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A.J. Peterbilt 379 from Ontario Bostelman Kenworth T-600 livestock hauler
from New York state
DL & L Construction Kenworth W900L
from Bonnaire, Georgia
Unidentified Kenworth W900L parked by X-83 of I-77 near Dover, Ohio during Fall of 2008. McKee Baking from Collegedale, TN at the Perry Walmart lot Dec. 2009. TML Logistics, Inc. Haines City, FL also at the Perry Walmart in Dec. 2009.
Minneapolis, MN based Transport America has a sharp looking logo and nice colors as this Freightliner Columbia shows off well while paused at the Perry Walmart in Dec. 2009. Part of the big Petro along I-81 at X-29 looking South near Glade Spring, VA on Oct. 31, 2009. These were some sharp Petes that Wiley Sanders ran a few years back. I found this one layed over at the Vero Beach, FL Travel Centers of America about 2002.
I came across this Pete when I was at Walmart this morning (Dec. 19, 2009). The O/O was very proud of the lettering and cross he just had added to his door the other morning at this truck detailing shop along I-75 X-201 near Jackson, GA.
Original KW T-600-A, looks like SMX in front of the cab steps, steel hauler from Michigan shot at the Pilot on I-71 X-204 near Burbank, Ohio on Oct. 28, 2009. New style Pete for TMC, Des Moines, IA shot at the Pilot on I-71 X-204 near Burbank, Ohio on Oct. 28, 2009. I can't ever resist a photo opportunity for a Mack Superliner! This one appears to be from Ontario and the lettering on the door I think reads R.P. Dimas was at the Vero Beach T/A in 2002 or 2003.
Good looking KW W-9-L for either Power or Tower Transport from what looks like Spokane, WA at the Newburgh, NY Pilot X-6 on I-84 on Sept 16, 2009. An almost new IH Lonestar with only 7,000 miles on it that the Port Orange, FL trucker has leased on with the furniture transport div. of Apopka, FL based Bonus Transportation, Inc. He had stopped by the Perry Walmart on Dec. 28, 2009 to get groceries as he was on his way to Fort Lewis, Washington.
A load of farm implements from Olin, NC at X-51 of I-16 Dublin, GA in fall 2005. Here's a neat Pete COE
I caught at the Perry Walmart in 2009.
Here is a neat tractor mural I shot this morning
at the Great Inn which is next to the Perry W/M
J & W Transports, Inc. from King George, VA.
Beckley Transportation from Annett, GA was at the Perry Walmart in summer 2009 with this extra sharp black n gray Pete and spread axle stainless reefer. Here's kind of an interesting load. One Joule Yacht Transport Freightliner from Clearwater, FL was hauling the other back down to Florida in May 2005. I took this at the Jacksonville South T/A along I-95 about 15-20 miles S. of downtown Jacksonville, FL John Molinelli Fruit & Produce from Vineland, NJ at the Ft Pierce Flying J, I-95 X-130 in the mid 2000's.
An O/O leased to Giroux Bros. Trans., Inc. from Worcester, MA near Vero Beach, FL in 2003. Atlantic Coast Auto Brokers with New York plates taken at the Wytheville, VA Wilco/Hess on Halloween morning 2009. Carlyle Van Lines from Warrensburg, Missouri specializes in military moves. I like their lettering style and their colors so this was a great opportunity when I found this T-2000 layed over across the street from the Perry Walmart in Dec. 2009.
A road salt covered VN 2 leased to General Transport, Inc. Akron, OH at the Perry Walmart in Dec. 2009. JBS Carrier from Greeley, CO also at the Perry Walmart lot in Dec. 2009. Youngblood Truck Lines from Fletcher, NC at rest area in late Sept 2003 shortly before they closed. Can't remember where the rest area was though, perhaps TN.
Centurion Auto Transport from Jacksonville, FL had a fair number of these sharp Freightliner auto hauler specials back in the late 90's early 2000 year's. I came across unit 9343 near Ft Pierce, FL about 2002. I reallly like Imler's Poultry Transportation, Inc. colors out of Altoona, PA. This Cascadia was at the Carnesville, GA Wilco/Hess I-85 X-166 in early May 2009. Here's my version of "A Morning at the Underpass" Boyd Bros. from Clayton, AL N.B. on I-75 rolling over the X-136 overpass over U.S. 341 in Perry, GA. Not to good a shot but I had to include it for a laugh!!
