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Farm Trucks and Dump Trucks in and around Lockwood, MO. and Golden City, MO.
  White truck with a grain bed setting in Collins, MO. 11- 08
I found this Wenger trailer in Nevada, MO. Wenger Truck Lines of Davenport, Iowa, and are owned by Murray Enterprises also of Davenport. Wenger Truck Lines  was started in 1946.
SCG Western Star on a cold winter day parked in Lockwood, MO. 1 - 28 - 09 Tango International parked in Lamar, MO. 08 TST Expedite Service Inc. of Toledo, OH parked at Hoods Truck Stop Exit 62 & I-44 IN Missouri. 10-08
Semtrucking of Springfield, MO. Another company that shut down here in February 2009. They were a tanker company. MT Farms of Brookline, MO is an ex Wilcox Truck Line Volvo tractor parked in Springfield, MO. 3-23-08
Shot of a Danny Herman Pete parked at Hood's Truck Stop Spotted this side dump truck in Lamar, MO. on a construction job. 02-20-08
B&H Terminal in Kansas City, KS 04-11-09 B&H pup at their terminal in Kansas City, KS.
The trailer is an ex-Jones Truck Line trailer
B&H tractor at their Kansas City terminal
Two photos of Daily Direct of Milwaukee, MI. parked in Collins, MO. Good looking KW owned by R.E. Cheney of Springfield, MO.
Good looking Western Star Lowmax belongs to Les Sullivan of Springfield, IL taken at the Voss Truck Port in Cuba, MO on April 26, 2009
Baldwin of Amerillo, TX. parked at Road Ranger Truck Stop in St. Robert, MO 04-26-09 Alexander Farms of Appleton City, MO.
parked in Lowery CIty, MO. 04-11-09
Baylor Trucking of Milan, IN taken at Lamar, MO. 03-25-09
Chrome Shop Mafia parked east of Lamar, MO ACME Brick of Springfield, MO Jas Trucking Freightliner day cab parked at Hoods Truck Stop
J215 Transport of Springfield, MO. leased to Hill Bros. of Omahoa, NE.
parked in Springfield, MO. 2009
Danglin Express of Killen,AL. parked in Newton, Kansas 4-08 A little dirty MCT Freightliner in Golden City, MO.
Westlake Ace Hardware of Maumella, AR. parked in Lamar , MO.
Heyl of Akron, Iowa. parked in Lamar, MO. 4-22-09 Smith Transportation of Grand Prairie, TX. parked at the Oasis Truck Stop Richland, MO. 4-26-09
Casey`s making a delivery in Billings , MO. 4-6-09 Photo taken early hours of this Interstate Moving & Storage parked in Collins, MO. 09 Good looking outfit owned McKaiser Trucking of Joliet, ILL. parked at Hoods Truck Stop
Couple of Jeff Forster flat bed`s from Superior, WI. parked at Hoods Truck Stop 08 John Christner Trucking PARKED at Hoods Truck Stop. 09 K A R Transport of Redlands Calif. pulling an American West Worldwide Express parked at Hoods Truck Stop 08
Mayflower Van Lines parked at Hoods Truck Stop . 09 Passing Watkins Shepard on south bound Hwy 71 north of Lamar, MO. 08
Smith Trucking of Worthington, MN. parked in Lamar, MO. 5-5-09 Marine Cross Country of Greenville, SC parked at Voss Truck Port at Cuba, MO 4-26-09 Spotted this Navajo unit in Lamar, MO. 3-11-09
CalArk of Little Rock, AR parked in Lamar, MO. 4-26-09 Good looking 2000 Western Star owned by CSJ Trucking of Olathe, Kansas parked in Lamar, MO. 5-11-09 Dino's Trucking of St. Louis, MO delivering in Golden City, MO. 5-11-09
Mack tractor with a side dump on a construction site in Oceola, MO. 08-24-2008 Woody Bagler of Rosebud, MO parked at Voss Truck Port in Cuba, MO. 04-26-09 RW of Wilder,, KY. Freightliner parked in Cuba, MO 4-26-0.
