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McLane Foodservice Distribution at the Dublin, VA Comfort Inn I-81 X-98 on April 17, 2010. New Freightliner Argosy's outside our motel room door here at X-98 of I-81 in VA before it got dark this evening. There is a small sign on the cab side window that reads "For Export". A Southeastern VN next to us while we were in an accident traffic jam on NB I-75 South of Macon, GA.
BTI out of North Carolina a dedicated hauler for Perdue Farms at the Wilco/Hess on I -81 X-291 near Toms Brook, VA on April 18, 2010. I see this same super looking Western Star loading Perdue processed chicken out of the Perdue facility near our home in Perry. My first opportunity to get a Con-Way F/L Cascadia at a service shop near Roanoke, VA. April 19, 2010 at the I-64 Virginia welcome center about 2 miles East of the West Virginia line.
UPS Freight equipment hauler taken at Exit 2 of I-581 near Roanoke, VA. This IH is based at their big service center in Gaffney, SC right along I-85. The driver said UPS only has two of these tandem axle's IH's in the entire fleet, both are used to move tractors/dollies etc: Midland shot on April 18, 2010 @ White's Truck Stop at X-205 on I-81 near Raphine, VA.
This big fancy Pete which the owner goes by Fastlane Express with South Carolina plates was at the fuel islands of a truck stop on I-20 & U.S. 21 (X-71) in Columbia, SC also on April 21, 2010. This same truck stop also has a Transport For Christ Mobile Chapel on the premises. Cypress Truck Lines from Jacksonville, FL with this extra sharp Pete was at the Love's Travel Center on I-77 X-83 in Ft Mill, SC on April 21, 2010. Western Star leased on with Diamond Transportation System from Racine, WI taken at White's Truck Stop at X-205 of I-81 near Raphine, VA on April 18, 2010
ETB Transport from some small Virginia town was posed nicely in the morning sun at the NB I-81 rest area a little South of Salem, Virginia on April 18, 2010. Sisler Lumber from what looks like Mt Lake Park, Maryland had pulled into the Grantsville, MD Pilot along I-68 as I was walking back to our car so I made the most of the opportunity on April 19, 2010. Another xtra sharp "big bunk" leased to San Diego, CA based Southern Pride at the NB I-81 West Virginia Welcome Center on April 18, 2010.
Came across this UPS Sterling out in Western Maryland
at X-22 of I-68 near Grantsville where U.S. 219 crosses it on April 19, 2010.
I mostly missed this N.B. UPS Freight Volvo VN while we were stopped for construction on I-79 somewhere in very rural West Virginia. Nice scenery however!
Moss Supply Co. out of Charlotte, NC leases this IH ProStar from Penske to add some real style to their private fleet. I found this one at the Love's Travel Plaza at X-83 of I-77 in Ft Mill, SC on April 21, 2010. Ricketts Trucking Co. Inc. from Gurdon, Arkansas is a long pole hauler that I see quite often running I-81. On the return trip they can park these Argosy's in the auto parking lot of truck stops like this one was at the Troutville,VA T/A located at X-150B of I-81.
Not a bad looking Cascadia for Con-Way Truckload from Joplin, Missouri. Under the driver's side window the driver had painted on "It's Five O'clock somewhere". This was also at the Troutville, VA Travel Centers of America on April 21, 2010. Good looking TransAm from Olathe, Kansas at the Troutville, VA T/A with those new trailer side skirts that alot of truckloads are running now. I don't see all too many Western Stars in the car hauling segment of Trucking. This broker for Signal Hill, CA based Hansen & Atkins had it parked at the Madison, GA Travel Centers of America where I-20 (X-114 & U.S. 441 meet on April 21, 2010.
Did not catch the name on the door of this orange Pennsylvania based Cascadia that was stopped at a red light on N.B. U.S. 19 near Summerville, WV on April 19, 2010. Williams Cattle Co, at the Thomson, GA Love's Travel Center along I-20 & GA Route 17 on April 21, 2010. An O/O leased to Legacy United pulled into the Lee-Hi Travel Center while we were there for breakfast on April 18, 2010 and he parked in a great spot for this photo.
