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Carson Truck Lines Limited

Carson Truck Lines was founded in 1934. Its head office was in Burnaby, B.C.

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Carson International KB model in the ditch. Carson International KB getting pulled out. Carson Truck Lines Reo truck.
Carson International model KB. A lineup of Carson International trucks. A pair of Carson Internationals.
Carson International and the drivers having a break. Carson trucks at Boston Bar, BC at Harrington Motors. Carson drivers having a break.
Carson International making its way up a long hill. Carson Truck Lines
Carson Truck Lines International R Series. Carson Truck Lines International and other trucks at Jank and Art's located at Boston Flats. Ashcroft Manor. Carson Truck Lines staff party 1961.
Carson Truck Lines terminal at Williams Lake, BC. Carson's International wreck. Carson's International taken at Yale, BC.
Carson Truck Lines Ford truck taken during a stop on route. Carson driver John Skinner. Carson driver Jim Harris.
Carson driver George Nishiama. Carson driver Bill Whitlock. Carson driver Mannie England.
Carson driver John Yoemans. Carson driver Alf Carter. Carson driver John Percifal.
Carson driver Jim Nishihma. Carson driver Jack Parminter. Carson driver Frank Allen.
Carson driver Buck Seldon. Carson driver Bob Hurley. Kenworth Bullnose hauling a Carson Truck Lines trailer.
The men from left to right are Chuck Lindsey and Jim Harris.
Ken Spears posing in front of a Carson Truck Lines Hayes. Bill Souproanuck posing in front of a Carson Truck Lines Hayes,
taken at Chilliwack, BC.

Here is a picture of a 60's Canadian Kenworth pulling a set of doubles that was taken for a Carson Truck Lines calendar.

Two Kenworth train tractors (148 & 154) each replaced 3 tag axle units. When they started they each had 3 sets (6 Trailers) So two tractors replaced 6 Tag Axles. The first 6 trailers in 1963 were 24 Ft. Trailmobiles, the next 6 in 1964 were Can-Car 26 Ft.
In 1963 – 148 replaced #128, 121 and 129. In 1964—#154 replaced #104,126 and 127. All were rebuilt as single axle town tractors except #121 which was retired.

Here is a night shot taken of a Carson Truck Lines Kenworth Bullnose taken at 1604 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC. 1953 Diamond T truck hauling for Carson Truck Lines.
Don Collins standing beside the truck.
Carson Truck Lines 1953 Diamond T.
Carson #126, the Diamond T of Don’s is a 1953, but the pictures of it are from 1963 or 64.
Number 126 was owned for its first 10 years by Bob Hurley, Don bought it from him in 1963. George bought it from Don in 1964/65 at which time it was made into a tractor. when Bruce harger worked there, in 1965, it was the town tractor in Williams Lake. It used to come down to Burnaby every couple of months for major service. Bruce brought it down one Saturday with one light box, nice truck. Someone would have to take it back on Monday night with a loaded box, it wouldn’t have been as nice then!
Carson Truck Lines 1953 Diamond T
at the CTL Agent in 100 Mile House
Carson Truck Lines 1953 Diamond T
with George Reddicopp standing by the truck.
Carson Truck Lines 1953 Diamond T.
Don Collins standing beside a 70's Canadian Kenworth that was hauling for Carson Truck Lines. When the Trans Canada Highway was completed in the the 1960's, this Carson Truck Lines Hayes was one of the first vehicls to cross over the Port Mann Bridge. The is Stan Turbid standing next to the truck. George Reddicopp standing next to a Carson Truck Lines International truck.
Bob Hurley with a couple of Carson trucks Carson Truck Lines Hayes Clipper
taken at Prince George, BC
George Wood standing next to a Carson Truck Lines International.

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