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RBX of Springfield MO. passing me on HWY 13 in MO After passing me on HWY.13 in MO. photos taken Oct 2003 How much is that doggie in the window. Companion to a Swift driver. Photo taken at Bethany, MO - Oct.2003
D&D Transportation of Moberly, MO. photo taken Oct. 2003 Barlow Trucking of Faucett MO. parked in Pattonsburg, MO. photo taken Oct. 2003 American Eagle Lines of Dallas Texas parked at a motel in Bethany MO. American is a Division of FFE or Frozen Food Express of Dallas TX. Photo taken Oct. 2003
Swift Carriers Inc. of Marshall MO. tractors and a trailer parked at there yard at I-70 an HWY.65 in MO. photo taken Oct . 2003 Averitt Express Volvo from Cookville, TN parked at the Oasis Truck Plaza at I-44 and Hwy. 133 Richland, MO.
Two of Sitton Motor Lines of Joplin, MO. A Freightliner and a Peterbilt parked at the Oasis Truck Plaza at I-44 an Hwy 133 Richland, MO. Two of Tri-State Motor Transit Co. International twinscrew bobtail parked at a restaurant in Lebanon, MO. in Dec. 2003 Tri-State Motor Transit Co. Peterbilt with long trailer parked at a restaurant in Lebanon, MO. in Dec. 2003
F-F-E Transportation Services Inc. of Dallas Texas parked at the Oasis Truck Plaza at I-44 & Hwy 133 Richland, MO. This is of a photo from a route guide of Capitol Truck Lines. They operated mostly in Kansas. with there main office in Topeka, Kansas This photo was taken at I-44 and exit 86 in Strafford. MO. the Reliable Carriers is crossing over I-44. to enter I-44 east bound. also east bound is a U.S.Express. Notice a wrecker pulling a Con-Way pup backward`s.
Two photos of Atlas Carriers of Searcy, AR. Tractors parked at Peterbilt of Springfield, MO. after Atlas shut down. Photos taken in Dec. 2003 Landstar Inway of Rockford, ILL. with an army truck west bound on I-44 just east of Marshfield, MO.
Pair of M. Bruenger Freightliners of Wichita, Kansas parked at the pilot truck stop in Higgenville, MO. Sept 2003 Jevic Transportation Inc. of Delanco, NJ, good looking tractor parked in Springfield, MO. Sept 2003. Owner - operator Freightliner leased to Swift Transportation. Parked in Marshal, MO, Oct. 2003
Midwest Towing Peterbilt parked at the driver`s house in Springfield, MO. Midwest Towing Peterbilt parked at Brines Towing in Springfield, MO Werner Freightliner day cab hooked to a trailer parked at their drop yard in Kansas City, KS in Jan. 2004
These two photos shows what can happen when the ground is soft after a lot of rain. The photos were taken in Appleton City, MO in Jan. 2004
Art Transportation from Wasola, MO parked in Springfield, MO Two Heartland Express Freightliner`s parked in Springfield, MO
Lisa, a division of Frozen Food Express of Dallas, Texas , parked at the Oasis Truck Plaza at I-44 and Hwy. 133 Richland, MO Rollins of Galena, MO parked at the stockyards in Springfield, MO
Two Photos of a Freightliner leased to National Carriers of Liberal, Kansas parked at Wal-Mart Supper Center in Springfield, MO
Kraft Foods Volvo parked at The Old Seven Gables Truck Stop in Springfield, MO C. Bean Transportation of Amity, Arkansas (The Bean Team) parked in Springfield, MO
Celadon Trucking Service Freightliner parked in Springfield, MO George Carden Circus International of Springfield, MO at a repair shop. An owner operator pulling a JB Hunt trailer parked in Springfield, MO.
Tyson Volvo parked in Springfield, MO A-1 Auto Transport of Carson City, Nevada parked at Oasis Truck Plaza Exit 145 in Richland, MO Reimer Express Lines parked at Roadway in Strafford, MO
Tri-Vision Transport Ltd with an Accord Transportation Trailer from Surrey, BC. Parked at the Oasis Truck Plaza Exit 145 Richland, MO.
Pilot Transport of Tempe, AZ. parked at Oasis Truck Plaza Exit 145 & Hwy 133 Richland, MO. Pacer Peterbilt operated by Pacific Motor Transport of San Francisco, California.
Saturn Transportation of Villa Park, Ill. Parked at Oasis Truck Plaza at I-44 and Hwy. 133 Richland, MO. Digby parked at Oasis Truck Plaza Exit 145 on I-44 and Hwy. 133 at Richland, MO
Three photos showing Day & Ross of Hartland, NB. After fueling and leaving at the old Bobber Truck Stop in Effingham, IL . Now a Flying J
Three photos of Harrow Truck Lines of Milton, Ontario
Harrow Truck Lines Western Star leaving after fueling at the Old Bobber Truck Stop in Effingham, IL. Now a Flying J. 2004 Harrow Truck Lines Western Star parked at A Wal-Mart Super Center in Springfield, MO.2003 Harrow Truck Lines in Blyth . Cailf. after leaving a Flying J 2004
I was in Ottawa, Kansas and went by Ottawa - Kamar's plant and saw these yard goat`s.
