part of it. This Columbia was at the Perry Walmart on May 15, 2010. Here's the full side and rear of the DST trailer with another spreading of The Word on the rear doors to the motoring public. Jennings Transportation, Inc. from London, KY runs an xtra sharp fleet on I-75 thru Perry on a dedicated run to Florida. Their drivers stop from time to time to shop at the Walmart right off the interstate as this fine looking Pete's driver did on May 19, 2010.
Air Products out of their Conyers, GA plant hooked to a liquid nitrogen trailer layed over at the Perrry America's Best Inn on May 13, 2010. Great colors for this private fleet. A sharp short nose KW for J.D. Michalesko Transport from Elysburg, PA at the Madison, GA T/A (I-20 X-114) on April 21, 2010. Daryl Flood, Inc. Mayflower back into an opening at the Mt Jackson, VA Sheetz travel plaza on I-81 April 18, 2010.
At the All State Citgo on May, 22, 2010 this beautiful Pete from Tennessee was sitting all by itself on the back lot basking in the mid morning sun. An O/O calling his business Wizard Express LLC and leased on with Landstar Inway was at the All State Citgo also on May 22, 2010.
A "deckside view" of this Lonestar Transportation Peterbilt layed over at the Perry, GA Best Inns of America in May 2010 I was out mowing my front grass on my birthday when this FedEx Freight Volvo pulls up right in front of our house to make a delivery across the street. It doesn't get any more convienent than that once in awhile!
Beaty Enterprise from Jamestown, TN, was at the All State Truck Stop in late May 2010 with this super nice Pete.
Check out the train horns down below the passengers side door.
Van Wyk from Shelton, Iowa? They have a nice fleet of these style aero Pete's and VN-2's taken at White's Travel Center X-205 on I-81 near Raphine, VA. An interesting looking IH, Lund of Antigo, Inc. from Antigo, WI at the All State Citgo I-75 X-121 in late May 2010 A great looking Freightliner Coronado leased to Groveland, FL based Carroll Fulmer at the Perry Walmart in late May 2010
This Yellow/Roadway (operated by YRC) Volvo was @ the All State Truck Stop in Unadilla, GA the morning of June 3, 2010. Roadway (operated by YRC, Inc.) at Perry Walmart June 9, 2010.
Courier Express (Atlanta area based) at Perry Walmart entrance road June 10, 2010. Saia at Perry Walmart lot June 10, 2010
Southbound on I-81/I-64 this ABF Sterling rolls past the rest area near the 199mm approaching Lexington, Virginia on June 12, 2010. I guess Glenwood is a fuel jobber from Huddleston, Virginia. he had just finished dropping his load pulled by this very sharp IH Lonestar at Smiley's Fuel City at the Raphine, Virginia exit #205 on I-81/I-64 on June 12, 2010.
This heavy hauler Pete was turning into White's Ambest Travel Plaza also located at X-205 of I-81/I-64 on June 12, 2010. Flying J Transportation backing in to drop a load of diesel at their Wytheville,VA travel plaza on I-81/I-77 at Exit 77. Wagner Trucking with Florida plates was at this Chevron Fuel stop on I-77 X-14 near Hillsville, VA early morning June 13, 2010. The boat kind of remeinds me of the S.S. Minnow from the old 1960's Gilligan's Island T.V. show!
Caught this Highway Transport Mack pulling into White's Ambest at Raphine, Va ealry afternoon June 12, 2010. Howard Trucking from Fairborn, Ohio was a contestant in the 2010 Shell Super Rigs show. Very nicely restored to it's just off the assembly line look and not altered by a customized look. In my personal interests this was probably one of the top 3 best looking trucks to show up at the Lee-Hi Travel Center. Had to get a quick shot of a colorful Western Star that it's owner had leased on with Landstar headquartered in Jacksonville, FL as he was backing into an open slot at the Lee -Hi Travel Plaza on June 12, 2010.
An almost new Freightliner Cascadia had just finished it's work for the dayshift Gemini/Love's driver at the Fort Chiswell area Love's Travel Plaza at X-84 of I-81 on Friday June 11, 2010. One of the classic old Mack's at the 2010 Shell Super Rigs show held at the Lee-Hi Travel Center near Lexington, VA. There were two of these unlogoed buses from Louisville, KY that pulled offf of I-81/I-64 into White's Ambest while I was shooting pictures at X-205 on June 12, 2010.
These two Estes Express Lines International's were doing a meet, drop & swap of their trailers at the Lee Hi Travel Plaza the morning of June 12, 2010. Here's a set of ex: Consolidated Freightway pups that have been painted over for duty with Trucks, Inc. from Jackson, Georgia. As you can see the old CF colors are starting to make a comeback from the peeling paint Trucks, Inc. applied however many years ago. I was able to catch this on June 16, 2010 while it was at the Perry Walmart.
Lee Hi from Lexington, VA has some really nice equipment to support their towing, rigging and heavy haul operations.
Here are two Western Star units that were taken at their yard on June 12, 2010.
Todd Miller Trucking, Inc. from Harrisonburg, VA had what I thought was the 2nd of the top three trucks at the 2010 Shell Super Rigs contest. This is one beautiful International "quint" dumper as they are called for the 5 axles under the dump body.
