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Friendly's Ice Cream Corporation R Mack's in April 2000 at their distribution center on the corporate side of Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee, MA. This is an interesting set forward front axle aero style Marmon, one of the very few like it that I've seen. East Penn Trucking from Lehighton, PA must have either ran a Marmon dealership or just liked the Marmon's as that was about all they ran while Marmon's were produced. This picture was taken at the HoJo Express Inn W. of Vero Beach and next to the Vero T/A around 2002 or 2003.
UPS with your basic Sterling parked while it's driver had lunch at a Wendy's along I-95 W. of Darien, Georgia in Jan. 2003. An extra bright red metallic Pete that was glistening in the morning sun at the S.B. I-95 rest area S. of Palm Bay, FL in 2003. I can't make out what the lettering on the battery box cover reads as it's so small. This "big bunk" O/O leased on with Allied Van Lines was @ the Vero Beach T/A in spring 2000.
Another real interesting Peterbilt was this straight job for Binky Leigh's Trucking that I found at the I-95 rest area just North of Ft Pierce, FL in 2002. I like the colors on this environmentally green looking Pete that the owner had leased to Forcum Truck Lines, Inc. out of Minnesota (I think). He was at the Flying J off of I-65 a few miles North of Downtown Birmingham, Alabama in fall 2004. Now this is an interesting set-up! V.I.P. Horse Transport, Inc. from Churchville, Maryland was taken along I-95 at the Ft Pierce, FL Flying J in 2000.
Two Centurion Auto Transport rigs from Jacksonville, FL passing my friend and I on I-95 by the N.B. 183mm post near Melbourne, FL around 2000/2001. Yes, he was driving.... Giberson Transport Western Star from Nova Scotia next to a CH Mack for Warren Transport from New Brunswick I believe at the Knoxville West Petro Stopping Center on I-40 & I-75 around 2000 or 2001. Heavy truck traffic Eastbound on I-40 by Exit 407 E. of Knoxville, TN shortly before dusk in early May 2009.
McDaniel Transportation, Inc. from Illinois (now part of the Kenan Advantage Group of carriers) offloading at the former Williams Stopping Center at X-99 of I-65 in Greenwood, Indiana in fall 2000. The Prairie Schooner VIII leased on with Atlas Van Lines agent Thomas of California was in Ft Pierce sometime in 2001/2002. I thought this wintertime shot of this J.B. Hunt IH 9700 with the modified container trailer at the Wytheville, VA T/A in Jan. 2000 came out pretty good despite it being pretty road filthy and cloudy skies.
Sunset show of a Kenworth W900L hauling for McCollister's agent for United Van Lines in New Jersey, taken at Vero Beach Travel Centers of America along I-95 and Florida Highway 60, west of Vero Beach, FL. Carnes Trucking Co., Inc. Freightliner Century, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, taken at Vero Beach Travel Centers of America along I-95 and Florida Highway 60, west of Vero Beach, FL. Classic Carriers Peterbilt, taken at the Hojo Express Inn west of Vero Beach, FL.
R.G. Enterprises Freightliner Classic from Indiana, taken at the Hogo Express Inn west of Vero Beach, FL. Here's a real pretty and decked out Sterling coast to coast hauler. Safeway Transport from Los Angeles, CA was at the Vero Beach T/A in spring 2000. Springfield Van & Storage Freightliner Classic, agent for Bekins, taken at the Hogo Express Inn west of Vero Beach, FL.
Indian River Transport Mack Vision, based out of Winter Haven, FL, taken near the I-95 exit area north of Melbourne, FL. General Nutrition Centers Freightliner FLD's layed over at a Days Inn at U.S. 441 & I-20 near Madison, Georgia in Jan. 2000. Can't quite make out the name, however this W-900-L Kenworth hails from Beaver Dam, Kentucky. I shot it at a truckstop along I-65 near Franklin, KY in 2001.
International pulling a USAF F-16 display trailer. This trailer carries a full-scale mock-up of an F-16 fighter Falcon jet minus the engine. The trailer also acts as a recruitment/advertising trailer at air shows. The unit is operated by Pro Tour, Inc. from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The photo was taken at Patrick AFB for the 2001 Air Show and Open House.
Found this Con-Way Truckload Services Freightliner FLD from Ft Worth, Texas parked near X-176 of I-95 in Palm Bay, FL sometime in the year 2000. Shot this Penske owned unit on lease to Southeast Atlantic Beverage at the I-95 S.B. rest area South of Palm Bay, FL in Feb. 2001. I took this in the early 2000's one morning at the Vero Beach T/A. He was wedged in tight in a row of other parked semi's so i tried to make the best of a tight situation.
