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SEAS. Renault Premium. With its distinctive livery these trucks are a common sight in the south of England. This truck was seen in 2001 on the M25, Dartford. P. Van Egdom. DAF 95.430. This twinsteer four axle tractor was returning to Holland with an empty six axle Nooteboom trailer. The truck was seen at Dartford docks 2002. Brett. ERF ECS. Brett supply building materials to the construction industry. LWB flatbeds are very popular for delivering building blocks and most trucks carry a self loading crane. The truck was seen in 2002 on the M25 at Dartford
R.F.Fielding. Scania 113M 360 Streamline. This storage and distribution company have a large fleet of Scania trucks. The truck was seen in 2000 at Dartford in Kent. E. Laubu. Bussing. MAN took over Bussing in 1971 and the make was slowly phased out. This picture was taken in 1975 with Tower Bridge in the background. Lockyer. Scania 144L 460. Until very recently this truck was a tractor unit hauling containers from the Isle of Grain. in Kent. The owner decided to stretch the chassis so that it could carry a 20ft container. A trailer also carrying a 20ft container is not shown. With its custom paintwork this truck is a popular exhibit at Truck Festivals. The truck was seen in 2002.
Williams Transport. ERF ECX. This is a large English haulage company that specialises in recycled paper. They have a varied fleet and this model is the latest ERF. The truck was seen in 2002. C & S Bolton. AEC Mandator. This was a very popular model in the 80’s. This truck has been restored and was photographed on a road run in Kent in 2001. Hoyer. Volvo FM12. This company is a large tanker haulier with a large fleet that delivers all over England. The truck was seen in 2002 at Dartford, Kent.
Autobianchi. This Italian company was only in existence from 1955-1968. The model shown was seen at an army rally in Bologna in 2000. Omega. MAN TG410A. This Logistic company has a large fleet of modern vehicles. This current model MAN is seen in 2002 hauling containers in Kent. Esso. Scania 113M 360. Esso has a very large fleet of tankers and this model was very popular with all tanker fleets distributing petrol. The truck was seen at a motorway services in 1994.
H.Summers. Atkinson Defender. Very popular in the 70’s this model is still at work hauling fun fare rides from site to site. The truck was seen one Bank Holiday in 2000. DAF 85 380. This bulk trailer is carrying scrap steel and was seen in 2001 at Mayer and Parry’s yard, Erith. Alsford. Foden Alpha. This company is a timber distributor in North Kent and this truck is one of several Fodens it has in its fleet. The truck was seen in 2002 at Gravesend, Kent.
Henk Hoek. FTF. A Dutch built truck that was often used in the heavy haulage industry and originally consisted of mainly Mack components. This vehicle was seen at a Truck Festival in 2001. Cotrinter. Pegaso. This Spanish company has collaborated with most of the major truck manufactures in its history. This model was photographed in 1975 in the east end of London. Rawcliffe. Volvo F12. This company is one of the larger heavy haulage companies in England. Over 200 of these beams will be hauled to a motorway construction site in Essex. The Volvo pictured is soon to be replaced by a newer model. The truck was seen in Essex in 2002.
Dennis. This British company mainly specialises in municipal vehicles. Many fire appliances and refuse vehicles are supplied by Dennis. This truck was seen at a truck festival in 2001. Gussion. Scania 112M. Gussion are a tanker distribution company based at Widnes in the North of England. The picture was taken at a service station on the M1 motorway in 1996. Tiltrans. Scania124L 420 Topline. A Dutch haulier probably carrying grain. The picture was taken because of its distinctive livery. Taken in 2002 at Dartford.
Alan Firmin. AEC Mammouth Major. This is a restored truck that is often seen on road runs and Truck Festivals. A popular truck in the late 50’s and 60’s. Alan Firmin still trade and have taken delivery of the new MAN TGA. The truck was seen at a Festival in 1996. Spediton Daniel. Mercedes Actros 1843. This German truck has been customised with lights and bull bars. The truck was seen in 2001 in Kent. Biffa. Foden 3300. Biffa is a large waste management company in the South East and has a variety of vehicles. This one was seen in Essex in 2000.
Ashfield. Renault Magnum. This is the new model Renault Magnum and when the picture was taken the truck was only a few days old. The truck is hauling a refrigerated trailer. The picture was taken in 2002 at Gravesend. Guy Big J 4T. Guy was started in 1914 and was taken over by the troubled British Leyland in 1968. The name was phased out and had disappeared by 1979. This picture was taken in1975 in South East London. Hoyer. Scania 114L 380 T cab. Bonneted trucks are still a rare sight on British roads. This T cab Scania does sell well and some companies buy this truck as a flagship. This tanker was seen at Gravesend in 2002.
Lyndon Edwards. Scania 142M. This company based in Hertfordshire moves large machinery. The truck has a long wheel base so that when carrying wide loads, the load does not foul the cab when reversing. The picture was taken in 2002. G.C.S.Johnson. DAF 95XF 480. Johnson’s are one of England’s major heavy haulage companies. This vehicle is licenced to travel at 80 tons GVW. The truck was seen at Dartford docks in 2002. Alco Transport. MAN TGA XXL. This smart looking Belgium truck is hauling a curtainsider trailer. The truck was seen at Dartford in 2002.
Euromix. ERF EC11. This company supplies mortar to the building industry and has a variety of truck manufacturers in it’s fleet. This picture was taken at Gravesend in 2002. Truckfleet. Iveco. The truck is fitted with a hiab and the core business is scrap metal. The truck was seen in Hackney, East London in 2002. Seddon Atkinson Strato 325. The cab is the Troner cab as used by DAF and Pegaso. The truck, hauling a refrigerated trailer was seen at Gravesend in 2002.
Argos. DAF CF. Argos is a nationwide retail outlet. The DAF is the latest model in their range. The truck was seen at Gravesend in 2002. Tebworth. Leyland Constructor 30.27. Tebworth are a Kent based tipper company. The truck was seen at a roadside cafe in Dartford in 1996. County Freight. Mercedes Actros 2540. This truck was seen on the M25 orbital motorway hauling a chemical tanker in 2002.
C & H Hauliers. ERF 320. This Essex based company has a large fleet of ERF trucks and specialises in hauling paper as well as general haulage. The truck was seen in 2000 at Dartford, Kent. Euromix. Scania 114C340. This tanker is part of a varied fleet that serves the building industry. The truck was seen in Kent in 2002. Industrial Chemicals. ERF ECX. This chemical tanker was seen in 2002. The orange board on the front of the vehicle indicates that it is carrying hazardous goods.
Davey World Services. Foden Alpha 3000. This Welsh company is a long way from home. Carrying timber it was seen at Gravesend in 2002. Heavyhaul. Volvo F1233. This is an Essex based heavy haulier. The load is light but a low loader was used to keep the running height below 4 metres. The packing case was being shipped to Australia. The picture was taken in Hackney, East London in 1995. Cleanaway. ERF EM8. This vehicle has been designed for refuse collection. Low cab access for the operatives and note that the driver is sitting in the middle of the cab. The truck was seen in 2002 at Dartford.

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