Cassens Transport, Edwardsville, IL shot Oct. 29, 2009 at I-80 X-223 near Austintown, OH. Love Domino's colors! This Columbia was delivering to a combination convienence store, gas station and Domino's in Warner Robins, GA in May 2006.
Fleet Car Carriers from Ada, OK/Commerce City, CO layed over on a Sunday afternoon in late April 2000 at the Petro along I-81 near the Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA Airport. Van Wyk, Inc. from Sheldon, Iowa has nice colors despite the overcast skies above the Toms Brook, VA Wilco/Hess on I-81 X-291 on Oct. 30, 2009. Transport Service Co. in their parent Kenan Advantage Group corporate color scheme with a foodgrade trailer still sporting their pre Kenan days logo just off the fuel islands at the busy Austintown, OH Travel Centers of America stop at X-223 of I-80 at dawn on Oct. 29, 2009.
An O/O leased to Autumn Transport that was hauling this dump load full of donated pumpkins from Wisconsin to NYC for distribution to needy familys on Halloween who had stopped at the Austintown,OH Pilot I-80 X-223 the morning of Oct. 29, 2009. This was the view of I-80 (looking East) from the motel parking lot we stayed at near Austintown, OH on the morning of Oct. 29, 2009. Sharp looking Pete with matching hopper trailer waiting his turn at the truck wash next to the Love's Travel /Center I-81 X-291 near Toms Brook, VA on Oct. 30, 2009.
I'm drawing a total blank on where I shot this Estes Freightliner at. I know it was about 10 or 12 years ago somewhere in the Southeast, but that's as much as I can remember. Mill Creek was taken in late April 2000 at Pride Ambest I-291 & Mass Pike X-6 Chicopee, MA. Texas based Pete just as it was turning from night to daybreak at the Austintown, OH T/A Oct. 29, 2009.
An oddball red Werner in dedicated service to Sara Lee at the Perry, GA Walmart lot. The driver told me they have 10 in red all pulling for Sara Lee Foods. Wilco tanker at the Wytheville, VA Wilco at X-77 of I-81/I-77 Oct. 24, 2009. Hafenbreadl Trucking from a small Wisconsin town was at the Lee Hi Shell along I-81 & I-64 near Lexington, VA on Oct. 30, 2009.
Contractor pulling Estes linehaul at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J. I-81 X-80. Oct. 24, 2009 FAST = F(something) and Sons Trucking, Inc. from Church Hill, TN at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J, late Oct. 2009. A couple of Deka Batteries IH's out of Lyon Station, PA rolling past by former co-workers pickup around 2000 as we'd commute to work each afternoon about 8 miles on I-95 past W. Melbourne.
Arrow Trucking from Tulsa, OK just pulled out from the fuel canopy at the Ft Pierce, FL Flying J along I-95 in 2001 or 2002. They had a unique color scheme for sure. Freihofer's Bakers from the Albany, NY area used Penske Logistics to move their fresh baked products across the Mass Pike in April 2000 when I shot this "piker" at the Exit 6 tandem trailer compound in Chicopee. Freihofer's soft chocolate chip cookies were my absolute favorite cookie growing up. Good childhood memories in this picture! As the family and I were traveling came across this Mack for Beelman Truck Co. based in St Libory, IL (E. St Louis area) parked for the weekend in the small Southern Indiana town of Loogootee back in October 2003.
John Christner Trucking, Inc. from Sapulpa, OK at the S.B. I-95 rest area S. of Palm Bay, FL at the 169mm taken early a.m. in late Feb. 2001. Caught this xtra sharp J.E. Fortin Century class Freightliner rolling through the Bloomsbury, NJ Travel Centers of America at X-7 of I-78 on Easter Sunday 2000. A "Circus wagon" leased to NAVL at the Vero Beach T/A in 2000. Very colorful indeed!

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