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John Jurkowski took these pictures of different trucks in Perry N.Y. in the 50's and let Steve Slocum scan them for the web site.

Most of the pictures were taken in the neighborhood that Steve Slocum grew up in so he recognized most of the locations, and some of the trucks.

Glenn Sedam dealt in commodities like wheat, and beans etc. Grant Mead hauled alot of it. This is one of his Whites parked along side the warehouse. The building had a garage, and gas station in the front. grainery, and warehouse as the main part of the building. Then a tire recapping plant in the back. Another of Grants trucks out back of Sedam's next to the rail road tracks. One of Grant Mead's trucks next to the rail road tracks. The building in background was the Railroad Express Agency
White WC taken at Batavia N.Y. Frank Durfee's Ford at Silver Lake, N.Y. White WC with integrel sleeper taken at Perry, N.Y.
Lew Mark Bakery produced Archway Cookies in Perry. This GMC was one of their trucks. Kaustine Tank, and Furnace Co. built steel tanks in Perry. This truck was loaded for delivery. Another Kaustine Mack empty
Here is a photo John Jurkowski took of a Stott & Davis set of doubles when he drove for them.

Here are some truck brochures from the John Jurkowski Collection

Autocar from a sales brochure Autocar interior Autocar Constructor
Autocar Constructor Autocar literature
Autocar magazine ad Autocar U Model

50's GMC Cannonball ads
50's GMC conventional ads
60's GMC conventional 60's GMC tilt cab 60's GMC Crackerbox
70's GMC Astro ad GMC General ad 70's Chevy 90 Series ad
White 9064 TD brochure White 9064 heavy duty brochure. Steve Slocum Collection. White WC-24PLT brochure
White WC-20PLT brochure White 3000 Series brochure White diesel trucks brochure
White truck advertisement White WC-24TD Diesel brochure White WC-2464D advertisement
Miller Motor Express Inc White promo picture
White Super Power 3000 advertisement White 3000 brochure White 3000 advertisement
White Freightliner Spec sheets from John Jurkowsi's Collection.
White Western Star literature from the John Jurkowski Collection

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