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Wade Transportation Company

Wade Transportation hauled a lot of beer out of the Acme brewery in Los Angeles California I think that became the old Brew 102 brewery later on. Autocar had taken this picture
when Wade bought a new truck!
Wade transportation at the Los Angeles Harbor and when I worked there in 1968 we hauled a lot of liquor out of the harbor.
Photo of one of their trucks
leaving the Acme brewery
This is another photo of my old tractor number 43 The building on the left in the background is the old Bekins storage warehouse just over the rear of the trailer you can see Los Angeles cold storage building you can read some of the print on the building, just do not remember what year the tractor is, the tractor had a Cummings 250 in it with a 5 & 3 we hauled floor tile to the bay area everything was hand loaded and unloaded used a set of rollers to unload this floor tile, and we hauled C&H sugar back to LA out of Crockett California.
This was a union job and a great job in its day.
This photo here was taken in 1952
My old Assigned tractor that I drove at Wade Transportation Company in 1968
Another photo of them loading beer Here is one of their trucks going into the Acme brewery not sure of the year This photo was taken at fourth and Alameda Street in Los Angeles California at the mobile truck stop this is where they park their trucks this tractors number 43 was the one that I drove when I went to work there a 1968 this was my assigned tractor.
One of their trucks in the early years
with a mishap with the car.
Another mishap In 1968 when I went to work there this is young Tom Wade up on the fender of this truck he was my boss 1968
This was the porcelain signs
that were on the trucks doors
These two photos are actually a postcard that young Tom Wade gave to me in 2017.

In a partnership with Southern California agent Bohemian Distributors, Acme built a plant in Los Angeles (Vernon ) at 2080 49th St. This plant was operated from 1935-1954 as the Acme Brewing Company, until it was purchased by New York Brewery.

I do know Bohemian Distributors was a liquor distributor eventually they moved to N. Hollywood California. They built a new warehouse there when I was with Wade Transportation Company. We use to haul liquor out of the Los Angeles Harbor and take it to the North Hollywood warehouse!

My old union card I was at Wade Transportation This is a score that brother Craig picked up of this Wade Transportation Company matchbook, when I went to work there in 1968 I never did see any matches at all when I was there! What a great part of Wade Transportation Company history that goes along with this company when I worked there! Also a great company to work for! When I went to work at Wade Transportation Company in 1968 around Christmas time one of the Wade drivers Hugh E. He came over to Wade when they bought Orange Belt trucking and I’m not sure what year that was, he always loaded up his car with bottles of whiskey and Wade Transportation Calendars and headed to visit Wade Transportation customers and I always remember that Hilda was always on Wade’s calendars.  Not my photo! 
Received this in the mail today (Aug 20, 2018) from young Tom Wade more memorabilia from my trucking days at Wade Transportation Company back when I started with them in 1968.

This gentlemen name is Chet Morrison and that's his grandson up in the seat of the Wade Transportation tractor. Chet was a great man he has been gone right at a year now, when my father was in the trucking business Chet had this 1950 Kenworth tractor that was a old Alan Tank Lines tractor it was a 220 Cummins 5&3 and even had a narrow sleeper cab. He did some hauling for my fathers company, and on the weekends he hauled Sealand container from the Port of Long Beach California to the Port of Oakland California.

When I came home from over seas from the US Navy in 1966 I went to work for my fathers company Marathon Transportation Company working local in Los Angeles California for him. And Chet Morrison is the one that taught me how to drive on his 1950 KW we make two rounds from LA California to Oakland California over the weekend and then I work for my father the rest of the week, it did not take long for Chet to feel comfortable with me driving his truck and he would even crawl back the sleeper, we ran up US101 To Oakland California and back, I have contacted Chet's wife and she is looking for a photo of his 1950 KW he even hauled floor tile and C&H sugar for Wade Transportation Company, this photo is one of Wades later trucks, and later in years Chet went to work for Tom Wade in the office Tom Wade was my boss when I went to work at Wade in 1968,

The color that you see in this photo of the Wade truck was a special paint mix just for Wade transportation trucks, tractor number #43 was my assigned tractor was this color, the old black and white photos of Wade Trucks were this color.

