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Garrison Fast Freight and other US Haulers

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Pictures taken out of Lorraine Stoner's old photo album of Hunter Creek Truck Stop and Flood Truck Stop
US Trucking Companies
  Taken at Spences Bridge, BC in 1962 Taken at Boston Bar, BC in 1963
Bob Woods
Lorraine Stoner
Doug Thompson
Bob Smith and Johnny Hood Johnny Hood and Bobby Smith
Bob Woods and Doug Thompson
March 1963
Lee Tripp Scottie and Dean Gillhon
August 1963
Jim Stepps ?? and Bud Wilson  
Andy and Dean Hart
June 1960
Dean Hart and ??
July 1960
Pete Kelemen
Bud Williams and Scottie Frank Wascom
Frank Wascom Ray Hicks
Red Clarke
Chuck Barr Curly Nordike Al Korris and Jim Stepp
Jack Brodey and Jerry Cole Cliff Graen and Les Kubler Russ Morrisette (Yogi Bear)
Ken Matheson and Ray Cowell
Jim Stepp Oscar Nolas Don Procknow
Jim Miller and Bill Crumbly Bud Wilson and Arnold Persinger Paul Kelley and Don Garland
Andy Kelemen   Ray Cowell, Bert Sheets,
Lee Tripp, Marvin Stuurman
June 1960
Billy Crawford
Taken at Boston Bar, BC in 1963 Taken at Boston Bar, BC in 1963
  Owner/Operator Leo Angers of Hope, BC
Leased to L.T.I. in the mid 1960's
Bob Cavellio new KW with V12 Jimmie
  Bob Zweegmen
August 1963
Marvin Stuurman
August 1963
Hank Forman
September 1963
Augie Matter
  Don Garland and Bill Crawford
June 1960
Chuck Barr and Cece Sipes
July 1960
  Bud Wilson and Bob Cavellio
September 1960
Herda Alaska
Dick Nielsen and Ed Barr
Skip Weeks  
    Harry Dennison
Bill Crawford
January 1963
Bud Wilson
September 1960

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