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Warren McDonald standing beside a Ford auto hauler. Shorty's Transport White at the top of Jackass Mountain Shorty's Transport White inside China Bar tunnel
Frank Duddy standing by one of Harrington Motors Diamond T tankers. Frank Duddy standing by his International when he drove for Interior Refrigerated Service. Interior Refrigerated Service Intenational
Grayridge Motor Freight Reo with an axle problem. Kamloops Transport White truck.
Lyle Cody 1946 Ford flatdeck truck. Millar & Brown Hayes tractor.
Mercury Produce Kenworth. Soo Security Motorways Kenworth conventional.
Hayes hanging over the Siska Bridge. The driver really thought he could back the tractor back on to the road. Truck stop picture showing quite a variety of fallen flag trucking companies. From left to right: T&H Cariboo Freightliner, Chapman International, unknown International, OK Valley GMC.
White Pass & Yukon Kenworth used for hauling the Royal Mail. This Leyland tanker is the Kamloops Standard Oil Bulk plant man Johnson, can’t remember his proper name.

Kamloops Transport White is probably Gord Heslop arriving in Cache Creek on the old Bonaparte River bridge from Kamloops (behind where the Oasis Hotel was built) probably going to Williams Lake.

White Rock Transfer trucks. Petroleum Transort Reo in the ditch. Princeton Brewery Mercury wreck.
Ministry of Highways 50's Canadian Kenworth pulling a lowbed trailer. Nice looking dressed up Mack B61.
Tiger Transfer Mack. Grays Freightways Autocar truck. Kenworth Bullnose
Gray's Freightways Kenworth truck and trailer. Commercial Truck Company Kenworth truck and trailer. This rig was used in a 60's Kenworth brochure. Ken Spears standing beside his Kenworth.
Harry Jenkins standing beside a new 1949 Hayes running for Alaska Yukon Transportation, based out of Yellowknife, YT.

Country Freight Lines Peterbilt.

Daily service between Vancouver, BC and the Okanagan.

Blaine Port Huron Motor Express
Kenworth Bullnose.
Kenworth Bullnose and a Peterbilt Bubblenose. There is quite a difference in the look of them when they are side by side.
Jimmy Corwin and Buster Rooke posing by a Kenworth. Midge Shepard beside a Kenworth conventional Jimmy Corwin beside a Kenworth conventional.

Buster Rooke on the right with Blackie, a US driver on the left. Buster Rooke in the middle of two other drivers in a night shot of two Kenworth conventionals. Joe George standing by a Kenworth Bullnose tractor. Notice the high mounted fuel tank behind the cab.
Mike Duddy's:
1963 Mack B61 ex. Ainsworth 100 Mile Log truck,.
1946 Diamond T 614 H ex. Walter Harrington tanker - Boston Bar.
Pat Duddy's:
1956 Kenworth 521C - #39 - Ex. Lynden Transport/Milky Way - First Train Tractor.
Another shot of Pat Duddy's 1956 Kenworth 521C.
Here is a picture of what Pat Duddy's 1956 Kenworth 521C looked liked when it was owned by The Milky Way and the tractor pulled milk tankers. Here is shot of Pat Duddy's 1956 Kenworth 521C and the Lynder Transfer Inc. restored Kenworth. Another shot of the Lynder Transfer Inc. restored Kenworth.
Ted Hough's 1954 two-story International and Pat Duddy's 1956 Kenworth.
After Pat Duddy passed away, the truck was sold to Lynden Transport Inc. and they now display it as it was when the Kenworth hauled for Milky Way. This photo was taken at the Deming Truck Show in 2014.
Restored Kenworth owned by Ted Hough Trucking. This Kenworth started service Pacific Freightways #4 owned by Ken Brown. Ted totally restored this truck in the 60's.
Goeff Godding Enterprises 1957 Kenworth. Olympic Meats Kenworth cabover. Hayes cabover
Hayes cabover lumber truck and trailer. Hayes Clipper conventional. London Vancouver Express Hayes, which was the originating company of D.S. Scott.
Benson Tank Lines Kenworth taken in Chilliwack, BC Benson Truck Lines 1981 Kenworth longnose
taken in Chilliwack, BC
Benson Tanks Lines Kenworth taken across from the Hixon Fire Place Inn April 11, 1990.

Benson Tank Lines Kenworth
Walter Thiessen driver

Walter Thiessen's last trip for Benson Tank Lines
Emil Anderson Hayes. They have had the contract to maintain the highways in BC. Mack B73 with a flatbed trailer.
A pair of 1962 Hayes cabovers. OK Valley Mack used for hauling the Royal Mail. The Mack tractor is painted in the CP Transport colors. OK Valley Mack when the Mack still had to original markings on the cab.
Dale Van Horne and his Reo dump truck. Dale Van Horne standing next to an FWD used by the Ministry of Highways. Dale Van Horne on the right and an Associated Enterprises Ltd. 1959 Kenworth
Capital Fruit & Produce Diamond T. Ed Demar (left) and Sam Moskowitch (right) posing with the Diamond T. Unidentified Hayes conventional. Island Pacific Transport Kenworth.
Mike Duddy's:
1946 Diamond T 614 H ex. Walter Harrington tanker - Boston Bar.
Kenworth Bullnose day cab
Pat Duddy's:
1956 Kenworth 521C - #39 - Ex. Lynden Transport/Milky Way - First Train Tractor.
Kevin Duddy almost bought this Kenworth Bullnose day cab.
Unidentified Hayes cabover. First Hayes cabover manufactured. This one belonged to Cliff Craddock. Vancouver-Kamloops Freightways Hayes. This Hayes once belonged to Dick Giroux.
Derban Peace River Transport rig driven by Eddie DeMarr at a fire (Lees Transport Diamond T) Gordon Puffalt had climbing out of Williams Lake. Marpole Transport Hayes taken at Boston Bar, BC, loading up parts of a logging truck. Gibbs Kenworth pulling a oilfield float trailer.
Emil Anderson Kenworth Bullnose and a Hayes Clipper cabover. Interior Motor Transport Kenworth cabover taken at the Burnaby Kenworth plant. A short nose Kenworth conventional taken at the Burnaby Kenworth plant.
Some unidentified Kenworth cabovers taken at the Burnaby Kenworth plant.
Kenworth tanker destined for Shell Oil, taken at the Burnaby Kenworth plant. A mix of Kenworth conventionals taken at the Burnaby Kenworth plant. CanUSA Trucking Kenworth Bullnose.
Keep It Cool Refrigeration Services Inc. Hayes Clipper based out of Langley, BC CPMS (Canadian Pacific Merchandise Services) at Williams Lake
Dick Giroux drove this Western Star for Finning Highland Transport Freightliner FLD Northern Interior Fastfrate (Prince George Warehousing) KW driven by Bruce Magnus at Frank Duddy's place in Boston Bar in 1983.
Merrymaker Western Star bus R.G. Lewis Freigtliner that hauled Chevron’s package products taken at Frank Duddy's place in Boston Bar, BC
New Western Star trucks at the Abbotsford distribution yard in 1994. Frank's Trucking Freightliner owned by Frank Dewit
  PWS Enterprises Kenworth Darren Hunt at Boston Bar. Gord Hunt bought this truck new in 1988 on Aggressive Transport.
  West Express Motor Freight Kenworth W900 Gord Hunt's new White Freightliner on with Van-Kam Freighways in 1977-78. Jim Duddy standing next to the truck.
West Express Motor Freight Kenworth W900L

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