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Retired and Used Elsewhere

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Old McLean trailer parked west of Moberly, MO. Photo taken Oct. 2003 Ex Overnite Transportation Volvo parked in Moberly, MO. Photo taken Oct. 2003 An old Mohawk trailer sitting in Moberly, MO.
Two shots of two different Bee Line Trucking Co. Trailers parked in Moberly, MO. An old Orscheln Bros. trailer sitting in Moberly, MO.

Here are some pictures pictures from the old Navajo terminal in Kansas City, MO. The terminal is now owned by Gully Transportation of Quincy, ILL
Navajo's name is still embedded in the floor as you enter the building. Mr. Gully said to leave it in for old time sake.
There are still some old Navajo pictures on the walls at the Gully terminal
The trailer on the right is Churchill Truck Lines #29 814. The trailer on the left is Jones Truck Lines #1232 they are sitting in a field south of Richland, MO. On the Jones railer you could just make out the decal for the name.
I found this old P. I. E. city trailer setting in Kansas City, MO. You can just make out the name. A Nationways pup trailer taken in Turner, KS in Jan 2004
An old CKC ( Chicago Kansas City Freight Line ) trailer in Kansas City, Kansas under what is known as the Intercity Viaduct. From the looks of it, it has been abandoned. Jan 2004 A Montgomery Ward 45 ft trailer taken in Turner, KS in Jan 2004
Dewey systems of Kansas City, MO, no longer in business. Setting in Kansas City, Kansas. One shows that it was once a Spector Freight trailer. This is an old Transamerican trailer setting in a fenced in lot in Kansas City, MO - Jan. 2004
Two Orscheln Bros old trailers parked in Lebanon, MO. You could just make out the name on the front and back. Two photos of ex Yellow Transportation tractors. The International is parked in Springfield, MO. The 2 GMC and one International were parked in Eagleville, MO
I found these H&W trailers in a junk yard In Kansas City, MO Old E T M F trailer used on construction site in Springfield, MO
Two photos of ex ABF tractors made into dump truck`s at a used truck lot in Springfield, MO
Found this I C X trailer #25 4129 setting in Tucumcari, NM. They also had a terminal there before the shut down in the 80`s. Found this Lee Way city trailer #9213 setting in Limon, CO. Used for storage.
I found this Jones Truck Line International bob tail city truck and trailer parked in Webb City, MO. Photo taken June-04, 2004
This IML trailer was setting in Turlock, California . Inside a fenced yard. I could have pulled this trailer when I worked for them back in the 70`s. This is a note pad from Byers Transportation of Kansas City, MO. From what I can find, Byers was founded in 1919 and sold to Holmes Freight Lines of Omaha, Nebraska in 1970. And Holmes closed down around 2002.
I found these Cassell Truck Line trailers and the tractor north of Wichita , Kansas Sept. 2004 .
These CF trailers, one a pup and the other was used as a trade show trailer. They were parked at Ews Wrecker Service in Marshall, Ill. Photo taken 7-04 Norwalk trailer parked at Centerville, Ill. Photo taken 7 - 04
These trailers of Preston 151 Lines were parked at Ews Wrecker Service in Marshall, IL. The Preston 151 was parked on Hwy 16 west Of Ellendale, Del. Photo taken 7 - 04
Campbell 66 #1943 Freuhauf trailer about 36 or 38 footer sitting in Strafford, MO. Two photos of ex Carnation Milk Co. White Road Commander tractor is parked in Mt. Vernon, MO. Photo`s taken Sept.04

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