This is a load leaving out. The rest of Ottawa`s are waiting to be picked up for delivery Altom Transport Inc. of Crest Hill, Ill. Parked in Springfield, MO. 12- 03 H&R Transport Ltd. of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada parked at the Midway Cafe Exit 140 and I-44 in Missouri.
1999 Peterbilt with drop deck owned by Carlos Cooper of St. Louis, MO. Leased to CRST of Bermingham, AL. Parked in Cameron, MO
Midland Transportation P&D trucks at a used truck lot in Springfield, mO. after shut down photo taken june .04.
American Truck Historical Society unit at the Petro Fuel Stop Truck Show tractor donated to the memory OF Bill Smith who was the owner of Smith Motor Xpress. The trailer was from Crouse Transportation. Photo taken 6-04
CRS Express Peterbilt from Saint-Georges, Quebec Frank & Son of Salt Lake City Utah. parked at there terminal in BIG CABIN , OKLA. Photo taken June-04 P. D. Q. Transport Inc.of Cheyenne, WY. with a loader on the drop deck in a parking lot in Springfield, MO Photo taken July-04.
Boomerang Transportation Volvo of Mt. Vernon, MO Parked In Springfield, MO. DMTC Kenworth of Des Moines Iowa. Parked in Springfield, MO. I shot this SMX of Fort Dodge Iowa, parked in Davenport Iowa
I shot this Sunflower with a Shaffer Trailer, parked in Davenport Iowa A pair of Miller Trucking Pete`s of Stroud Okla. Parked at Oasis Truck Plaza, Exit 145 Richland, MO
Miller Truck Lines Freightliner was parked in Springfield, MO Two Swift Freightliner's parked in Springfield, MO. A 70's IHC cabover sleeper tractor waiting to be sold at auction in Springfield, MO
Swift Transport Sterling car hauler parked at Voss Truck Stop Cuba MO
A good looking 1985 Ford CL-9000 owned by B. Frossard of Neosho, MO
This H O Wolding Freightliner was parked at a dock in Golden City, MO. Notice the cab with the name. It was just starting to get daylite when I shot these photo`s . 12-06 Dirty T S T Overland Express Kenworth of Mississauga Ontario was at a rest area on I-44 west of Rolla, MO. 12-10 - 06
Two photos passing an X- Schneider with soft side trailer on I-44 east bound in Missouri, now owned by Maverick of Little Rock, AR. 12-06 Caught this cabover Freightliner parked north of Jerico Springs on HWY 97 it was at one time leased to Rice Feed Service of Golden City, MO . It had a for sale sign on it. It looks like it could have been an a Heartland tractor at one time. 12- 10 - 06
Found this photo of Henry Good`s K W tractor, photo was taken at I-80 Truckers' Jamboree July 1994, Don't know how many lites he had on it . Found this Army truck on the drop deck trailer setting at Preston, MO. 12--06
This Kenworth and the Freightliner is owned by Robert Blackwell of Stockton, MO. 12-20 - 06 Trailiner Freightliner parked at Hoods Truck Stop on I - 44 Exit 61 12 - 06
Shot these three photo`s in Springfield, MO. A couple of BNSF coal car`s, look like they have a problem . 12-06
Norrenberns Truck Service also known as NOTS, tractors and a few trailers lined up at their Camdenton, MO. terminal general office is in Nashville ,IL. Transam at a rest area on I - 44 of Rolla, MO. 12 - 10 - 06
This guy got it bad, had a load of waste paper on. Dont know what the other truck looked like . This was on Hwy 71 south bound , north of Lamar, MO.
Calloway Carriers of Kingdom City, MO. parked at Hoods Truck Plaza at I- 44 and Exit 61 west of Springfield, MO Coe Transport of Boone Iowa parked in Lamar, MO Crete Carriers with a Cabelas trailer parked in Lamar, MO
Former Schnieider cabover parked in Lamar, MO
Three shots of Meeks Lumber Distribution in Lockwood, MO
New International`s piggie back parked in Lamar, MO Two shots of a Tracker Marine Argosy one parked at a lot in Springfield, MO and meeting one with a load of boats in El Dorado Springs, MO
Big R was parked at Lowery City, MO 6-19-07 Shots of a 60`s GMC 9500 in Lockwood, MO
Shots of a 60`s GMC 9500 east of Golden City, MO Autocar parked in a repair shops lot in Springfield, MO
Former Overnite tractor and C-F pup was at Lamar, MO. Delivering firework`s for the 4th of July. 6-29-07

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