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Merit United T-6 also at the Perry America's Best Inn. N & P Trucking from Wisconsin taken at the N.B. I-81 Pennsylvania welcome center just N. of Maryland. Peninsula Trucking, Sorrento, FL at Perry W/M right after the rain stopped.
Carrier Gormond, Inc.from Quebec at America's Best Inn in Perry. CDJ Bulk Express, Inc. W. Columbia, SC at the Pilot on I-81 X-36 near Cross Anchor, TN Sept. 14, 2009. Old Dominion Cascadia sleeper team at White's Truck Stop I-81 X-205 near Raphine, VA on Sept. 15, 2009.
UPS Freight at the Comfort Inn Lisa and I stayed I-84 X-6 in Newburgh, NY Sept. 16, 2009. Outaouais Moving, Inc. from the Washington, DC area was at the Comfort Inn I-84 X-6 in Newburgh, NY Sept 16, 2009. Estes pulled into the N.B. I-81 West Virginia Welcome Center just as we were getting ready to pull out on Sept 15, 2009. So I shut our vehicle off and ran over to the truck parking area, just as the driver closed his eyes.
Here's the B-T, Inc. division of Decker Truck Lines which is based out of Le Mars, Iowa (the ice cream manufacturing capital of America). This was in the rain early morning Sept 20, 2009 at Duncan, SC I-85 X-63. E.W. Wylie Corp. from West Fargo, ND with an interesting load on the flatbed at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J on Sept 15, 2009. HTI Express/ Hall Trucking, Inc. Findlay, OH at the Raphine, VA Wilco/Hess I-81 X-205 Sept 19, 2009.
O/O leased to CRST stopped at the Niota, TN Ambest, I-75 X-56 on Sept. 14, 2009. Dutch Maid Produce out of Willard, OH at the I-84 W.B. rest area right near Promised Land State Park area in Eastern Pennsylvania. AmazinGrace Trucking from the Lone Star State of Texas. I shot this as the very first rays of sunlight were bouncing off the Pete's sleeper box at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J on Sept. 15, 2009. This photo captured the birght sun just like my eyes saw it which made for an awesome special effect I thought.
Extra long nose IH Eagle from what looks like NY State at the Jackson, GA
Flying J I-75 X-201, Sept 20, 2009.
Unidentified F/L Classic just out from under the fuel islands canopy on Sept 19, 2009 at the Love's Travel Plaza at X-84 of I-81 a few miles N.E. of Ft Chiswell, VA. The driver of this Marten Transport Pete had it parked just right for me (except for the overhead wires) at the Priceville, AL Pilot along I-65 X-334 in fall 2005.
The driver of this extra sharp Pete for Beacon Hill Transportation from Wingdale, NY had it parked in the back corner of a diner at X-6 of I-84 in Newburgh, NY the morning of Sept. 16, 2009. The woods made for an excellent backdrop for the shot with no clutter or wires. The driver of this Milliken & Company KW T-800 from their LaGrange, GA plant had stopped for an early supper at Perry, GA in Sept 2009.
Caught this beautiful Peterbilt from New Brunswick at the S.B. I-95 rest area at the 169 m.m. in Florida just as it was getting light back about 2000/2001. V.H.G. (Van Hoekelen Greenhouses, Inc.) from McAdoo, PA at the Best Western near Vero Beach, FL several years ago. The O/O of this immaculate yellow Pete 379 leased to Landstar Ranger was polishing it at the Perry Walmart when I pulled a little after sunset in May 2009. He was thrilled because I wanted to take a picture of it when it was all sparkling clean.
Al-Amin Bros. Transportation, LLC from Illinois early Sunday morning at the Perry Wal-Mart on Oct. 18, 2009 Central Transport, Inc. also from Warren, MI at the Perry Wal-Mart on Oct. 2009. O/O leased to Universal Am-Can Ltd. based in Warren, MI with a "sporty shorty" deck trailer at the Perry Wal-Mart on Oct. 2009.
