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Kenworth truck and trailer tanker owned by Alaska Yukon Refinery & Distribution Limited hauling for British American Oil. British American Oil became Gulf in the late 60's and then became Petro Canada in the 80's. This truck was used by Kenworth trucks for one of their sales brochures. Chevron Kenworth tanker, used by Kenworth for a sales brochure. Esso Kenworth cabover, used by Kenworh for a sales brochure.
1947 Kenworth former logging truck that was transformed into this tanker tractor and run by Inter-City Oil Transit Ltd. This tanker was the first one to travel over the Hope Highway. The picture was taken in October 1949, Roy and Len Morrow are standing next to the truck. 1957 Hayes tanker truck and trailer operated by Roy Morrow of Hope, BC. Row Morrow & Sons Ltd. Freightliner tanker with Don Skea next to the tractor.
Northwest Bulk Carriers of Kamloops, BC. This picture is showing their 1959 Kenworth tankers. Public Freightways Freightliner tanker. Public Freightways International Emeryville tanker.
Dawson Fuel Services' 1959 Kenworth tanker. Dawson Fuel Services' early 70's Kenworth tanker.
Kenworth CBE (Cab Beside Engine) tanker.
Northern Carriers of Williams Lake @ 141 Mile N/B
Diamond T tanker taken from an ad for Diamond T trucks.
H.M. Trimble Freightliner taken at the Hunter Creek B/A station. H.M. Trimble Kenworth taken at Boston Bar, BC.
H.M Trimble Freightliner H.M. Trimble Hayes Clipper cabover
taken at the Chevron in Golden, BC
H.M. Trimble & Sons Kenworth tanker
SWS Contracting Hayes HD
Shell Kenworth and International tankers
taken at the Shell’s Burmount plant on Underhill Ave in Lake City Burnaby

This picture shows the entrance to Crescent Road from the King George Highway at Elgin, the road continues over the Nicomekl River Dam bridge. The rig on the King George is a Shell single axle (1955 CO-210?) that would have been returning from White Rock going to Burmount. It pulled a tandem axle Columbia or Willock tanker trailer and was usually driven by Alec Shelby. Shelby moved to the KW's after they arrived. I will try to obtain a unit number if you are interested. This tanker would have served Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. The Olds is a 1956 and I would think it would be about that time. The BC Hwy 499 was built during 58/59 in prep for the opening of the Massey/Deas Tunnel, the photographer would be standing where the exit was later built.

The picture on the right is a zoomed in version of the picture on the left. This Shell International tanker is the same International tanker in the photos above.

Ted Hough with Rempel-Trail Kenworth
taken at Lytton, BC
1965 Canadian Kenworth
owned by Bruce Shantz
Rempel-Trail Freightliner taken along the Sea-to-Sky Highway.
Restored 1956 Peterbilt 351 taken at Kamloops, BC Tank Truck Service Peterbilt
taken at Tunnel Mountain in the Fraser Canyon in the 70's.
Dan Duddy's Kenworth leased on with Trimac/H.M. Trimble & Sons.
Taken at the Prince George, BC airport with aviation fuel in 1980.
Dan Duddy's Kenworth taken east of Prince George, BC along Highway 16 in 1980. The unit is 10 feet over length.
Dan Duddy's Kenworth taken at Quesnel, BC in 1980. Dan Duddy's Kenworth taken at the Quesnel, BC bulk plant
Dan Duddy's Kenworth taken east of Prince George, BC along Highway 16 in 1980. Dan Duddy's Kenworth
taken at the Quesnel, BC bulk plant
Barry Simpson and the Reo. Danny Staples truck in the background. Taken in 1967. Barry and his Dad when we were trading truck in on the Reo. Taken in 1967
Ed Wiebe inside of Barry's truck. Taken in 1967. Barry's Reo taken at the house on Silver Hope Road in the fall of 1967.

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