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Gordon Hay Collection
 Jack Parminter, Ken Brown, Walter Neufeld, Gordon Hay, Angus Hay, Bob Hurley Siska Lodge taken in September 1957 Gordon Hay in Spences Bridge
Taken at the 1/4 Circle "S" Motel at Spences Bridge Public Freightways KW tanker not exactly on the road, Vern Madill driver. Princeton Brewery Hayes in the ditch in 1958 at 93 Mile on Highway 2 (now Highway 97).
Carson Truck Lines International collision with an International panel truck on Tank Hill.
Hoot Gibson driver
John Yeomans with two Carson International's
taken at Siska Lodge
Carson Truck Lines Kenworth Bullnose Lee's two story International Taken at Cinema Bluffs
pulling a Greyhound coach
Wood & Fraser Transport at Alexander St Vancouver, BC Looking south
through the old Hell's Gate Tunnel
Taken at Cinema Bluffs
Carson Truck Lines GMC on Blue Lake Hill
Bill Vincenzi driver
Ashcroft Manor
Dennis Phillips, George Woods,
Bill Millar
George Woods, Bill Millar
Ashcroft loading up the old Packard car into Carson Truck
1957 George Wood restoration project
Carson Truck Lines trucks taken in September 1957
Bob Hurley, Jack Parminter, Les Hamlin
Wood & Fraser Transport trucks lined up on Alexander Street in Vancouver during the war because they couldn't get gas. Princeton Breweries Mercury trucks
lined up on the Hope-Princeton Highway

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