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Boyd Bros International parked at Hoods Truck Stop west of Springfield, Mo. on I-44 and Exit 61 Danny Herman parked in Springfield, MO. FFE (Frozen Food Express) parked at Collins, MO.
Four photos of Eldon Freightways Inc. of Eldon, MO showing general offices and some tractors
Florilly Transportation of West Liberty, Iowa parked in Collins, MO. Fortune Transportation and Warner Boat Division parked in Collins, MO. Heartland Express of Iowa City, Iowa parked in Collins, MO.
Henderson Trucking Freightliner parked in Collins, MO Hossier Air Transport Kenworth taken at El Dorado Springs, MO This Hossier Air Transport Kenworth was parked at Hood's Truck Stop west of Springfield, MO on I-44 at Exit
J B Hunt of Lowell, AR. in Eldorado Springs, MO with a container J B Hunt of Lowell, AR. with an intermodal trailer at Collins, MO And the other Hunt ---- Hunt Transportation of Omaha, NE parked in Collins, MO
Kunkel Truck Lines of Brandon SD taken in El Dorado Springs, MO. True Grit Ranch Pete from Tightwad, MO
parked in Lowry City, MO.
Vulcraft Carrier Corp. of Norfolk, NE in Collins, MO.
Witte Bros, of Troy, MO with a Volvo parked in Collins, MO Wheaton Van Lines parked in Collins, MO. The photo was taken early in the morning Tsalagi Express of Muskogee, Okla.
at Jump Travel Center Collins, MO
Two Photos Of Family Affair Enterprises of Alta Vista, Ks. At Jump Travel Center Collins, Mo. Van Eedem Trucking of Byrom, Mi. in Cuba, Mo.
JRS Trucking of Greenwood, IN pulling a Sitton Truck Line trailer that had not been debadged after their shut down .. in Springfield, MO Overbye Transport of Lakeville, MN
taken in El Dorado Springs, MO
Tennant Truck Lines of Orion, Il. Parked in Walcott, Iowa
Carlyle Van Lines Kenworth of Warrensburg, MO
at Jump Travel Center Collins, MO

Chambers Logging Company Marionville, MO
parked at Jump Travel Center Collins, MO

Doug Andrus Freightliner in Jasper, MO

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