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Volvo FH12. Ralph Davies. This new model Volvo has the Globetrotter cab and has a lift tag axle. It was seen at Gravesend, Kent in 2004. This well known British haulier is pulling a tri axle refrigerated trailer. Mercedes 624. This small tilt covered Mercedes was seen parked in the Eastend of London in the 1970ís. It had come from the Continent of Europe at a time when foreign trucks were not a common sight on British roads. ERF Series B. BP. This twinsteer daycab ERF petrol tanker was seen in Mallaig harbour in Scotland. It has no registration plates and I can only assume it has been abandoned to the elements as the rusty bodywork can testify. This 1970ís truck was seen in 2003.
Foden Alpha 3000. Grosvenor. This waste management company in North Kent has a large fleet of mainly Foden in 8 wheel and artic format. The trucks are always clean making them easily recognisable as the come down the road. Seen at Gravesend in 2003. Volvo F86. A.D.Boyes. The Volvo F86 was a very popular truck with British hauliers in the 70ís. This restored 4 x 2 tractor unit is a regular exhibit at Truck Festivals and was seen at Peterborough in 2003. Mercedes 1850. This French registered truck was seen at a Truck Festival at Peterborough in 2004. The airbrushed paintwork celebrates the life of the French legend, Edith Piaf.
DAF 95XF 530. Brambles. This Dutch truck belongs to a large heavy haulage company in Holland. With a jeep dolly and 4 axle trailer it was seen in Dartford docks in 2002 loaded with a 60 ton transformer. MAN 13230. Schenkers. The truck was seen in Stratford, London in the 70ís. The truck does not have the lion on itís grille because it was made before MAN bought out Bussing. This cab was also used on the French trucks, Saviem and Berliet. Iveco. Shell. This 6 x 2 petrol tanker day cab does local deliveries to small companies and was seen at Gravesend, Kent in 2002.
Mercedes Actros 1844. RH Freight. This new model Mercedes was registered in Germany and is pulling a British tilt trailer. It has low profile wheels and was seen at Gravesend, Kent in 2004. Ford Thames. Regent Oil Company. This 1950ís truck is restored and has just been re bodied from a flatbed to a box. It was seen at an Historical Truck Meeting at Gaydon in 2002. AEC Recovery. Probably a Mammoth model this truck has a Chinese Six format. Registered in 1971 the truck was seen at a Truck Festival at Peterborough in 2004.
ERF EP6. Palmers. Palmers are a scaffold company with a small fleet of varying makes including this unusual ERF. The cab used is a BMC made in Turkey. The cab was designed by Pininfarina who designs Ferraris. The truck was seen outside their headquarters at Charlton, London in 2004. Magirus Deutz 170. This rugged 6 x 4 truck is a popular construction vehicle in Europe but not very common in Britain. The truck was seen at Rochester, Kent in 2001. Ginaf Cement Mixer. Ginaf is a Dutch company who specialise in building heavy duty construction vehicles based on DAF engineering. This 5 axle cement mixer was seen at Rotterdam, Holland in 2004.
Volvo 485. Henk Hoek. This 1960ís Volvo is registered in Holland and is a regular exhibit at Truck Festivals. This truck was seen at Peterborough in 2003. Volvo FH. Sammerlaan. This Volvo is hauling 2 twenty foot containers on itís 4 axle body and 3 axle trailer. This axle combination is very popular in Holland. This Dutch truck was seen at Rotterdam in 2004. Leyland Landtrain. Auto Renovations. This 1980ís Leyland was mainly made for export. It probably started life with a tipper body. This heavy duty recovery vehicle was seen at Northfleet, Kent in 2004.
MAN TGA. Stobart. Stobart is the most well known and probably biggest haulier in Britain. All his trucks have girls names and this truck is called Marie Elena. The company has just been sold and the new owners have changed the livery to a more modern design. The fleet is of mixed manufacturers but they have just placed an order for 200 Volvo trucks. The truck was seen at Gravesend, Kent in June 2004. Volvo F88. John Whiting. This truck was a very popular and reliable truck in the 80ís and set the standards for the next generation of truck design. This custom vehicle has a recovery body with nice artwork. The truck was seen at Peterborough in 2004. Terberg FM2000. Verschoor. This vehicle has a mounted crane that is set up ready to lift 4 tonnes. The truck is an 8 x 8 and has 3 steering axles. Terberg are heavy duty trucks based mainly on Volvoís but are uprated with Terberg parts. The driver told me that the company lifts all objects but he mainly lifts and transports boats. The truck was seen at The Hague, Holland in 2004.
Rotinoff Atlantic. M.A.Jordan. These trucks were built as heavy duty tractors for military transporters. The first one was built in 1955. It had a GTW of 140ton. A Super Atlantic was also built and that had a GTW of 300 tons. The design rights were bought by Atkinson in the early 60ís but the truck was phased out. Approximately 35 Rotinoffs were produced. The truck was seen at Gaydon in 2004. MAN 50.403. Van Der Val. 5 axle construction vehicles are popular in Holland and the extra axle significantly increases the payload of this MAN tipper. The truck was seen at Rotterdam in 2004. Fiat 130. N.C.Addy. This 1978 registered Fiat 4 x 2 tractor unit is an unusual sight in Britain. Fiat became part of the Iveco group in 1975 and the Iveco brand became more popular. This restored vehicle was seen at a Truck Rally at Gaydon in 2004.