I ran with a lot of the Major Truck Lines drivers ( and no she was not one of there drivers) back when I was at Wade Transportation Company A friend of mine Michael Arenas sent me this photo of Major Truck Lines the photo was taken in Fresno California I’m very happy to have this photo what a great bunch of guys to run with back in the day.  

In my days running at Wade Transportation Company, I ran up to Northern California and back to Los Angeles on Highway US 101 in California. They were great days when I was at Wade. There was a trucking company called Major Truck Lines I knew a few of the drivers that worked there. Mike Julius, ( and later on Mike bought his own truck ) and Tony, do not remember Tony's last name today, and Dale, I do not remember Dale's last name either. The owner of Major Lines also owned a another company called Truck Transport and one of the drivers name Pete L. that worked there. Pete was so hilarious and was missing one hand but could unload case goods as good as a driver with two hands, and drive a set of sticks as good as any other driver. If I happened to run into Pete coming south to Los Angeles He would ask me, “Are we going to stop and have a cold one?” We use stop at a little beer bar off the 605 Freeway and Whittier Boulevard. I just do not remember the name of it to this day. I use to see the  Major drivers at the Broadway Truck Stop in Santa Maria California. You got off on the Broadway exit off of US 101 and I got to know these guys very well. They hauled a lot of beer out of the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery in Los Angeles California. It was on Main St if I remember right. And for Pillsbury Foods, and Dog food. Mike and I became very great friends and Mike also got me some cool beer signs back at that time. I spent some time at his house. His wife was so nice, and he spent some time at my house in those days. Mike even helped me put up some paneling in my one bedroom when I lived in Placentia California at that time! Us Wade drivers used fuel at King City California at the old B&B Truck Stop, it was a Richfield station on the Old highway going into King city. It was a small place with 4 fuel  pumps. You could pull one truck on one side or the other side. There was a small little restaurant that had good food then! Then later that became the Wild Horse Truck Stop right off US 101. When us Wade drivers would run up US 99 through Bakersfield going to Sacramento we use to fuel there at the Fowler Truck stop in Fowler California, just north of Kingsburg California, were Sun-Made Raisins plant was at. I did haul a few  loads of raisins out of there! We also had some drivers that lived in Modesto California and that time and this was division point for some of the Wade Drivers use to break their and go to bed there. The Modesto drivers would go deliver the floor tile and pick up at C&H sugar then the division drivers would run back to Los Angeles California. They used to fuel Lew & Teds  Richfield Truck Stop there in Modesto California it was quite a place and had pretty decent food. There was always a lot of Willis Shaw trucks back then and always seemed to be waiting on a call to load can goods at some cannery. Also use to be a little place in Bakersfield California called Zingo's Truck Stop and the best biscuits and gravy and a man to eat, on the opposite side of US 99 right next to the Richfield Truck Stop there is a place called Milt's they had good food. There was also a little place in Greenfield California there was a Standard Truck Stop there in the Greenfield Inn had the best blueberry cobbler with ice cream you can eat. There were a lot of the truck companies that stopped there for the blueberry cobbler.

These were the days of a lot of great places to stop at and eat back then in my early days of trucking!

I also remember when Pete became sick and passed. It was a sad day! I remember one of my times unloading case goods with Pete at Lucky’s Stores in San Leandro California. That happened to be a sub haul for Wade from Major Truck Lines.