REES Kenworth of Licking, MO. parked at Hoods Truck Stop 3-10-09 SMX Western International with flatbed parked in Lamar, MO. 3-19-09 SMX Kenworth with old name on truck (SMITHWAY MOTOR XPRESS) of Fort Dodge, Iowa parked at Hoods Truck Stop on 4-24-09
Parrish Inc. of Freeburg, IL was parked at Voss Truck Port at Cuba, MO 4-26-09 Perkins Specialized Transportation of Northview, MN parked at Hoods Truck Stop in 2008 Perkins Specialized Transportation of Northview, MN wide load going through El Dorado Springs, MO. 2008
Walter Transport of Blue Springs, MO parked at El Dorado Springs, MO. They are a mail contractor. Watkins Shepard unloading in Springfield, MO. 5-8-09 Wey Mor Advent Express, Inc. of Moosejaw, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, Manitoa parked at Jump Oil in Collins, MO. 4-11-09
Dairy Farmers of America Freightliner tractor parked in Springfield, MO. 5-2-09 DFS ( Danfreight System ) parked at Hoods Truck Stop at I-44 & Exit 61 in MO. 4-24-09 Excel Transportation of Wichita, KS. parked in Billins, MO. 4-6-09
Lawrence Transportation Inc. parked in Lamar, MO. 5-11-09 Midwest Refrigerated Transport pulling a Wispak trailer at the Oasis Truck Stop at Richland, MO. 04-26-09 Halvor Lines Inc. of Superior, WI taken in Golen City, MO. 05-14-09
Mike Brooks Inc. of Knoxville, Iowa with a LinkAmerica trailer in Golden City, MO. 05-05-09 New Century parked at Hood's Truck Stop along I-44 and Exit 61 in Missouri in 2009 Swift with a Sam's Club trailer parked in Lamar, MO. 05-18-09
Two Ply Transport of Garfield, AR leased to Great Wide of Dallas, TX parked at Voss Truck Port in Cuba, MO. 4-26-09 Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd . Winnipeg MB.in Lamar, MO. 5-27-09 Brotherson Farms Chillicothe, MO. parked in Lowery City, MO. 5-23-09
Carman Transport of Fort Smith, AR. parked at Hoodstruck Stop MM 61 & I -44 in MO. 5-21-09 Convoy Systems of Kansas City Kansas parked in Harrisonville, MO. 5-23-09 Doug Andrus Distributing LLC. of Idaho Fall, Idaho. parked in Lamar, MO. 5-28-09
L M Miller of Logan, Utah parked in Lamar, MO. 5-18-09 L S McLellan Trucking Ltd of Cranbrook BC parked at Hoods Truck Stop MM61 & I-44 IN MO. 5-27-09 Maverick Specialized Division Little Rock ,AR. parked at Hoods Truck Stop, MM.61 & I-44 IN MO
Q Carriers Inc. Minneaoplis, MN. parked in Lamar, MO. 5-26-09 Stan Koch & Sons Trucking Admore, Okla. in Springfield, MO.  2-23-09 United Van Lines parked at Hoods Truck Stop, MM 61 & I-44 IN MO. 09
Three shot`s of this shiny Freightliner on 6-1-09 in Springfield, MO

Free spirit owned by Wayne Baker of Taylor Ridge IL.  was parked in Lamar, MO. 6-9-09.
It was redone by the Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin. MO.
I don`t remember when it was done, maybe some one out there know`s and can let Hank know.
Graeble Van Lines of Wausal, WI. in Lamar, MO. Driver making a equipment check 5-27-09 WTI Transport International of Tuscaloose,AL in Lockwood, MO with a load of used railroad ties on 05/19/2009
Two photos of a good looking 198? Western Star owned by Honeycutt Construction Company of Niangua, MO. 57-09
ACE Transmission White/GMC at their warehouse in Springfield, MO. 6-22-09 Arnold Bros. Transport Inc. Winnipeg, MB. parked in Collins, MO. 7-09 Boyd Bros. Clayton, AL. parked in Nevada, MO. 5-27-09
TLI Transco Lines Inc. Russellville, AR. parked in Collins, MO. 7-12-09 Woody Bogler Of Rosebud, MO. I H C and trailer in El Dorado Springs, MO. Grisham Farms 9500 GMC parked in Lockwood, MO. 6-18-09
Koschkee Transfer of Fennimore, WI. parked in Nevada, MO. For Sale 6-18-09 Trans Am Olathe, KS. parked in Springfield, MO. 7-21-09 Werner parked in Collins, MO. 7-24-09
Dillard doubles in Collins, MO. at Jump Travel Center,  being pulled by Fort Worth Carriers of Fort Worth , TX. 5-4-09 Express 1 Michigan  Kenworth  parked in Lamar, MO.  6-09 Cooper in Collins, MO. at Jump Travel Center  7-20-09
