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This page is from an album the John Wihksne has compliled with family history, Bridge River location history, and some BC trucking history.
Bridge River Highway early 1940's near Minto Mines Neil Evans Transportation White making the third swich-back above Shalath.  
  Map of the route from Vancouver to Bridge River via Fraser Canyon, Lytton to Lillooet, then via the PGE Railroad on a flatcar for 18 miles, and then along Seaton Lake, through Shalath, over Mission Mountain (4500 feet) and then into the valley to Pioneer and Bralorne Mines.  
Article from the Bridge River - Lillooet News April 1987 about the South Fork Bridge collapse. The bridge was built around 1941. The collapse was due to age and weight of a low-bed load. A larger view of the picture for the article  
Andy Craig book of trucking pictures from the 1930's to 1950's Tribute to Andy Craig by Dennis Montgomery, a member of BC Pioneer Truck Society. Cover of Andy Craig's book, History of Trucking in British Columbia since 1900
Andy Craig's 1936 Indiana taken in the Fraser Canyon around 1939-40 Andy's 1936 Indiana restored in the late 1970's. Promotion for Andy Craig's book, where Andy asked for information for his book.
Mid 30's postcard of the Caribou Highway (Highway 97) aproaching Spences Bridge. 1937 Diamond T taken in front of the General Store at Gold River in 1946.
Left to Right: John Wihksne, Karen Leggat, Cecil Cordick, Thomas Wihksne.
Taken at the Wihksne homestead community center building in 1949
A. Casano Trucking contracting to haul for the Lajoie Dam Project for BC Electric
L to R:
Jack Casano, Jim Casano, Brigetta, Rose Iacoviello, Anita Casano
Albert Wihksne's 1947 Ford freight rig on a PGE flatcar at Shalath, BC in 1950. Albert in his new Diamond T at Gold Bridge with a load of logs for Pioneer Mines. Town of Gold Bridge in 1934
Brexton on the way to Bralorne Mine Thompson Motor Cartage on the Bridge River main roadway around 1948-49. PGE train pulling into Shalath in 2932
Building of the South Fork Bridge where the Hurly and Bridge Rivers meet. The old bridge remnants can be seen above this new bridge. Louis Santini, driver for Neil Evans Transportation taken at the Siska Lodge.  

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