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Kenworth Trucks
Hank Rabe Collection

B.C. Hydro Kenworth Vernon B.C. 1974, model 850. Photo Oct 2005
B.C. Hydro Kenworth Vernon B.C. 1974, model 850 and 200 ton Columbia trailer used for hauling Electrical Transformers around B.C.
Serial number plate Hour Meter, on 1974, KW Note low hours
Asbestos Corporation 849-S Canfor # 2293 849-S Canadian forest Products April 1974
Jan. 25, 2000 Some one was on the wrong radio channel Older 848 Kenworth at Elkford B.C. 1977
Fred Sowchuck Trucking Fernie B.C. Spring 1974 849-S Notice the mickey mouse mirror bracket on truck doors Fred Sowchuck Trucking Fernie B.C. Spring 1974 849-S taken from the rear

Canadian Kenworth Sales Brochures from 1974
Hank Rabe Collection
Currie and Sons Logging Princeton B,C taken in 1978, left to right:
1976 Kenworth 350 Cummins
1977 Kenworth 360 Cat
1978 Kenworth 375 Cat
1978 Kenworth 375 Cat
1977 Kenworth 360 Cat 15 speed A blonde moment wrong radio channel photo 1980

Someone sent me these photos of some new Kenworth cabovers that are destined for Peru.

More super-sized Kenworth trucks
Kenworth W-900 looks like an Arrow unit and was the only "stock" KW in this lot! Looked like a Honda compared to SUVs!
NQX Freight Systems Kenworth pulling a Double-B-Double configuration from Australia.
Tom Gill Collection.

Dave McIntosh Collection
1982 848 Kenworth near Kwatna Bay B.C. 1986 Soft spot on the road need a bit of a pull. 848 Kenworth Kwatna Bay. 1986
LW-924 Kenworth with a heavy load at Kwatna Bay 1984 848 Kenworth owned by Kwatna Timber 1991
848 Kenworth owned by Kwatna Timber 1991 848 Kenworth, Kwatna Bay driver Dave 1983 848 Kenworth driver Barry Schofield 1984
848 Kenworth near Kwatna Bay for G&F Logging 1983
850 Kenworth, this is the truck that Dave McIntosh drove for G&F Logging at Silver River Near Hope B.C. 1995

Bob Heathorn of Smith Falls Ontario saw this massive truck and load in a truckstop somewhere in North Dakota or Montana on US Highway 2 in the fall of 2009.
I recently purchased this picture on eBay. The picture shows a chain-drive Kenworth owned by Kosmos Timber Co. from Kosmos, WA 1980 Kenworth W900A working in Red Deer, Alberta as a Texas Bed Truck moving 400BBL oilfield tanker. Photo by Iain Sewell Here is another picture with the trailer that I bought for her back in March 2014. Photo by Iain Sewell

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