I have to thank my friend Jimmy Shoe for these photos! this is Milt’s restaurant in Bakersfield California, back in my hay day this was one busy place and there was a. Richfield truckstop right next door to it. Milt’s did have good food, it has changed a little bit from when I was there back then, looks like they have remodeled. Again I have to thank my friend Jimmy Shoe for this photo of Zingo’s restaurant also in Bakersfield Calif, back in my hay days, Zingo’s had the best biscuits and gravy a guy could eat!  

I need to thank my long time friend Dick Klinger for these photos.

Dick and I go back to 1972 and my first day at Leeway Motor Freight; even after I left Leeway to go to work at Illinois California Express in 1974, Dick lived in Anaheim California at that time and I lived in Huntington Beach California. Dick had a New Year's eve party at his house and there was a bunch of us union drivers there that night, it had to be in 1975. I was driving a new Chevrolet blazer then.

Dick became a business agent for the union in 1979. He was even the business agent for us drivers at Dart Transportation company, out of Los Angeles California. Their address was 1430 was Eastman Ave. Yes we did spend some time together having some adult beverages in our days.

I worked at Dart Transportation for 12 years, then one day we just did not have a union job. I went over to Consolidated Freightways. I used to see Dick at the yard for Union grievances, and even as we were walking the picket line at CF in Miraloma California. We picketed the Bank of America in San Bernardino California. They were funding CF Motor Freight while we were on strike. Bank of America was so upset that day they closed the doors. They said there was a power shortage. Ha! I forgot what year that was that we went on strike. We even followed a truck that ran our picket line at CF at that time, to see where they were going!

Dick Klinger, is a longtime friend of mine, also Neil Murphy, Bill Arthur, and Bill Muldoon we worked at CF Motor Freight, Bill is now passed .

Hank I hope this gives you some more information on dick and myself. I'm gonna send you a photo of Bill Muldoon myself, Neil Murphy, and Bill Arthur, is on the right in this photo! This photo is mine it was taken just a few years ago in Redlands California the four of us having breakfast!, you can edit some of this if you want I hope this helps you! Thanks John

This is my long time friend Dick Klinger in front of this ONC truck in his younger days! Here is another photo of Dick Klinger This photo of Dick Klinger leaning up against the bobtail truck was taken in 1963 or 64 his run was at Laguna Beach California at this time! Dick worked out of the Santa Anna California terminal at this time, and in 1965 the Santa Anna California terminal move to the new Eastern ave terminal Los Angeles California.
Dick said this photo of the red ONC tractor 1416 was taken in 1968, this was also the year that I went to work at Wade Transportation Company and my first union job. Another photo, Dick worked at ONC until 1969 then he went to work at Leeway Motor Freight, I met him there in 1972 he is a great guy and a great friend. This is Dick Klinger today. He lives in Phoenix Arizona!
A door decal Leased to ONC These were Dick’s Business representative cards. This is his local 224 business representative card, this was the local I was in when I first joined the Teamsters!
The ONC tractors, some of the green tractors had 250 Cummins motors and some had 265 V8's Cummins motors, and also when I was at Wade Transportation Company we also had two tractors that had that same 265 V8 motor. All the red colored ONC tractors had 318 motors and were cut back. They had 10 Speed Road Rangers, except for the 265 V8 motors they had five and two transmissions!
Certified Grocers of California I worked for them for 30 some days before going to Leeway Motor Freight. This photo is off a original slide that my brother and I bought.
My first trip at Leeway Motor Freight when I first met Dick Klinger was in one of these white trucks and was a newer truck with the air shield on the roof. I also drove some of these sleeper cab's similar to this one running division to Phoenix Arizona and back to Los Angeles California in my casual days at leeway Motor Freight
This photo was taken in 1977 in Texas and it was a 45 foot trailer this was Dick's sleeper truck at that time!
Later on Dick became a business agent in the our local union in Los Angeles California in 1979
My brother, Craig, spotted this Lee Way trailer used for storage at a nursery.
This is the Wheel Inn Truck Stop in Cabazon California off I-10 it’s closed now a good place to eat back then! Even dated a girl that worked there at one time, when I worked at Leeway Motor Freight. Photo of the restaurant inside
The shirt patches on the wall been there ever since I can remember. Outdoor sign
Another view of the Wheel Inn Old Business card

