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Boris Reefer Service was based out of Chilliwack, BC.

They hauled frozen foods for York Farms as well as other types of freight.

Boris' 1957 Hayes sitting in the back yard of Frank Duddy. Boris' 1957 Hayes with Frank Duddy at Carin Site. A Christmas card put out by Boris Reefer Service.
Boris Reefer Service 1952 Kenworth Bullnose truck. Boris Reefer Service 1952 Kenworth Bullnose truck and trailer. Boris Reefer Service 1952 Kenworth Bullnose tractor.
One of Boris Reefer Service's 1970's Kenworth tractors. Boris Reefer's 1957 Hayes cabover, taken at Boston Bar, BC.
Frank Duddy, Kevin's Dad, driving one of Ray Boris' Hayes Clipper cabovers. Here is a pictures of a Canadian Dressed Meats Hayes taken along the Trans Canada Highway by Mount Eisenhower in Alberta. This company and rights were purchased by Ray Boris to allow him to haul into Alberta.
Ray Boris Kenworth Bullnose truck and trailer taken in Chilliwack, BC.

Boris Hayes on top of the hill at Big Horn Boris Hayes on the old Alexander Bridge in the Fraser Canyon Boris Hayes at Tunnel Mountain
Doris Boris posing on an International L-190 Boris Bullnose at Mt McLeese

Icy roads near Lac La Hache

While Pat Duddy was taking this picture of the truck & pup at Twilight, I (Bruce Harger) was chaining up back around the corner at 122 Mile, single on steering, single on trailer and driver’s chained up. As I approached the curve near Forbes Road, south of 122 a chap who lived in the area was southbound to work in 100 Mile House and slid off the low side into the ditch with his almost new white Lincoln. This was the beginning of the very slippery highway. As I was chaining up at Kokanee Lodge, the 100 Mile school bus came onto the highway from the driveway of it’s operator to start the school run. It did a complete 360 turn and went back in the driveway, no school today. All the chains stayed on to Prince George and return as far south as Strathnaver. John Yeomans and Bud Mullen (CTL 134) had just left shortly before Pat took this picture. Many other rigs in the picture, Boris L-190, CTL tag, Rempel tanker, Fred Loucks, Greyhound bus and some others. A fine example of freezing rain on compact snow, road very quick!!

Icy roads at Lac La Hache International L-190 with a load of lumber Danny Ferguson & Gordy Heibein owner operators for Ray Boris
Frank Hale standing beside Ray Boris' Kenworth "Dragon Wagon" International L-190 taken at Hell's Gate
International L-190 pulling for Derban Transport
Ray Boris "Dragon Wagon" in the Lillooet, BC area
Ray Boris Frank Duddy Frank Duddy at Cairn Site Service
Ernie Carter standing next to a Boris Hayes Ray Boris Ray Boris standing next to a new trailer
Ray Boris with his Kenworth Bullnose Frank Hale at Cairn Site Service Boris Kenworth "Dragon Wagon"
at Cairn Site Service
Ray Boris and Sham Medley Joe Casan with a Boris International L-190
Boris Kenworth Kenworth tractor trailer sitting precariously over a collapsed bridge.

Here is the story to go along with the pictures.

These pictures are of the Deep Creek Bridge on the lower Cariboo Highway between Williams Lake and Soda Creek, April 27/29 1965. This tractor was originally a Gill rig. The new main highway at Deep Creek was washed out by heavy spring run off due to a too small culvert for Deep Creek to pass under the highway and was closed over 24 hours. Traffic was diverted to the old road but Deep Creek had undermined the bridge support and shortly after the S/B Greyhound bus crossed the bridge Jim Fentie, driving this 1952 Kenworth for Ray Boris with a full load for Kelly Douglas in Quesnel entered the bridge with this result. After much difficulty and D8 Cats on both sides of the Creek with cables passed from winch to winch, the rig was tight lined and slid on the cables to solid ground A Bailey Bridge was installed as a replacement and is still in service. Jim Fentie left Boris within 6 months after this incident and spent the next 35 years at TRIMAC.

The former McGrath Transport 1952 KW truck & pup operated thru the Fraser Canyon prior to the 40 ft./ 40,000 lbs. restriction coming off in 1963. At Spuzzum where the restriction began in 1958 the pup would be dropped for pickup by the L-190. Also at Spuzzum the single axle would drop it’s 24 ft. single axle trailer, pull the pup to north of Anderson River, the end of the restriction, and then return to Spuzzum to pick up it’s trailer and continue north. This saved the truck & pup from travelling via Princeton & Merritt to Spence’s Bridge, the route of anyone else over-length or overweight (tandem axle tractor/trailers) and saving 90 miles and about three hours time.
Ray Boris' Kenworth Bullnose
truck and trailer taken at Chilliwack, BC
Ray Boris International L-190 taken at Cairn Site Service. Frank Duddy driver.  
"The Five Star Special" a dressed up Ray Boris Kenworth Bullnose. The truck was driven by John Janzen. The paint job and the stars were done by John's son Bob Janzen.    
Ray Boris Hayes taken at Boston Bar, BC   Boris Hayes with a short pup trailer
taken at Chilliwack
A pair of Boris GMC's taken at Chilliwack Some Ray Boris trucks taken at Chilliwack  
Ray Boris Mack R Models taken at Chilliwack Ray Boris Kenworth conventional
taken at Chilliwack
    Boris Reefer Service Kenworth K100