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Volvo FL6 road marking truck in the fleet of Prismo in 2005 seen at Ringways depot at Godstone in Surrey Volvo FM7 with rear tag axle again owned by Prismo and in the Godstone depot
Typical of eight wheeler tippers in the UK this one has a self loading crane fitted and is based in the Medway area of Kent Scammell survivor still in use by commercial truck dealers Channel Commercial based at Ashford in Kent Foden model 3275 gritters/snow ploughs based at Godstone in Surrey and used for bad weather conditions on the M25 motorway. This photo was taken in 2005 and if they are still running they will be a couple of the few Fodens left on UK roads today.
Ford transcontinental 6 wheel recovery trucks based at Lympne airport estate Hythe, this company run a fleet of these trucks which are now classed as classics in the UK. 1965 photo of a Leyland Ergomatic cabbed semi trailer combo loading at Marley foam ltd, Coulling bros were and still are based at Lenham Heath in Kent.
Snow conditions in the early 1970s on Sandgate Hill Folkestone Kent and Phillip Crouch DAF has come to a halt, Kent County Councils Bedford TK snow plough sits behind, Phillip Crouch no longer exsists but the yard at Appledore in Kent is still active. Up untill the 1980s Kent County Council still operated there own plant and transport department and this 1976 Bedford TM low loader was used to transport plant such as this CAT loading shovel around the county.
The fleet is run by Mick Gould and is based at Wadhurst or Flimwell to be exact on the A21 road in East Sussex, the company began with just one U.S recovery truck and has expanded in to a large fleet including specialsed equipment and in recent years a large truck service and repair depot. Photos show the big Autocar named ugly bug two of the Fords and a Kenworth.
here are some Scammells still in use by Carters vintage fairground during the summers in the UK

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