An O/O leased to ATS out of St Cloud, MN at the Thomson, GA Love's on I-20 at X-172 on April 21, 2010. Roanoke, VA based Fleetmaster Express at the All State Citgo on I-75 & U.S. 41 (X-121) in Unadilla, GA on May 2, 2010. I like their colors, the red stripe really offsets the black. Deep frozen carrier Heyl Truck Lines from Akron, Iowa (which is in the far Western end) with a new Freightliner Cascadia at the Perry Walmart in late April 2010.
Retail carrier Keystone Freight Corp out of North Bergen, NJ with a Pep Boys Auto Stores box taken in late April 2010 at the Perry, GA Burger King lot. Imler's Poultry from Altoona, PA shot at the Southbound I-79 rest area a little North of Clarksburg, West Virginia on April 19, 2010. In my opinion (for what it's worth) Imler's has about the sharpest private fleet on the highway these days. I'm sure others have their own personal favorites, but Imler's is mine!
UPS Freight Truckload at Allstate Citgo I-75 X-121 in Unadilla, Ga on May 2, 2010. R & T Transport from Clinton TN that is leased on with U.S. Bulk Transport headquartered in Erie, PA was at the same I-79 rest area as the Imler's Cascadia on April 19, 2010. A Con-way Truckload KW T-660 at the Lee-Hi Travel Plaza X-195 of I-81 near Lexington, VA on April 18, 2010. I like Con-way's colors, kind of refreshing actually.
I was turning around on the East end of Berlin on Ohio Route 39 on Feb. 2, 2010 when I saw this milk hauler bearing down on us when I looked left so this is the result of a very quick point n shoot shot. Looks like Mike Libel & Sons Inc. from somewhere in Kansas with this good looking Pete at the Albany, GA Pilot at U.S. 82 & GA Route 300 on May 8, 2010. Durn Alligator, holding up the Air Force refueling mission!
Two shots of two interesting trucks layed over at an Inland fuel stop on Alabama Route 52 in Hartford, AL on Mother's Day May 9, 2010. Pro Fleet Transport Corp, Elkhart, Indiana and J & M Tank Lines from Americus, Ga along old U.S. 19 in Smithville, Georgia also on Mother's Day 2010.
A new Sysco Mack with the new logo along with the old one still on the trailer at Sonny's Barbeque in Perry, GA in early May, 2010. I believe this Volvo VN belongs to the longhaul truckload division of LTL carrier Milan Express based out of Milan, TN that pulled into the Perry, GA Walmart for a short visit in early May 2010. UPS Freight LTL division Volvo stopped right off of I-75 in Perry, Georgia also in early May 2010.
Bellavance & Sons, Inc.Granite Transportation from Barre, Vermont was at the Wytheville, VA T/A early in the morning on Feb. 3, 2010. Caught this Ottery Transportation from Wisconsin KW T-800 just as the sun was coming up over the trees at my local Perry Walmart. It actually came out better than what I expected it would look like. This was a very sharp Pete.
Floyd Simpson Trucking from Rose Hill, VA with his Xtra sharp Pete at the Perry, GA in late April 2010. That was one nice looking ride!
Here's the result of my 100 mile effort this morning guys, worth every mile of it!!
Found this B Mack @ the very North end of Houston County, Georgia (about 10-12 miles S. of Macon on May 13, 2010. I need to try to locate the owner to get it's story.
Wow, wish I could find more of these! Got my shoes soaked from the overnight rain in the high grass, but I didn't mind one bit!!
1958 IH RD 225 with a Cummins 190 along U.S. 280 in Eastern Sumter County Georgia. The owner's father is getting ready to restore it up in Indiana. It won the oldest running Cummins engine hunt for the State of Georgia a number of years ago and it still runs as of May 19, 2010. It came off the assembly line as a single rear axle tractor.
UPS uses the All State Citgo on I-75 & U.S. 41 (X-121) near Unadilla, GA as a "meet n swap" lot. I caught these two doing just that early morning on May 19, 2010.
One beautiful Pennsylvania based KW going by the name of Triple G Trucking at the All State Citgo May 19, 2010

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