This is a original California US 101 Highway sign this is something that I just had to own, because of all the days and night that I ran up and down Highway 101 in my early trucking day with Wade Transportation Company in Los Angeles California we ran heavy going north with floor tile and C&H sugar back to LA. I was also with Dart Transportation Company in Los Angeles California I was there at Dart Transportation for 12 years we hauled all the Sears freight to the Sears stores and catalog stores, and unloaded at the catalogs stores at night we had a keys to get into the store it was fenced off in the back room to unload the Sears catalog freight, I have unloaded catalog freight from a garden hose washer, pool tables, lots of appliances, and a canoe once in a while most of The catalog stores did not have docks and you hand unloaded the freight, then to went on to the next catalog store in another town. Dart Transportation Company we also hauled C&H sugar back to Los Angeles California, and they hauled a lot of Folgers coffee and other Freight, Dart Transportation also was in the warehouse in business. This is how I to know lot of the Dart drivers was when I was with Wade Transportation Company, when I started there in 1968 both companies were union jobs!
California I-40 sign    
  This is some of Darts equipment today
This photo was taken at 1430 Eastman Ave., Los Angeles, CA this is the yard that we used to run out of when I was there This photo here is the old Sears annex building where they loaded the Sears trailers when I was with Dart transportation this was off of Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles now you can see it in dependable highway express all over the building, I do not know what the building is used for today, or I do not know if it is Sears yet, spent many nights down in that yard waiting for them to load our trailers when with Dart Transportation.
This is Rod Dedeaux. Rod was the man that owned Dart Transportation while I was there. He also was the coach for the USC baseball team. The ball field is named after him. There were lots of times at Dart Transportation that Rod would give his ball players a job down there at Dart doing something. He love his ball players. He also played some professional baseball, if I'm not mistaken for the Dodgers! Every so often Rod would come to some of the bid meetings and pass out some Dodger tickets, myself living in orange county I use to ask him do you have any tickets for the other end of town, which was Anaheim Stadium, where the Angels played. He would look at me and just smile!
I have to think my long time friend Lynn Kriner for these photos of the trucks that we drove when we were at Dart. We still keep in touch with one another, and I see him when I'm in Arizona. Lynn was at Dart Transportation for 16 years, he lives in Arizona, is also friends with Dick Klinger the three us have been friends for a log time, Lynn and Dick and Myself did our share of partying together, at Union functions and after bid meetings. There was nights that we were coming back into Los Angeles on Saturday mornings if the bars were going to be closed when we got to LA we would stop and buy beer and put it between the frame of the fuel tank and we would drink beer in the yard after we finished our paper work. Some crazy days of trucking back then but good days!
This photo was taken at his house Lynn was doing a little overhaul on the pump Lynn and my self had more Cummings pump parts then Cummings did, oh there was a bunch of us that had pump parts at Dart Transportation, we never left town without are pump parts and the tools to work on them! We just never knew when we went to go out that night that our truck got turned back down, if they did we just overhauled the pump again! Some hilarious nights of us guys working on the pump, we also had one driver name Ron B, he went down to Cummings and bought a new pump, he would just change the whole pump. You look back now you just have to laugh on what we did! I can remember one night Dean the shop foreman asked me if these were my pump parts in a baggie I told him there not mine, before I left the yard that night I had my pump parts back! He forgot to lock his desk drawer!
When I worked at Dart Transportation Los Angeles California also Sears Line Haul my dispatch paperwork from LA California to Phoenix Arizona.
These two photos are courtesy of my long time friend Lynn Kriner we worked at Dart transportation together! The left photo shows a P-I-E Freightliner sleeper. The right photo shows and Transcon Freightliner sleeper.
NO I was not working on the pump! Another photo!
Found one of Union dues receipt I was at Dart Transportation Company My ID card at Dart Transportation, but it was known as Sears line-haul we hauled all the Sears freight.
One of my old California Chauffeurs license from 1988 I was with Dart Transportation Company at 1430 Eastman Ave in LA California we hauled freight to the Sears stores and catalog freight to the Sears stores and we unload the catalogs freight at night running to the Bay Area it was a good job back then I was there 12 years till they got rid of us. Sad day I thought that I would retire there at Dart Transportation!
These photos were taken on one of my trips to California a few years ago! Dart Transportation Company that I was with for 12 years. Another photo one of Dart's trailer yard A photo of one of there 53 foot trailers
This photo is looking down at 1430 Eastman Ave In Los Angeles California, the building on the left and at the end of the street on the left was where our trucks were parked at, and where we left and returned back to from your run, at my days with Dart Transportation! This was photo was from one of trucking trips after getting back in town, I look and felt like a junk yard dog! I was with Dart Transportation Company at this time. I have to thank Wayne Waters Sr for this Dart hat I worked with him at Dart Transportation in LA California. This is now is in my trucking room!
One of the better photos of the tractors we drove at Dart Transportation in LA California we had assigned tractors there!
I have to thank my teamster Brother Wayne Waters Sr for sending me the picture!
A great photo of Dart Transportation with Wayne Waters Sr with his daughter I worked with Wayne at Dart a great guy!
This was the local Union that I was in when I joined the Teamsters I give Credit to my long time friend Linn for this! Linn was a Union Stewart when we were t Dart Transportation Company Linn was at Dart Transportation for 16 years and myself 12 years was a great company to work at.

