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Whie Road Boss fueling up
White Road Commander II taken west of Avilla, MO.
Allfreight Inc. of Kansas City, KS. parked in Nevada, MO. Two photos of a good looking Kenworth owned by B&C Express of La Russell, MO. in Springfield, MO. 8-18-09
Checking the scales out at Jump Travel Center in Collins, MO. 8-11-09 Customs Transport of Winnipeg, Manitoba. parked at Jump Travel Center in Collins, MO. 8-20-09 . Palmentere Bros. parked in Lamar, MO. 6 - 11 - 09
Penner International Inc. Steinbach, MB. parked in Lamar, MO. 8-20-09 Southern Champion Tray of Chattanooga, TN. parked at Hoods Truck Stop Exit 61 & I - 44 in MO. Square H Transportation parked at Hoods Truck Stop on I-44 & Exit 61 in MO. 5-21-09
CARS ENCLOSED , INC. OF Wakeeney KS . parked in Lamar, MO. 9-10-09
Photos of TMC trucks at their terminal in Joplin, MO on October 3, 2009
A good lookig 1949 Ford hitching a ride.
This was parked in Lamar, MO. 9-19-09
Chevrolet with a sign board trailer sitting off I-44 in Oklahoma. What is the make? Drilling rig sitting in Stroud, OK.
October 3, 2009
Please let Hank or Myself know what this truck make is. Thanks
19?? KW sitting east of Nevada, MO 9-11-09 1994 Ford Aeromax setting east of Nevada, MO 9-11-09 Old KW with a dump box setting at 4 States Truck Parts
in Joplin, MO. 10-10- 09
Schuster of Le Mars Iowa making a left turn in Sringfield, MO. 8-9-09 Schuster of Le Mars Iowa at Jump Travel Center in Collins, MO. 8-14-09 A couple of Accurate Auto Carriers from Howell, MI
parked in Jasper, MO. 9-19-09
I know this is not of a truck pulling trailers , but something different. Three photos of a farm tractor with turnpike doubles side dump trailers on a construction job building a lake east of Nevada, MO. 9-22-09
B&T Inc. of Le Mars, Iowa 9-19-09 Crete with a billboard trailer parked in Lockwood, MO. 9-1-09 B&H Freight Lines of Harrisonville, MO. in Nevada, MO. 9-22-09
UPS straight truck
in Springfield, MO. 9-3-09
Shot of three different tractors of
Wilcox Truck Lines of Springfield, MO. 9-6-09
Ashley Furniture Volvo
Brinker Trucking Kenworth
from Washington, MO
Giester Mary Lee Corp. Freightliner Spirit Truck Lines Kenworth
Blue Leasing Corp. Freightliner Coronado Carman Freightliner Columbia
Fort Smith, AR
Colonial Freight Freightliner Columbia
Good looking Peterbilt owned by Mike Moore. Leased to Landstar Ligon, Inc. of Jacksonville, FL parked in Tulsa, OK 10-24-09 Peterbilt truck sign up in the air in Tulsa, OK
Aurora Casket Company Mack

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