AEC Mandator. Spiers. AEC were very popular trucks in Britain and the company was taken over by Leyland in 1962. Leyland had a lot of government pressure and the AEC factory was closed in 1979 mainly due to under funding. With Scania and Volvo now well established in Britain at this time, AEC could not really compete. DAF 80. This 300 bhp 4 x 2 tractor unit is seen pulling tri axle trailer loaded with building materials. This is not a common truck on British roads and this one was seen at Gravesend, Kent in 2004. Dennis Dominant. Davis Transport. Dennis specialise in buses and municipal vehicles where they do very well. In the truck world they are not as successful and very few of this model was produced. This restored vehicle was seen at Gaydon in 2004.
Scania 164L 480. P.Bjarne Andersen. This Danish registered truck was seen parked outside the grounds of the Peterborough Truckfest in 2004. With itís customised features and immaculately turned out paintwork it could easily have been a competitor. Pegaso 1066. This Spanish truck was the main workhorse for International and National Spanish companies in the 60ís. When the borders were opened in the 70ís, they became a regular sight on British roads. This one was seen in the Eastend of London in 1975. ERF KV. Whitworths. 8 wheelers are a comom sight on British roads and ERF have always manufactured them for the haulage and construction industry. This vehicle has been restored with a Bulk Grain body and was seen at Gaydon in 2004.
Fiat 642N64R. This 30 year old truck is still seen on Italian roads today. This small builders truck was seen at Maranello in Italy in 1998. DAF 95XF 480. The DAF 95 is a very popular truck and is seen all over Europe. This unit is slightly unusual in that it is pulling a 45ft container instead of the usual standard 40ft. The truck was seen on the M25 at Dartford, Kent in 2004. Scania 142M. This heavily customised and air brushed Scania is purely a hobby truck for the owner. The truck was seen at the Peterborough Truckfest in 2004.
Foden Alpha. MTS are a Kent based Waste Management company and have a large mixed fleet of mainly 3 and 4 axle waste tankers. This one was seen on itís tacho break in Leyton, London in 2004. MAN 41.502. A.HAK. This MAN is a support vehicle for a 120 ton crane that is just out of the picture. The six axle trailer is seen here carrying the cranes weights. The truck was seen at Rotterdam in 2004. Foden 2210. CPL. This small petrol tanker has a limited capacity and is used for deliveries to local companies and hauliers. It was seen at Gravesend, Kent in 2004.
Mercedes Actros 2543. DHL. This is a new livery for DHL and they have also amalgamated with Securicor Omega and DFDS. They have a mixed fleet of manufacturers and this Mercedes was seen pulling a 20ft container at Gravesend in 2004. ERF B Series. W. Munro. This twinsteer flatbed has the Chinese 6 configuration and was seen at a rally at Gaydon in 2004. I am not sure if it is a working truck but at 25 years old these trucks are very few on British roads now. Renault Magnum 385. M. Coques. This French furniture removal truck is towing a trailer that is not shown in the picture. Both truck and trailer had full artwork and were seen at the 1996 Peterborough Truckfest.
FTF. Jan Hoek. This heavy duty 4 axle tractor was probably used in the Dutch heavy haulage industry. FTF is a Dutch manufacturer and most of the early trucks consisted mainly of Mack parts. The truck was seen at Peterborough in 2004. DAF 95XF 500. De Boer. This 4 x 2 tractor unit is hauling a 5 axle Nooteboom trailer. The trailer splits into 2 sections so two 20ft containers can be hauled together and then split so one can be left behind while the other goes to the next job. The truck was seen in Rotterdam in 2004. Iveco Stralis 480. Transmec. This company travels daily to Italy and most of the fleet is Iveco. This is the latest Stralis which is soon to get a larger cab. The truck was seen at Gravesend in 2004.
Mercedes Actros 3235. Fleetmix. This company has a mixed fleet of 2, 3 and 4 axle mixers serving the building industry. The truck was seen at Gravesend in 2004. Foden S20. This recovery vehicle was seen at a truck rally at Gaydon in 2004. It probably started life in the heavy haulage industry where these models were rated at 100 tons plus. ERF E10. ERF Trucks. These trucks were very popular in the British haulage industry mainly doing national work. The E series mainly used Cummins turbo-charged diesel engines although Gardener engines could also be fitted. The truck was seen at Gaydon in 2004.
Mercedes Benz Axor. Maurice Hill. This Mansfield company has a large fleet of trucks and mainly hauls steel. This is the new Axor model and the truck was seen waiting to be unloaded at a building site in Westminster in 2004. Scammell Routeman, RHP. Scammells had a reputation for being strong rugged trucks. This model was new in 1962 and the cab, made of fibreglass, was designed by the Italian designer Michelloti. This renovated truck was seen at Gaydon in 2004. Mercedes Actros 1831. Baxter. This removal company has many trucks and this is just one of their truck and trailer combinations. Note the side opening doors. The truck was seen at Gravesend in 2004.
Volvo N1227. A.L.E. ALE is one of Britains largest heavy haulage companies. This is their 30 year old Volvo plated at 150 tons. It runs ballasted and has a self loading crane fitted to the back of the vehicle. It was seen at Gaydon in 2004. DAF 2500. Desimpel. This company has a fleet of trucks serving the building industry. This 4 axle rigid with self loading crane was seen at Northfleet, Kent in 1999 loaded with building blocks. MAN 35.380. CRW. Although the truck has 2004 registration it is not the latest model. It is seen here with a bulk powder body at Gravesend heading along the A2 to London.
Scania 144G 530. De Groot. Here is another seven axle truck and trailer combination seen at Rotterdam in 2004. This Dutch Scania has the R type sleeper cab. Atkinson Borderer. G.Hacker. This model was popular in Britain in the 70ís but mainly on national work. This truck was seen at a truck rally at Swindon in 2001 bringing in one of the exhibits. Foden Haulmaster. L. Gray. Old Fodenís and ERFís are very often used in travelling fairgrounds and circusí. This Foden was seen at a fair in Peterborough in 2004.

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