Midland Transport #50064 whose driver hailed from Deppe, New Brunswick in front of the fuel islands @ the Vero Beach T/A in Dec. 2000. A late night view of PCT Petro Chemical Transport based in Addison, TX offloading at a 7-11 in Palm Bay, FL in the early 2000's. PCT was acquired by and absorbed into Kenan Transport shortly after I took this shot. Great looking IH Eagle leased to Canadian based Brookville Carriers that had pulled into the Vero Beach Travel Centers of America in the early 2000's time frame.
I really like the striping on this Alaplex Transportation KW T-600 from Boaz, Alabama. I shot it in March 2005 @ the Dublin, GA Pilot Travel Center where U.S. 441 & I-16 meet. Tri County Automotive and Towing based in Ft Pierce, FL taken not far from their company yard in the early 2000's. Duplainville Transport from Sussex, Wisconsin (which I believe is the in-house carrier for Quadgraphics) pulled into the S.B. I-95 rest area @ the 169 mm S. of Palm Bay, FL with this super nice KW T-2000 just before I did in the early 2000's.
A KW T-2000 for Ronnie Dowdy, Inc. from Batesville, AR shot sometime in 2001 @ the S.B. I-75 rest area in Dooly County Georgia. A KW T-2000 for Ronnie Dowdy, Inc. from Batesville, AR shot West Melbourne, FL sometime around 2000. Eagle Transport from Rocky Mount, North Carolina also operates a pnuematic bulker division in addition to it's petroleum distribution fleet. This KW T-800 was @ the Gafney, SC Pilot along I-85 in Sept. 2005.
Church Road Trucking from Winston Salem, NC with a 1993 KW T-800 @ the T-Stop Travel Center @ I-77 & U.S. 460 in Princeton, West Virginia in Jan. 2000. An O/O had his Ford 9000 COE leased on with Minn-Dak Transport from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota when I shot it around 2001/2002 @ the Ft Pierce Flying J along I-95. A colorful KW T-2000 leased on with Burlington Motor Carriers @ the Vero Beach T/A in the early 2000's.
Another T-2000, this one leased to Wilder, Kentucky Riley Whittle (or RW) @ the S. B. 169 m.m. rest area in Florida also in the early 2000's. An O/O going by the name of T & S Transportation from Springfield, Missouri had his KW W-9-L leased on with CXI - Charter Express, Inc. also from Springfield, MO. I shot this in April 2000 @ the Ambest Pride Truckstop, Exit 6 along the Mass. Pike in Chicopee. ABF CH Mack in Oct 2000 @ the I-95 N.B. rest area near Palm City, FL.
A Metals Transportation Systems Pete from NY pulling out of the Warner Robins, GA Pilot in Feb. 2002. I thought this KW T-600 owned by Jimmy Metcalf from Marshall, NC looked pretty nice sitting at a S.B. I-95 rest area near Mims, FL in the early 2000's. The Landstar star makes a good background. Here's an interesting "big bunk" KW T-6 that was layed over @ the Vero Beach T/A in the early 2000's. Can't quite make out the lettering on the door though.
Tyner Transport was a Macon, Georgia based petroleum hauler that was bought by JD (Justin Davis Enterprises) from the Madison, FLorida early in 2009. I shot this "no frills" but tough looking CH Mack at the Perry Walmart just before they sold out. An early morning shot from early 2009 of a classic Pete 359 that had pulled into the Perry Walmart. That's the best I could do for lighting with my old Fuji camera, no flash & 100 speed print film. I didn't want to pass this good opportunity up. This T-800 KW for ACT Transportation from Salt lake City, Utah was @ the Lake Park, GA Flying J sometime in 2000/2001. I believe Navajo or another Western reefer fleet acquired them several years ago.
An O/O leased to O & S Trucking, Inc. from Springfield, Missouri at the Perry Walmart lot early evening 2006. Caught this ABF sleeper team Pete about to cross an overpass on N.B. I-95 in Florida in the early 2000's. Small fleet Van Trent Trucking, Inc. from Melbourne, FL with a then new Volvo VN parked off of U.S. 192 in W. Melbourne, FL in the early 2000's.
An extra sharp FL Classic leased on with Gerrior Transport from St John, New Brunswick. The lettering on the cab door read Wilson & Wilson and i shot this in the early 2000's @ the Okahumpka Service Plaza at the Northern end of Florida's Turnpike. From April 2000 at the Ambest Pride in Chicopee, MA is this black F/L Classic leased to Schanno Transportation from St Paul, MN and this beauty of a red Pete for MAS Brothers Construction from Wilbraham, Massachusetts. From the early 2000's at the Vero Beach T/A. The Pete on the left was leased to K-B Transport from Rochester, NY.

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