A slightly modified Central Refrigerated Service KW W-9-L at the I-81 X-323 Flying J right on the VA/WV line Sept. 19, 2009. Nice clean KW leased on with Knoxville, TN based Highway Transport, Inc. taken on Sept 19, 2009 at the Toms Brook, VA Wilco/Hess I-81 X-291 ABF at Duncan, SC Days Inn, I-85 X-63. Sept. 24, 2009
FedEx Freight waiting to turn onto U.S. 29 in Athens, GA. Sept. 23, 2009 Horizon Tank Lines, Durham, NC at Duncan, SC T/A I-85 X-63 just as it was getting light Sept 24, 2009. Roadway at Wilco/Hess I-85 X-166 near Carnesville, GA. Sept 23, 2009
USF Holland at Wilco/Hess I-85 X-166. Sept 23, 2009 Fancy Pete leased to FedEx Custom Critical entering N.B. I-81/S.B. I-77 at X-77 a few miles N.E. of Wytheville, VA. Oct. 25, 2009. Old Dominion was stopped alongside the entrance ramp to the W.B. I-70 rest area about mm 72 W. of Columbus, Ohio. Oct. 26, 2009.
Strassner from NY State shot at the Duncan, SC T/A just before dawn Oct. 24, 2009. Two shots of this Yellow Volvo at the Pilot and pulling out along I-70 & U.S. 42 X-79 W. of Columbus, Ohio. Oct. 26, 2009.
Cheeseman/Zumstein from Ft Recovery, OH at an Amish restaurant along U.S. 42 in Plain City, OH. Oct. 26, 2009. DD & S Express out of Baltimore, MD at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J I-81/I-77 X-80. Oct. 25, 2009. An O/O leased to Landstar Inway at Brintle's Ambest I-77 X-100 W. of Mt Airy, NC. Oct. 24, 2009.
These two shots were the only angles I could work with on this customized Pete for Dave Little Transport from Waterbury, CT that I found early morning Oct. 26, 2009 at the Flying J on I-71 & U.S. 36 near Sunbury, Ohio. An super sharp Pete owned by someone named Spivey and leased to Trailer Transit, Inc. from Porter, IN which this was the only angle I had to shoot it at the T/A along I-70 & U.S. 42 X-79 near London, OH (W. of Columbus) on Oct. 26, 2009.
Sharp KW taking on some kind of ag product at a Mt Vernon, OH silo on Oct. 27, 2009. One "tough looking" black Pete from Huron, OH at the N.B. service plaza near the Southern end of the West Virginia Turnpike on Oct. 25, 2009. A Norwalk, OH O/O who has leased his beautiful Pete on with Jaro Transportation from Warren, OH parked at the Sandusky, OH Walmart along U.S. 250. Oct. 27, 2009.
Valley Transportation from Ashland, Ohio with this Michigan doubles combo at a Wendy's along Ohio Route 2 near Huron, OH taken Oct. 27, 2009. A very colorful Pete for DW Krenkevich Inc. from Winnipeg, Manitoba at the T/A on I-70 & U.S. 42 X-79 near London, OH. Oct. 26, 2009. Baylor Trucking, Milan, Indiana at the Pilot Travel Center on I-71 & Ohio Route 83 near Lodi, Ohio on Oct. 28, 2009.
Great eye catching effects on this Long Haul Trucking KW T-660 from Albertville, MN that was at the Somerset service plaza on the E.B. side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Oct. 29, 2009. Old Dominion at the motel we stayed at the night of Oct. 29, 2009 along I-81 X-317 in Winchester, VA. Nice colors Palmentere Bros. Cartage Service, Inc. from Kansas City, MO uses. This Cascadia was at the E.B. Pennsylvania Turnpike service plaza N.E. of Pittsburgh, PA. Oct. 29, 2009.
At first thought this was a waste of a shot. Then I got looking at it again for it's cross value of what shines through the blur of life on the road and special effects just as it was getting light at the T/A I-80 & Ohio Route 46 X-223 W. of Youngstown, OH. Estes 8100 at the Wilco/Hess travel center I-81 X-291 Oct. 30, 2009. A couple of CLI Transport dedicated to Sheetz tankers at their I-81 X-273 Mt Jackson, VA travel stop. Oct. 30, 2009.
Ward Trucking from Altoona, PA at a Sheetz C-store I-81 X-317 Winchester, VA. Oct. 30, 2009. Yellow/Roadway at the Sheetz/Wendys I-81 X-273 Mt Jackson, VA, Oct. 30, 2009, (a popular LTL stop). This was the best I could do for Dayton Freight. He was rolling right near I-77, X-120 at Green, OH as I was pulling out of a Speedway.

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