This was a great West Coast Trucking Company I ran up and the highway with them when I was at Wade Transportation Company And Dart Transportation Company out of LA California. Navajo day cab, we had these same IH tractors at Dart Transportation Company in LA California.  

Here is some CF Stuff that I've collected
This was my Employee Card at CF Some of the things we collected Some more CF memorabilia
A few more things, we use to have a drop yard at Fernley Nevada at the truck Inn we would drop the third trailer from triples or hook up, also CF did some division runs out of Miraloma California to Fernley Nevada then take your 10 hours off they even had a motel there, The old truck Inn is now gone. The watch is a 5 year safety award, also Had a belt buckle I gave it to my dad to wear when he was alive, now It can not be found.  
This belt buckle is not mine it was given to me by a buddy of mine John R his uncle worked out of Akron Ohio, terminal. I did not take any photos at CF and I have no idea? Even when we were running sleeper truck at CF sure wish I had now! CF pen and my fathers old company Atlas Freight Lines
Some of my CF hats and a golf towel I do were the tan CF hat, all the others hats have never been worn! Couple CF pins ( the Leeway one was given to me ) the union pin is mine I just found it some time back, can not find the rest of them.
Another one of my CF treasures This is the back side of my 5 Year Safety Award. CF even put your initials in the back, month and year! Certificate of written examination at CF motor freight
Another one of my CF treasures CF note pads
This is the photo of my friends. Bill Muldoon is in the left of the photo, myself, Neil Murphy and Bill Arthur with the straw hat on. We all worked at CF. My long time friend that I worked with at CF Motor Fright Bill Arthur received this CF Hat Pin in 1965 and he never wore it! Nice pice of CF history. Bill is one great guy! A photo of Leo, Neal and myself on the right taken in back when the three of worked at CF Motor Freight.
This Teamster stuff is from when I was on Strike, at CF Motor Freight in 1994. The union button with 1970 on it and 570 was about the Wildcat strike and 570 men lost there jobs back then, some of them did get there jobs back. I was working for Wade Transportation Company then, Tom Wade Signed a me too contract, but it was still scary going out of town at night! If my memory serves me right associated freight lines out of Southern California they burn there terminal Down in Oakland California, Oakland California was a real strong Union town back in its hay day! And so was LA California!
Some more of my CF days Another photo of my CF days CF belt buckle!
Some more of my CF trucking memorabilia, before my time at Consolidated Freightways such a great piece of of trucking history! CF was a great company to work for! Some more of my CF trucking memorabilia still in the box!
A CF shirt patch for my trucking room and and it also matches my old CF hat badge. One of my CF Motor Freight hats.
This is from when I was at the Miraloma, California Terminal
A recent addition to my CF collection    

