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These are pictures when I worked for Fast Way's LTL Division
  #311 on the Snoqualmie Pass  
  #307 in Klamath Falls, OR #307 in the mountains
CV at Vantage JD in Boise, ID  

AHC San Diego, CA #317 night in the cab, Cordova, CA #317 roadside in Bishop, CA
#317 sleeper #317
#320 and a 53' trailer in the yard #320 along the Columbia Gorge #320 on the Wyoming county line
Frozen in Pasco, WA    
  Norton Packaging in Hayward, CA Taken in southern California
Taken in southern California  
Unit #320 KW T800
with a set of Peninsula Truck Lines trailers
Unit #312 with a Midwest Motor Express trailer Unit #312 with a mix of FedEx Freight
and a Fast Way Freight System trailer
Unit #312 with a RMD set mixed with a Fast Way Freight trailer and a Motor Cargo Unit #312 with a set of Reddaway trailers Unit #320
with a mix of a Fast Way and ABF trailers
Unit #312 with a Utah-Wyoming Freight Line
and Fast Way Freight trailer
Unit #312 with a mix of Diamond Line
and Roadway trailers
Unit #312 at Saint Maries, ID
320 in Plymouth, WA 320 in Plymouth, WA GMC Brigadeer
Load of steel sheets Loads waiting to go out in Spokane Mixed Fast Way & Diamond Line set in Lewiston, ID. These two used to interline before Diamond Line moved into Spokane.
Near Biggs Jct, OR,
returning to Spokane from Amity, OR
Unit #307
Spokane, WA yard Spokane, WA yard
Spokane, WA yard Spokane, WA yard
Truck 307
overlooking the Columbia River and Vantage, WA
Truck 307 with open curtain can
This truck was involved in a head on collision near Colfax, WA. The driver of a car crossed the centerline. No one was seriously injured.
Truck 4255 and truck 311 in Spokane   317 refuel too small for trl Madera, CA
53' rental trailer in Lewiston, ID    
Pulling a Diamond Line trailer out of Lewiston, ID Pulling a pup and a flatbed Tool box on truck 312
(lights were added later)
New logo. The sleeper is brand new, the day cab has been rebranded.

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