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R.T Johnson late 30's International taken at Savona, which is east of Cache Creek and west of Kamloops. R.T Johnson late 30's International taken at Ashcroft, BC. in October 1942. A photo of the R.T. Johnson International travelling along one of the country roads.
The International is seen on one of the country roads crossing one of the railway tracks. Here is a rear view of the International. The flat deck is used to haul barrels along with the bulk fuel in the tank. Here the RT Johnson International is approaching 93 Mile House, BC.
Here is a highway marker along Highway 97 (Cariboo Highway) at 70 Mile House. The sign points to all the cities, towns and lakes in the three directions. Another rear shot of the tanker with a barrel being hauled. One of the small towns along the route of the R.T. Johnson International.

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