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K.A.M. Trucking Inc. was started in 1983 by Karl and Mark Zavitz. In the beginning we had two trucks one a 1979 Freightliner and the other a 1974 Kenworth K100 along with two Timmins B-train log trailers. For five years are main customer was Ontario Paper, but as opportunities arose we purchased a small company out of St. Catharines, Ontario. With this acquisition we acquired approximately 6 trucks and we were able to attract our longest running customer. Over the years we have continued to provide dedicated service to that customer while at the same time creating a niche for ourselves in the refrigerated transportation sector of the business. K.A.M is based out of Wainfleet, Ontario and we have grown to approximately 50 power units and 70 trailers.

T-3 is a 1986 GMC General with a Cummins NTC Formula 350. T-6 is a 1986 FLC 112 with the Cummins NTC Formula 350. T-5 is a 1986 FLC 112 with the Cummins NTC Formula 350.
T-16 is a 1992 FLD 112 with the Cat 3176 rated at 325Hp. It also has a integral 48" sleeper. T-1 is a 1974 Kenworth K-100 A good shot of one of the 1983 Timmins B-Trains.
T-2 is a 1979 Freightliner with a 3406A Cat hooked to a 1983 Timmins B-Train. This picture shows both the 1979 Freightliner and the 1974 Kenworth after they were loaded. T-10 is a 1991 FLD 112 with a 40" Sleeper and a Cat 3176 rated at 325Hp. This picture was taken April 1997 on I-84 in PA.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Spring of 1995
Truck: 1995 Freightliner FLD112
Description: We bought 3 of these trucks new. They have 3176 Cats and 48" integral sleepers.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Summer of 1998
Truck: 1995 Freightliner FLD112
Truck #: T-23
Description: This photo shows that pride is taken in fleet trucks.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Summer 2001
Truck: 2000 Mack CH613
Truck #: T-45
Description: One of two Macks that we own.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Summer 2001
Truck: 1999 Freightliner FLC120
Truck #: T-38
Description: This truck has a C12 Cat and a 58" integral sleeper.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Summer 2001
Truck: 2000 Freightliner SD120
Truck #: T-44 hooked to C-25
Description: This truck has the biggest motor of the fleet a C15 Cat.
Location: Bradenton, FL
Date: March 1999
Truck: 1999 Freightliner FLC112
Truck #: T-37
Description: This truck along with T-38 were purchased at the same time. Both trucks have unique graphics packages on them that really give them that extra oomph. They are certainly not your average company tractors.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: August 2003
Truck: 1999 Freightliner Century
Truck #: T - 59
Description: We purchased two trucks with this particular paint scheme. I believe that the trucks belonged to a subsidiary of Laidlaw. They have a 70 Condo and a 370Hp M-11 Cummins mated to an Eaton Top Two Transmission.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Summer of 2002
Truck: 2000 Freightliner Century
Truck #: T - 40
Description: This is the pride and joy of the fleet. T-40 has a C-12 Cat and aluminum wheels all the way around along with the extra stainless pkg. However what makes this tractor special is the unique back-pack option. The idea of the back-pack is to provide the driver with an extra spot to hang clothing when you are taking those long trips and storage is at a minimum.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: Summer of 2002
Truck: 2000 Freightliner Century
Truck #: T-39
Description: This picture represents the mainstream tractor at K.A.M. There are 11 of these Centuries that are basically mates. Each of which has a 70 XT sleeper and a C-12 Cat mated to a 10 speed Eaton.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: October 2003
Truck: 2002 Freightliner Century
Truck #: T-52
Description: This is the newest Century that we own and it was the first truck in the fleet to have Super Singles. It is hooked to a new 53 Wabash reefer trailer.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: August 2005
Truck: 2004 Freightliner Columbia
Truck #: T-74
Description: We ordered a set of four trucks like this. Each one is equipped with a 14.0L Detroit and Eaton Top 2 transmission. We tried to save weight with these trucks and we were able to do so by using super single tires and deleting the bunk extenders and lower fairings.
Location: Wainfleet, Ont.
Date: July 2005
Truck: 1996 Mack CH613
Truck #: T-27
Description: This tractor and trailer is used for one of our specialized accounts. We have had exceptionally good luck with both of the Mack trucks in the fleet.
I took the time this summer to polish up a few of the trucks in order to get some good pictures of them. This is what I've come up with to date.

Zavitz Brothers LTD was owned by Homer and Keith Zavitz. They ran the eastern seaboard (mostly NY). There were yards in Wainfleet and Mississauga. The company was sold in the mid to late 1980's and renamed Zavitz International and they went out of business a short while later.
This is a picture of my dads 1979 Freightliner when it was new. It had a 3406A CAT and a 42 sleeper. In 1982 K.A.M. Trucking Inc. was established at which time my dad and uncle began hauling logs for Ontario Paper. At this point the bunk was removed to allow for the extra clearance for the Timmins B-Train. The truck was sent to Paling in Hamilton, Ontario where the bunk was removed and the frame was shortened. There are more pictures of the truck at the top of the page.
Both of these pictures were staged. If you look closely at the picture of the fleet you can see that each truck is pulled out a little further than the one before it.
This picture was taken in Monitouage, Ontario which is between White River and Marathon. The truck in the picture is unit # 118 with trailer C-109. I am assuming that the picture of this Mack F-model was taken in New York City. If anyone has another opinion please email me. This was my Dad's first truck as an Owner-Operator. It is a 1974 Mack R-model that was purchased from a Broker at Zavitz. The picture was taken by my Grandfather (he always wrote on the back of pictures, excellent habit!) and if you look to the left of the picture you can see the employee parking lot for Zavitz.
A Freightliner on the New York State Thru-Way with a set of doubles. This picture was taken in the mid-eighties. I noticed this trailer sitting in a field just off Cataract rd. on the south side of Hwy. 20 in Fonthill, Ontario. It is a Fruehauf refer unit # C-402. The refer has been removed along with all but one Zavitz decal.
Tractor 118 backing up to C-301. I think this picture was taken soon after the truck was painted since it has such a gloss to it. All of the B-models were painted "in-house" at Zavitz Brothers. This picture was taken at the yard in Wainfleet. You can see the scale house in the right hand side of the picture.

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