Extrusions Inc. Fort Scott, KS. parked in Lamar, MO. 5-4-09 Ex Schneider Freightliner leased to United Van Lines parked at Hoods   I-44 & EXIT 61 in MO. not a very good job of taking decals off, 6-5-09 J-MAR Inc. Fargo, N.D. parked in Lamae, MO. 06-09
Jerry & Amy Perry Odessa , TX. good looking unit parked at Hoods Truck Stop. I-44 and Exit 61 in MO. 6-1-09 Jim's Trucking St,Charles, MN. parked in Collins, MO. 6-23-09 John Christner Trucking Supulpa, Okla. parked at Hoods  I-44 Exit 61 in MO. 6-5-09
J A S sitting at Hoods Truck Stop I-44 & Exit 61 in MO. 5-09 Jim Palmer at Jump Travel Center in Collins , MO. 7-20-09 John Christner parked at Hoods Truck Stop I-44 & Exit 61 in MO. 6-5-09
Land Air Express at their terminal in Springfield, MO. 5-31-09 Lap Transport leased to K&S Transport Warren, MN.  parked at Jump Travel Center in Collins, MO. 6-11-09 Martin Pete  in a different color parked in Lamar, MO. 6-11-09
Two photos of Minn/Tex Express of Pierz, MN. and photo of the slide info on the trailer. First time seeing this. 5-4-09 Schwan`s Home Service of Marshall, MN. parked in Lamar, MO. 6-19-09
Tenderbird operated by O K Transportation Fort Smith, AR. 5-09 parked at Hood Nevada. MO Best Dist. in El Dorado Springs, MO. making a delivery. 7-21-09  Best is a hardware distributor. Mercer Transportation Louisville, KY.  in Lamar, MO. 5-4-09
Wel Companies of De Pere, WI. 6-5-09 parked at Hoods . I-44 & MM 61 in MO Wheeler Metals of Muskogee, Okla. parked at Hoods Truck Stop I-44 & MM 61. in MO. 7-12-09 W S E  Willis Shaw parked in Lamar, MO. 6-18-09
Two photos of Landstar's shiny tractor parked in Springfield, MO. 7-21-09 , I had posted the tractor before. Paul Brant Morris, Manitoba. parked at Jump Travel Center in Collins, MO. 6-12-09
Two photos of Navajo Express with a Digby trailer as they were pulling out onto street in Springfield, MO.
Photos shot from my pickup 7-20-09
Colonial Freight Systems Knoxville, TN. parked in Springfield, MO. 7-24-09 Leased to Fikes Truck Hope, AR. in Cuba, MO. 4-26-09 G M C Brigadier car hauler looks like the cab is being extended year unknown parked across from Hoods Truck Stop I-44 & MM61 in MO. 7-12-09
John Christner Trucking parked at Collins. MO. 7-09 Mike's Tow Service of Collins, MO. 5-15-09 North American Van Lines with soft side trailer in Cuba, MO. 4-26-09
O&S Refrigerated of Springfield, MO. parked at Jump Travel Center in Collins, MO. 7-21-09 Roehl Transport Marshfield, MI. 7-24-09  someone is going to be unhappy when they wake up , front tire is flat. Sather Trucking Company Round Lake, MN. in Lamar, MO. 6-1-09
Superior Railroad Richland, MO. in Lockwood getting a load of used rail road ties 5-26-09 Suttles Truck Leasing of Demopolis, AL. in Lamar, MO. 6-9-09 Total Transportation of Mississippi of Jackson, MS. in Lamar, MO. 4-23-09 
USA Carriers of McAllen TX. in Lamar, MO. 5-4-09 Warren Transport Inc. parked in Collins, MO. 7-24-09

Shot this Watkins trailer in Nevada, MO. 7-24-09
Thank you to Artalious Sneed for this info:
"Watkins Motor Lines is back as a regional truckload division (solo drivers) of Land-Span (http://landspan.com/Watkins/FamilyTrucking.html)"

Bass Pro trailer sitting in Nixa, MO. 6-5-09 Dayton Freight Lines from Springfield, MO. in Lockwood, MO. 6-17-09 Jeffco of St. Loius, MO. in Collins, MO. 6-12-09
DHL Office in Springfield, MO. 5-31-09 and a few debadged trucks.
Carroll Fulmer of Groveland, FL. parked in Lamar, MO Hummer IHC was parked in Lamar, MO
Leased to Butler Transport Kansas City, KS. parked in Lamar, MO. 08-06-09 Viracon of Owatonna, MN. in Lamar, MO. 08-06-09
Bison Freightliner of Winnipeg Manitoba was parked in Lamar, MO This Bison IHC of Winnipeg, Manitoba was parked in Nevada, MO. B/Cool Transportation Inc. Nevada, MO. good looking Western Star
Pride Amusement LLC. of Joplin, MO. Carnival trucks were parked in Nevada, MO
Fleenor Bros. Enterprises of Carthage, MO. 07-27-09 Grand Island Express of Kansas City, KS. in Lamar, MO. 08-06-09 Jim Palmer in Collins, MO. Looks like a new color.
No name on this private owner of this GMC Brigadier
in Lamar, MO. 7-30-09

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