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Here is a scan of a postcard from Pacific Intermountain Express. The smaller truck is one of PIE's "Mighty Mites" that were made for promotions. Here is a scan of picture sent me by Ken's friend Jim Smith, who was with PIE in Yakima and Spokane and previous to that, with West Coast Fast Freight in various capacities almost from the start of WCFF after the war. This was the very first Mighty Mite Pete. Note it is a conventional. I think it was rebuilt into a COE with drom box later
This picture of a late 1940's map of the Pacific Intermountain Express (PIE) system.   Here is a picture of a PIE International model RDFC-405.
Here is a picture showing a PIE Tanker truck and trailer on the Snoqualmie Pass. Here is a picture of a PIE International model RDFC-405. Here is of an PIE advertisement with pictures of some of their dromedaries.
Here is a picture showing a PIE dromedary. This was built in PIE's own shops. Here is a picture of a PIE Peterbilt. Here is another Peterbilt belonging to PIE.
Here is a picture showing a PIE Corbett, pulling a Brown trailer. This picture shows a late 1930's Fageol tractor trailer unit belonging to Conyes Freight Lines. Conyes was merged into PIE in 1939. Here is a line of Conyes Freight Lines Fageols in Utah taken about 1938.
Here is a Conyes Fageol chugging its way through the Utah outback. The photo dates back to the 1930's. This picture was given to Ken by Ray Lilenquist who started Conyes Frieght Lines. Here is a Conyes Fageol. Conyes was one of the companies in the 1930's that went into the making of PIE. They ran between Salt Lake City and California. Here is a picture of a PIE White model 5000 with a sleeper cab.
Here is a PIE Freightliner with a set of doubles. The trailers are displaying one of the older logos. PIE L3591 Peterbilt tractor.

This next group of pictures came from the I. G. Hodge Collection
Conyes Freight Lines Fageol posed in front of the Utah State Capital building at Salt Lake City. Full-size PIE Peterbilt with a "Mighty Mite" PIE Peterbilt along side. Some of the PIE executives inspecting the "Mighty Mite" PIE Peterbilt.
Some posed shots of PIE executives
PIE Freightliner Bubblenose truck and trailer with US war bonds advertised on the trailer.

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