My personal pick and my favorite of all the trucks that showed up for the 2010 Shell Super Rigs contest at the Lee Hi Travel Plaza near Lexington, Virginia was.....And the winner is, It was a tie....Between old & new!

This beautifully restored Autocar wrecker and Henry Albert's Freightliner Cascadia who hails from Statesville, NC (even though it reads Mooresville, NC on the cab door). Why, because these two looked absolutely super parked next to each other which was just by chance and not planned. Old and new went together like salt & pepper, Andy & Barney and apple pie & vanilla ice cream!
An interesting setup that must be used by Norfolk Southern Railroad to fuel their locomotives trackside. NS had two Freightliner Argosy's & one IH parked in the overflow lot of the Lee Hi Travel Plaza when I was there June 12, 2010. They must store alot of fueling hose in those 3 big compartments on the side of the tanker. Phantom 554! Wow, what a sight at the 2010 Shell Super Rigs show! Tropical Selections from some small town in Ontario runs a nice small fleet of stainless reefers to move (I'm guessing) flowers or plants in. Came across this Century Class Freightliner just after sunrise at the Fort Chiswell, Virginia Flying J at X-80 of I-81/I-77 on June 13, 2010.
Big bunk O/O leased to NAVL hailing from Wyoming at the Ft Chiswell Flying J I-81/I-77 X-80 early daylight hours on June 13, 2010. It was quite a sight sitting there in the early a.m. light fog. General Freight Carriers from St John, New Brunswick was in the overflow parking area of the Lee Hi Travel Plaza on June 12, 2010 with this very sharp and clean Pete!
I believe JEM from Harrisonburg, VA had delivered a truck that either participated in the 2010 Shell Super Rigs show or was on display at the Lee Hi Travel Plaza. Nice looking Kenworth that's for sure. Hermann Transportation a division of Hermann Services, Inc. from North Brunswick, New Jersey is running these fine looking IH Prostars for their truckload fleet in their traditional dark green livery these days. This one was in the overflow gravel lot at the Lee Hi Travel Center on June 12, 2010.
I pulled into the big Fort Chiswell, VA Flying J at X-80 on I-81/I-77 just after dawn broke on Sunday June 13, 2010 and this was the first semi to catch my eye. I believe it belongs to O.R. Humphrey from Wauchula, Florida. Believe me, it was an awesome sight sitting there in the early morning light!
Neat looking Diamond Reo wrecker for Brintle's Garage that sits out on their truck stop lot at the Mt Airy, NC (Mayberry) Exit 100 of I-77. I never caught the name on the door of this beautiful Freightliner Classic, but it wore a Tennessee plate up front. It was at the S.B. I-77 Virginia welcome center a few miles South of the big tunnel on the WV/VA line near Bluefield, WV June 12, 2010.
This spill response boat/barge of a thing was being transported from it's home in Portsmouth, VA down to Mobile, AL by East Coast Specialized Hauling to help with cleanup efforts in the massive oil spill out in The Gulf of Mexico from the BP drilling platform accident. I came across him at the Blacksburg, SC Flying J on I-85 at X-102 on June 13, 2010. Here's a Quebec based KW T-600 for all Canadian truck photo buffs. ATI/Brossard was at White's Truck Stop I-81/I-64 X-205 near Raphine, VA June 12, 2010. Rally nice shade of blue I think. Flying J Transportation makes for good pictures with their multi color fleet. These were all at the Fort Chiswell Flying J's back lot early morning June 13, 2010.
Some trucks you just have to take several angles of to appreciate how grand a machine it is. This big bunk KW W-900 leased on with DMS Moving Systems from what looks like Canton, MI & Birmingham, AL was parked at the Citgo fuel stop which is right next to the Wytheville,VA Flying J at X-77 of I-81 & I-77 on Sat. evening June 12, 2010. This was one beautiful "ride" folks. You had to see it in person to really appreciate this setup.
Shot this Western Star Lo-Max at two truckstops on June 12, 2010. First, early in the morning wedged in tightly at the Troutville, VA T/A then in the evening just off the fuel islands at the Wytheville, VA T/A. The lettering on the door read Doles Transportation LLC Esterville, Iowa and behind the exhaust stack it reads Dave Ruker Trucking Spirit lake, Iowa. A real eye catching tractor! New World Van Lines from Chicago, IL operates a colorful fleet of executive office moving rigs. This Freightliner was parked for the night next to the Wytheville, VA Travel Centers of America at X-41 of I-77 on June 12, 2010.
Al-Amin Brothers Transportation, LLC from Charleston, Illinois (N.E. of Effingham).
Houff Transfer from Weyers Cave, VA next to a sharp ag hopper at the Lee Hi Travel Center on June 12, 2010. These two IH's for B and B Ag Haulers from Unadilla, GA park right along the Norfolk Southern mainline tracks in downtown Unadilla Sunday's when we go there for church.
A highly modified Pete that was in the Super Rigs show. I had to stand on the CSX mainline track between Jacksonville, FL & Columbus, GA in Byromville, GA to shoot this Pete with the interesting color scheme. The cab door lettering reads (as best I can tell) Harms Farms from Pickrell, Nebraska and the trailer reads Buhr's Trucking, Inc.

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