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This page is from an album the John Wihksne has compliled with family history, Bridge River location history, and some BC trucking history.
Albert Wihksne's family taken at a baptism in 1949 at Gold Bridge. Page out of the BC Mine Recorder about the Grull-Wihksne Gold Mines, Ltd. Carl Wihksne was John's Grandfather.  
Howie Cavahagh, driver for Neal Evans Transportation Hayes Anderson for Neal Evans Transportation over the bank on Mission Mountain. Hayes Anderson on Mission Mountain near Shalath, BC
Bob Bohemier with a Red Dofner 1935 Ford Thomspson Motor Cartage 1956 GMC near Bridge River Bob Bohemier filling the International radiator with a silver tea kettle
Gunn Creek washout near Minto Mines 1948 Minto side of Gunn Creek washout in the Bridge River Valley 1948 Jack Peach's garage in Minto taken in 1950
The home that the Albert Wihksne family lived in, called the "Red Cabin" built in 1930 and the barber shop next door. Taken at South Fork. Neal Evans Transportation brochure. The coach could be a White or Diamond T. Note the ad for the Hayes Anderson truck to the left. 1937 PGE train schedule from Lillooet to Shalath.
1937 PGE train schedule from Lillooet to Shalath. Newspaper article about Albert Wihksne's accident at the Big Slide area on the Lytton-Lillooet Highway January 1949. Letter received from the Provincial Archives about his father's accident.
Albert Wihksne's Bridge River Vancouver Transport Fargo prevented from going into the Fraser River by this tree, taken at the Big Slide area along the Lytton-Lillooet Highway. Albert Wihksne's Bridge River Vancouver Transport Fargo. John Wihksne sitting ont the fender with Albert in the cab. Albert with a load of logs on his 1937 Diamond T for Bralorne Mines
Albert, John and brother Tommy standing beside this 6x6 used to haul freight into Gray Rock Mines, which was higher than Bralorne Mines. Taken at South Fork. Albert's second Fargo taken at South Fork around 1949 Ed Smith, Jim Johnson, Paul Crinke and John (on the fender) taken at South Fork in 1949-50.
Article John did for Pro-Trucker Magazine on South Fork / Bridge River Just in from a trip from Vancouver
Neal Evans Transportation 1941 Buick T&H Cariboo Transport business card. T&H stood for Taylor & Heibein. T&H Cariboo Transport White Freightliners taken on 1220 Raymur Street in Vancouver, BC.
T&H Cariboo Diamond T and International, both with tag axles taken in the Fraser Canyon. T&H Cariboo freight yard in Vancouver.
Taken at 249 Union Street
Malcolm Black's GMC logger taken in the Harrison, BC area
Stan Turbid with a T&H L Model International New T&H International KB8 freight truck before it was painted in the T&H colors. Maiden Creek Hill out of Quesnel, BC in the gumbo.
The Little Tunnel north of the Hell's Gate Tunnel on the Fraser Canyon Highway taken in the late 1940's. White Transport, Lees Transport, Carson taken at Walsh's Truck Stop at 83 Mile House. Wood & Fraser Transport, Carson Truck Lines and White Transport taken at Boston Bar, BC 1946.
Earl Chase International Westcoaster for Triangle Transport
Lees Transport International KB8 getting a tow by Ford wrecker taken in the late 1940's in the Fraser River Canyon. Billy Britton, Pete Wall, Rocky Rockford (at Cinema Bluffs) Carson Truck Lines International KB8 Huston's Cariboo Transport White on ice just north of the tunnels. Stan Turbid took the photo.
Carson Truck Lines trucks warming up at Boyd's Garage at Clinton, BC Gordon Johnson with Docherty's White at the Maiden Creek Gumbo corner on the Clinton, BC to Cache Creek route. Woods & Fraser north of Cache Creek, BC on the road to Clinton, BC
Stan Turbid with his Carson Truck Lines International KB8 up to its hubs in gumbo on the Caribou Highway (a provincial highway). Carson Truck Lines trucks used to pull a bus out of the ditch near Lac La Hache, BC Stewart Truck Lines International out of Ashcroft, BC
Gordon Heslop took these pictures of the 1946 Diamond T's with Hercules DWXD gas engines. Taken at Monte Lake in October 1947. Woods & Fraser Federal taken at 83 Mile House Wood & Fraser Transport Federal and Lee's Transport International
Albert Wihksne and 1937 Diamond T taken at Gold Bridge around 1944-45. Lee's Transport International taken shortly before they closed up Carson Truck Lines International R Model and a Federal.
Postcard from the 1930's showing the town of Lytton, BC Opening of the new (1941) bridge at South Fork Neal Evans International D40's one hauling a Plymouth coach that had a mishap.
Neal Evan Transportation 1939 Chrysler PGE train at Shalath, BC Just a little bit of snow in the Bridge River Valley in the 1940's.
Cadwallader Creek at Bralorne, BC Neal Evans Transportation 1940 Chrysler coach 1934-35 Hayes Anderson for Neal Evans Transportation taken at Bralorne, BC

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