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Pictures taken out of Lorraine Stoner's old photo album.
Thank you Fran Simpson for these pictures.
Pictures taken at Hunter Creek Truck Stop and Hall's Truck Stop
Mike Foisey, Dave Anderton, Bruce Harger Lorraine 'Sarge' Stoner (rear), Louise Marlatt
Hunter Creek 1964
Glen Roddick
Jack Parminter Cecil Robinson, Gordie Hay,
Jack Parminter
Jim Harris and Les Hamlin
Roger Edwards Jack Parminter and Frank Allen George Reddecopp
Kenny Wilkenson Bob Hurley Gordon Henry
Don Gibbs and Joe Leaman Tommy Upton Pat Duddy and Fred Hauch
Ted ? and Joe Cassan Chip ? and Doug Dixon Pete Reddicopp and Joe Ellison
Nel Gires Freddie Champion and Bill Sidoni Ted Walsh
Tony Zerr Claire Heibein Bruce Harger
Pete Wall, Claire Heibein, Jim Cole Pete Wall and Art Penn Verl Heibein
Steve Myronik Bob Cottrell
Sue Jarvis in the background
Steve Myronik Gary Hurlbert
Don McMahon and Bruce Finlayson Don Vallet Ted Hough and Jack Wetzel
Mas Nishiyama Gordon Tiessen Carl Bostrum
Lorraine Stoner and Joe Leaman Bob Willsie
CF Calgary sleer team drivers,
John and Charlie,
along with Lorraine Stoner
Francis Zingle Bud Mullen and John Yeomans
Don Wilson
Millar & Brown
Don Miller
H.M. Trimble & Sons
Jack Wetzel and Bob Graham
Don Vallet and Lorraine Stoner Lorne Edwards Jim Rotherie
Jim Dunne Doug Marwood and Gordon Henry Joe Gallant
Freeman Meister Merv Rusnak and Floyd
Bill ?? and Al Savage
Prairie Pacific
Ben Wynuk
Jim Harris (leased driver for Carson)
and Chuck Lindsay
Calgary Canadian Freightways drivers
Carl Tetlow and Cliff Green
Bobby Johnston
driver for Marpole
Tom Eckersley with a Sandner Bros. Hayes Clipper. The Hayes was working for Vic Brick & Tile with their Westone Construction Products sign on the door. Ray Findlay
driver for Safeway
Mel Quebec
driver for T Crighton
Frances "Jingles" Zingle
driver for PIX
driver for Esso from Hope to Vancouver
Ted Green driver for H.Y. Louie Co. Ltd.
inside the Flood Cafe
Ev Humble
driver for Public Freightways Ltd
Pat Duddy, Freddie Hauch Fred Hauch
driver for Northern Industrial Carriers
Glen Beaver Bob Cottrell and Gordon Puffalt
drivers for Millar & Brown
Barney McAllister (Chapmans)
and Wally Egan (Millar & Brown)
Lorraine Stoner and Ken Fraser (Chapmans driver and Bruce Shantz's sleeper partner) taken at Hall's Truck Stop. Bob Houghton
Chapmans driver
taken at Hunter Creek
Otto Schneider and Reg Williston
drivers for Chapmans

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