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Mack Rep
Commercial Mines Service Mack truck and trailer. They had 6-8 trucks hauling copper concentrate out of Bethlehem Copper Mines, above Ashcroft, BC in the mid 60's. On the empty trip back to the mine, they would haul the trailer on top of the truck.
Mack Rep Commercial Mines Services new Mack Trucks Lytton, BC taken in the 1960's
Mack rep Cy Bonan Mack rep Cy Bonan, Bob Madill and Danny Staples taken at the Flood Cafe and Truck Stop in 1962.
New Mack trucks in the background.
Lytton, BC taken in the 1960's
Bethlehem Mines Mack taken at the North Vancouver docks in 1962 This is Tank Hill in the Fraser Canyon taken in 1962 Going down Mine Hill with a load of copper concentrate in 1962
Danny's Mack at the Hope yard Two of Commercial Mack's taken at the Hope yard Taken near Ashcroft, BC

Mine road above Ashcroft, BC in 1962
Stuck in fresh gravel on Mine Road in 1962 Going up the Mine Hill for a load in 1962 John Van Every, Bob Madill, Frank Hale, Danny Staples and Dave McIntosh. The old Bethlehem Con haulers from Ontario.
One of Special Truck and pup trailers to haul copper concentrated from Bethlehem Copper mine near Ashcroft to Vancouver is readied for Delivery. Aluminum trailers were built in Vancouver. Copper Concentrates are shown being loaded from the bright blue 150-ton silo at Bethlehem Copper Corp's mill at 5,000-foot elevation in Highland Valley, near Ashcroft. The trucks, with bodies and trailers made by Columbia in Vancouver, carry 25 tons of concentrate about 10 tons of copper on the 252-mile run to Vancouver Wharves. Truck at right carries its trailer piggy-back on return run. Nisson Line had started monthly sailings of concentrate to Japan. Bethlehem, Canada's newest metal mine, was formally opened last weekend. The Sumitomo Companies assisted with the largest Japanese capital investment ever made in Canada-- $5,850,000.

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