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Lee's Transport KB International and Carson Truck lines KB International and two Reo's at Boston Bar, BC. Glen Roddick's truck in the Lee's Transport truck on the left. Lee's Transport International KB
taken in 1949 at Kingsway and Knight Rd
"Blue Bomber"
White Rock Transfer and Delta Freight Lines Fargo trucks. Frank Best (left), Mrs Roddick, Jim Roddick.
December 1949
It's -48 degrees F near Aspen Grove - Gord Heslop
Lees' Tranport International R200 taken at Airport Royalite Prince George, BC 1957. This business was Glen's wife's parents, the Handfield's. Lac La Hache, BC 1949
Glen Roddick, Gord Rochford and Spud Mornay
Lee's Transport White taken at the Prince George Airport Royalite
Glen Roddick on the left and brother-in-law, Ralph Handfield in the cab.
Taken at Alexandra Lodge in August 1947
The wheel cylinder seized up
Glord Heslop going up to Mt Lola Radar Station - Kamloops 1954 Boston Bar 1950 Bob Hurley 1952 taken at 83 Mile
Manis England John Skinner Jim Harris with Federal truck
Joe George taken at Quilchena in May 1951 Gord Heslop
taken at Cache Creek in 1948
Carson Reo at 83 mile
Carson Truck Lines Reo Carson Reo at 83 Mile Van-Kam advertisement
Gord Heslop 1951 at 59 Mile 1956 Freightliner coming home from Whitehorse taken on Trutch Mountain Mile 196 on the Alcan Highway Taken at the slide near Lilloet in July 1947
Triangle Transport
Al Mee (Greyhound driver) taken at Westwold, BC in 1947 Glen Roddick 1947 Langley, BC
Moth converted to crop duster. I soloed in this plane. Presently at the Ft Langley Museum. Donated by Art Sellar, my instructor.
Carson Truck Lines Reo
Bob Hurley driver
1932 Pacific Stage Lines coach
Jim Roddick, Mrs Feedham
1932 Dave Boyle
Bill Whitlock
Carson Truck Lines driver
John Perciville
Carson Truck Lines driver
John Yoeman
Carson Truck Lines driver
Bob Hurley
Carson Truck Lines driver
Jack Parminter
Carson Truck Lines driver
Jim Nishiama
Carson Truck Lines driver
Bunk Seldon
Carson Truck Lines driver
Al Carter
Carson Truck Lines driver
Glen Roddick with Van-Kam No. 3, last trip 1946-1989.
Vancouver-Kamloops International
taken at Kamloops in 1951
George Nishiama
Carson Truck Lines driver
Frank Allen
Carson Truck Lines driver
Crones Chev truck
taken 3 miles east of Whispering Pines Cafe in March 1950
Lee's Transport International
Frances Zingle
Hell's Gate Tunnel 1956
New 810 Diamond T trucks with 13 ton Columbia trailers taken at Pondosa Pine Lumber, Monte Creek, BC Oct 7, 1947

DWXLD Hercules diesel
Fuller 5A 72 Mains
Brown Lipe 35A boxes
V200 - Timken D.R. Diffs 30,000 pounds
5 inch front drums
9x16.5 rear drums
10x16.5 drums on the trailer
200 gal bulkhead water tank
cab controls to truck and trailer
65 below zero - Glen Roddick, Rocky Rockford at Lac La Hache, BC in 1949

Pictures from a Pre-1964 Line Haul Drivers of BC Album
Al Savage with Carson Truck Lines Canadian Kenworth COE and doubles Harry Elliot's first load at Carsons April 1940 Vancouver Alberta
Dave Smith/Bill Kent July 1956
Vancouver Alberta
Alex Millburn/Mike Kelly 1954
T&H Caribou Freightliner
Carl Bostrom
LASME Peterbilt
Remple-Trail Kenworth tanker Trimble Freightliner tanker
Carson Truck Lines International Public Freightways International DCOF-405 Wolf Leininger/George Brugess/Ray Langsford/Bill Jones/Len Wong
GILL: 1962-63
Perry Bains/Bob Trail/Ray Matheson/Hank Carrier/Mitch Archembault/Bill Gibs/Al Gibson
GILL 1962-63
Lorne Edmundsen/Bob Reid/Dave Gerow/Quin Walz/Jack Wetzel/Al Peach
GILL Interprovincial Lines Ltd. at Sioux City, NE
Steve Duroski/Rocky Rockford/Lloyd Kirkland/Mider Sheperd
Expressway and Cascade KW CBE's
Vancouver Alberta Al Simpson March 1957 Vancouver Alberta Ken Scott 1957 PIX #36 and #28 at Spokane
taken by Quin Walz

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