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Cassell Transfer & Storage started in 1921 and closed down in 1983
Jim worked for Cassell Truck Line from 1950 till 1968

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Cassell Transfer & Storage Dart tractor with a Spencer trailer.
Cassell cap badge.
Cassell matchbook.
A deck of cards with the Cassell Truck Line logo.
Cassell Turnpike doubles getting hooked up on Kansas Turnpike west of Kansas City, KS in July 1975.
Cassell trailers hooked up for Turnpike doubles, taken in July 1975.
Cassell Truck Line pup trailer now being used for storage in Kansas City, MO, taken in July 2001.

"This picture was taken out by the Kansas Turnpike in 1982 or '83. It shows the kind of equipment we had at the end. This shows doubles, two 45 foot Trailmobile trailers, and a new International tractor. We leased the trailers from an outfit in Kansas City," recalls D.W. Heidrick, former president of Cassell Transfer & Storage.

"The Turnpike saved us considerable time. We could make it to Kansas City in about four hours when seven or eight hours was the best we could do before. The people in this picture are Norb Dechant (center) who was our vice-president and general manager from 1974 to 1983, Ted Heibert (right) our insurance agent, and Harly Robinson, one of out drivers."
This is a quote from the former president of Cassell Transfer & Storage and copied from an old magazine.

This is the old Cassell Truck Line's terminal in Kansas City, MO. Now used by office depot. Photo taken Jan. 2004

P-I-E's terminal was just down the street from Cassell's

I found these Cassell Truck Line trailers and the tractor north of Wichita , Kansas Sept. 2004 .
Cassell Truck Lines at the terminal in Kansas City, MO. Photo taken 6-01-75, Don Gatewood Collection. Don and I worked for Cassell in K. C. Cassell Truck Lines with a train set up . Somewhere on the Kansas Turnpike. Photo taken 11/79, Don Gatewood Collection .
This is a photo of Flint Hills Truck Line they bought Cassell Truck Lines and then closed down about 1984 or 85. Don Gatewood Collection . Shot this Cassell Transfer and Storage trailer in Newton Kansas. 07. This was Cassell`s name before changing it to Cassell Truck Line .

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