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Page 1 of 4 Kenworth truck pictures. "Kenworth Trucks have traversed the nations highways since 1923 (actually since 1915 under the predecessor name Gersix) and have undergone many appearance changes during that period of time. This pictorial review attempts to display some key changes in configuration that have occured over the years and to chronicle several of the many varied applications in which Kenworth products have met the test."
This is a quote from the top of the first page of these pages of Kenworth truck pictures. Ken Goudy's collection.
Page 2 of 4 Kenworth truck pictures.
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1950 Kenworth brochure 1950 Kenworth brochure 1950 Kenworth brochure
Here are some pictures from a 1950 Kenworth brochure.
From Ken Goudy's collection.
Kenworth Needlenose and Bullnose. Pat Russell Collection.
Alaska Freight Lines taken in Seattle, WA in 1949 Taken at the Seattle Kenworth plant in 1949 A Kenworth that may have been used for the military, taken in Seattle, WA in 1949
This type of Kenworth was used in the Arabian desert for the oil pipeline. Taken in Seattle, WA in 1949 Taken at the Seattle Kenworth plant in 1962. Kenworth logging truck taken in the 1950's. This truck belonged to Decco-Walton Logging and was driven by my Dad.
Trucks belonging to Decco-Walton flipped over on Ross Lake Road.
This picture was taken by Ritzville, WA in the 1940's by my Dad.
The truck belongs to Arrow Tank Lines of Portland, OR. This is mostly Kenworth. The front end it early 30s KW and Cab is later 30 early 40s.
Thanks to Ken Goudy for telling me the make of the truck. It's been bugging me
for decades.
This truck is actually an "Arrow"..these trucks were made by Arrow Tank Lines utilizing Kenworth cabs and Freightliner radiators,the front fenders where their own design. Arrow also made their own suspension according to a fellow I talked to.
Thanks to Pat MacPhail for sending this great looking restored truck. That is a great comparison photo to go along with the Arrow tanker picture.

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