Ken Nichols Truck Collection
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Some photos of the Royal Canadian Army's 1939 Chevrolet trucks taken at Aschroft Manor.
Multiple photos taken of a Federal cabover that could be around a 1939 vintage. The photos were taken at the Ashcroft Manor at Ashcroft, BC.
Rear view of the cab on the 1939 Federal cabover. Campbell's Storage Limited truck taken at the Ashcroft Manor in September 1940. Jack Chatman's 1939 Chev truck that hauled between Vancouver and Hazelton, BC. The photo was taken in Ashcroft, BC.
Appliance dealership trailer that travelled to some of the out lying towns.
Federal truck parked at the Ashcroft Manor. Another view of the Federal taken at the Ashcroft Manor as a Greyhound passes by.

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