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United Truck Lines and United Buckingham Freight Lines

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United Truck Lines famous slogan was "Overnite While You Sleep." United was home based in Spokane, WA and served Washington Oregon Idaho and Montana. Later merged with Buckingham Transportation to become United Buckingham Freight Lines.
United Truck Lines terminal in Spokane, WA. This picture was taken in 1947. This picture shows a side view United Truck Lines Kenworth full truck and trailer, taken in Spokane, WA in 1957. United Truck Lines Freightliner pulling a set of doubles. This picture was taken in Spokane, WA.
Here is a picture of a Buckingham Kenworth "Bullnose" tractor pulling a Brown 35' trailer belonging to United Truck Lines. The picture was taken at Boeing field. The plane is a B29. United Truck Lines of Spokane specialized in transportation of perishable goods. They served Washington Oregon Idaho and Montana points and into Canada with a working partnership with Millar and Brown whose trailers used a similar logo to United's.
An old 30's United Truck Lines semi.
A United Truck Lines 40's Kenworth truck.
Here is a picture of a United Buckingham Peterbilt, seen here pulling a low-bed trailer with a very heavy load. A late 1950's Peterbilt pulling one heavy load. I'm thinking that there could be a problem in this picture.This picture was taken in Spokane, WA. United Buckingham Freightliner with double trailers. Note the Norwalk trailer. Norwalk was purchased by UB in the late 1960's to extend their transcontinental line operation.
Big John was a special built heavy hauling unit. Big John refers to John Manlowe owner of United Truck Lines. United Buckingham Heavy Haul near Spokane, WA
Here is a picture of a Freightliner belonging to Ringsby System.
This picture came from Mike Terebecki and was given to Ken Goudy and is now part of Ken Goudy's collection.
Here is a picture of a Ringsby Rocket Service tanker. The tractor is a Peterbilt. Here is a picture of a Ringsby System Peterbilt dromedary.
United Truck Lines taken near Underwood WA. on the north side of Columbia River. Note the decal in window which was the Washington State license sticker during wartime WW2 Sterling was I think a model J ???? Also note the flare pots on driver side of cab and the small mirrors of the day and if you look close you can see the turning signal arm on side of cab. This also was on the Washington side of the Columbia River, between Maryhill and Vancouver Washington United Truck Lines Kenworth taken in one of their yards (maybe Portland, OR in 1942).
United Truck Lines Kenworth taken at the Wishram turnout. Line up of rigs at Spring Hill. Lots of history here.

Here are some photos from Dan Whiles of Mobile, Alabama. His Dad sent them to him while he was in the service. His Dad worked for Ringsby-United.
Here is the interior of one of the Freightliner tractors at Ringsby United. These pictures came from Dan Whiles of Mobile, Alabama.

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