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Alwin Schwertler. DAF 95 XF. An Austrian Company. The picture was taken at a distribution depot in Dartford, Kent. 2000 Eleco Distribution Services. ERF EC11. Taken on the A2 near Dartford. The A2 is the main road from London to Dover. One of Britains biggest ports to the Continent. Taken in 1998. A.L.E. (Abnormal Loads Engineering). Faun 6x6. It runs ballasted at 48 tons and has a 600bhp Magirus V.12 engine. Seen waiting for a police escort at the Dartford Tunnel on its way back to its depot at Stafford. Seen in 2000
Ken Abram. Foden Alpha 6x2. Groupage and distribution company based in Lancashire. Seen on the A2 near Gravesend. 2000 Bohnet. Mercedes 3548. 8x4. German heavy haulage company. Seen at Dartford docks 2001. Baxi Heating. MAN TG360A 4x2. Most homes in Britain use Baxi boilers for their central heating. Seen at the Newport Pagnall services on the M1. This is the one of the main motoways to the North of England. Seen in 2001
Momart. Renault Magnum 385. Momart is an art handling company. The vehicle is insulated, has a tail lift and has air suspension. Seen in East London in 1998. Norbert Dentressangle. Renault Magnum. ND is a very large French Distribution company with about 1500 vehicles. Photo taken on the M25 at Dartford. 2000. The M25 is an orbital motorway around London. It is vastly over populated with traffic far in excess of its design capacity. There are often very long traffic jams. They have been known on the worst ocassions to stretch over 20 miles. Norbert Dentresangle. Renault Premium drag and trailer. Seen on the A2 at Gravesend. 1999.
Dolphin. Probably an owner driver. Scania143H T series. Seen at Dartford docks 2001. Westdijk. Scania 144G. 8x4 530 bhp. This is a Dutch heavy haulage company. Seen at Dartford docks 2001. Emons. Scania 124L 4x2 400bhp. A Belgium company. The trailer is carrying glass. Seen on the A2 near Gravesend in 1999.
Volvo N88 seen at Stratford, East London in 1975. The registration plates are from Iran. Rynart Trading. Volvo FH 12 420. Seen at Dartford docks 2000. The truck appears to come from Holland but it doesn't have Dutch number plates. Ferrari. Iveco 6x2 tractor and step frame trailer. Transport for the Ferrari racing team. Seen on the A2 on its way to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone 1999.
B and L Transport. Daf 95. Seen at a large distribution warehouse in Dartford, Kent. 2000. Ford D-series. Access platform chassis. Seen in London, 2000. The truck has 1980 registration plates. Ford Cargo. Unusual twinsteer (Chinese six). Fitted with Hiab. Seen in the Eastend of London 1997.
Hammond. Seddon Atkinson Strato 325. This truck shares the same cab as the DAF 95 and Pegaso. Seen in Dartford, Kent 1995. Bryants. Seddon Atkinson Strato 350. This truck shares the same cab as the Iveco. Seen on the A2 trunk road into London 2000. Berliet TR 244. A French registered truck seen in the Eastend of London in 1975. It had just travelled through the Rotherhithe Tunnel. Probably an illegal act at the time.
Atkinson Leader. 6 x 4 sleepercab. This vehicle is an ex 65 ton heavy haulage tractor working as a showman truck. Seen at a Military Vehicle rally in Kent. 1997. The truck has 1972 registration plates. Trans Co. Scania 144G 530 Topline. This is an 8 x 4 heavy haulage tractor registered in Austria. It has a 60 ton furnace on its way to Germany. Seen at Dartford Docks 2000. B.P.Mitchell. Scania 114G 340. The truck is carrying a stone crusher and has Irish registration plates. Seen at the Dartford River crossing in 2001 awaiting a police escort.
Harris. AEC Matador. This is an ex military vehicle working for a showman company. Seen in 1997 at a Scammell rally in Kent. Canute. Scania 114C 340. This is a long wheelbase 8 x4 chassis ideal for the transportation of building blocks. The truck has a self loading crane and was seen in 2000 on the A2 trunk road in Kent. Foden S 80. A showmans truck seen at an Easter fair on Blackheath, London in 1998.
Volvo F7. A showmans truck seen at a Whitsun fair in Hackney, London 1998. Richards and Son. ERF EC 11 Olympic. A large East Anglian distribution and storage company. This company had the last EC model off the production line. Seen in 2000 on the A2 trunk road into London. Manchetts. Volvo F12. Manchetts are a large recovery vehicle company in the Cambridge area. Truck seen at a truck festival in 1999.
Kralowetz. Mercedes Actros 1843. Kralowetz is a large tanker haulage company. The truck was registered and seen in Luxembourg, 2000 Allmans Transport. ERF B series. The picture was taken at a roadside cafe at Dartford, Kent in 1998. Carrying rolls of paper for the newspaper industry. Nicely sheeted and roped. Truck registered in 1981. DAF 95 XF. A nicely sheeted and roped tri-axle flatbed trailer. I have also seen this truck hauling containers. Seen on the M25 at Dartford.
Renault R420. The truck is probably loaded with plywood boards collected from one of the South of England ports and is seen travelling northwards on the A2 trunk road in 2000. Wilson. Scania 143E 500. Wilson are an East of England based heavy haulage company with several Scania 4 axle tractors. The picture was taken Dartford docks in July 2001. DAF 85 330. A 4 axle gulley cleaner. Seen in 1999 at a Kent showground.
DAF 2000. This truck was seen in the East end of London in 1975. It has a tilt trailer and was registered in Belgium. Blue Circle Cement. DAF 85 400. This 3 axle day cab tractor is hauling a powder tanker. The company has a large fleet of tankers and has depots all over England. Seen in 2000 travelling through Kent. Taylors Removals. Dodge Marsden. Marsden make pantechnicon bodies for removal companies. They usually use the Bedford chassis. The vehicle was seen in Sussex in 2000 and looks as if its in retirement. 1983 registration plates.
Securicor Omega. Iveco Eurotech. This company has a large fleet of vehicles and is a parcel, pallet, storage and distribution haulier. The truck was seen at their depot in Dartford, Kent in 2000. MAN 28 462. This truck is probably used for the traction of containers. There is a large container port at the Isle of Grain, Kent. The truck was seen in 2000 heading for London through Kent. Foden S10. 8 x 4 tipper seen near Dover, Kent 2001. First registered in 1981.
Gebruder Weiss. Steyr 19 S 46. This is a large Austrian distribution company. It has a large fleet of Steyr and Volvo trucks. The Steyr truck is based on the MAN cab and mechanicals. The truck was seen at a large storage company in Dartford, Kent, 2000 Fiat 690 N2. An old 4 axle flatbed seen in Bologna in 1997. Patmar. BMC Mastiff. This company was a general haulier and has long ceased trading. The truck was seen in south east London in 1975.
Len took the following US pictures when he was recently in New York.
North American Van Lines Kenworth. Reliable Carriers Peterbilt. Yellow Freight GMC.

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