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This page is from an album the John Wihksne has compliled with family history, Bridge River location history, and some BC trucking history.
Hayes Anderson truck taken on the Bridge River roadway in the mid 1930's Garage for Neal Evans Transportation at Shalath, BC Charlie Auld, Harry Ladds and Frank Chapman all Neal Evans Transportation employees taken at Shalath, BC.
Gold Bridge celebration for the new bridge taken in 1941
Neal Evans Hayes Anderson with a load of bracing for one of the mines. White taken on a switchback on its way to Bralorne Mines
Uncle Cecil and Ed Phillips with Albert Wihksne's Diamond T with a load of beer for Vancouver Neal Evans 1934 Hayes Anderson
George Thompson on the Bridge River Highway International KB11 taken at a truck show in Penticton, BC Restored Van-Kam International KB8 taken at a truck show in Penticton, BC
White Transport International KB8 taken at the Big Bluff Thompson River Canyon (now Hwy.#1) White Transport taken in 1950 between Kamloops and Princeton White Transport 3 ton Dodge with tag axle taken in the early 50's.
White Transport taken between Vancouver and Kamloops White Transport convoy location unknown Cascade Motor Freight Bullnose KW, R Model International and KW needle nose
Cascade Motor Freight Kenworth Bullnose Carson Truck Lines Federal tandem Brooks Motor Freight E Series Mack taken in the Fraser Canyon
Bill Docherty's White tandem somewhere in the Fraser Canyon Andy Craig and his Indiana at "Big Slide" Hwy 12 between Lytton-Lillooet Karl Anderson and his International K series from Prince George, BC
Albert Wihksne's 1941 International K2 Albert working at the Port Hardy, BC airport project driving this Hayes Anderson in the last 1930's Albert Wihksne and his father Carl with a 1935 Chevy
Silver Skagit Lodge swinging bridge Albert Wihksne's 1940 Hudson with John on the fender and brother Tommy on the running board Winter at South Fork
John Wihksne in the box taken in 1944 at South Fork Postcard of Carl Wihksne and his Auburn and Neal Evan Hayes in behind around 1935-36. Logs for Bralorne Mines, Albert on the logs and John in the foreground 1944.
Winter shot of a Diamond T Brother Tom Wihksne taken at Bridge River on its way to Bralorne Mine Uncle Cecil and Joe Royce, fallers moving the logs for the trucks to haul them away in 1944-45.
Uncle Cecil with a load of logs for the Bralorne Mines Albert Wihksne with a load of logs for the Bralorne Mines Family Chevy and International K2 with brothers Thomas and Marty.
Neal Evans at White's Truck Stop 1937 White Motor Freight Federal with Bill Docherty Snow slide Bridge River near Minto taken around the early 1940's
Thompson's truck over the bank along the Bridge River road An overload by today's standards John Assman and Al Mee with an Intenational truck
Bill Docherty and an Indiana taken in 1935 Andy Craig with a Ford that he
rebuilt into a dump truck
1935 Ford logging truck that Albert Wihksne drove for Walt Thompson taken at West Point Grey.

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