Some of John Comstock's trucking company memorabilia
Systems 99 was a great trucking company I have never seen any other systems 99 stuff, and do own any other systems stuff, this is all brass belt buckle was made in Provo Utah. I remember when the company was asking the drivers to give back 10% of their wages, and they did and the Company still close the doors! Amen A nice looking System 99 promo picture. I never did work for System 99. This is a porcelain ash tray from Anaheim truck and transfer company, in Anaheim California always saw them running around Southern California in my heydays! This ashtray looks like it was never used, I love this ash tray!
Williams Transportation Company was a good size company in Los Angeles California they started in Business in 1922 they hauled a lot of stuff for the pep boys auto stores, if I remember right, and that's been a few years ago! Willig freight lines they always had some of the nice looking equipment running up and down the highway, there trucks did run to! The notebook pad shows Medford Oregon! also the paperclip holder! Some more of my trucking memorabilia
From the old Tucumcari Truck Terminal we never did fuel there, we use to stop there now and then, to get a bite to eat when I was working at ICX when we were on are way to Chicago Illinois this is where we picked up Highway 54 at that was our regulated route to Chicago then! I found this among my trucking memorabilia that I thought I lost years ago!
Some of my trucking memorabilia from my trucking room! ONC note pad ONC matchbooks still wrapped up
Transcon new matchbook My TransCon Metal truck some more of my trucking memorabilia!
And this is another one of my trucking memorabilia that hangs in my trucking room! Another nice piece of trucking history! Some more of my trucking memorabilia an old Bill of laden from Arizona-Nevada Express from 7-14-55 if I remember right Navajo freight lines swallow this company up but I’m not sure what year! And one of my trucking memorabilia piece in my trucking room! 1960’s coffee cup!
A couple of other things. Time DC hat pin
Another one of my TC memories The back side of my TC coffee cup
Some more of my trucking memorabilia The other side of my SeaLand coffee cup! Some more of my trucking memorabilia!
Love this old ashtray from GARIBALDI BROS. Have not seen a lot of there stuff around use to see them in the city of Vernon California, unloading cattle.  Some more of my trucking memorabilia Some more of my trucking memorabilia use to run up and down US 99 with Delta drivers back when was with Wade Transportation Company in 1968.
Some more of my trucking memorabilia three great companies now long gone but not forgotten! Some more of my trucking memorabilia this was a big company in California at one time! Another one in my trucking memorabilia nice pice of history because it was worn on a P. I. E. Driver.
Some more of my trucking memorabilia back from my hay days of trucking back then! Great days! A nice piece of trucking history! Some more of my trucking memorabilia
50 years of the trucking industry first day issue envelope.
Some more of my trucking memorabilia that I enjoy!
Some more of my trucking memorabilia! Alamo Express out of San Antonio Texas it has the Alamo logo on three sides, and is some more of my trucking memorabilia.
Found this old Viking Business card, Alex Hernandez was a friend of mine and one great guy! The address on the business card was one time Milne Truck Lines yard. My road test paper when I worked for (Black Ball Freight) in Port Angeles Washington that Oregon Nevada California had bought out things got real slow and I came back to California, and that’s when I went to work for Dart Transportation Company in LA California I forgot what year I started at Dart was there 12 years till they got rid of Union drivers. My Digby’s shirt patch
My Willig shirt patch, a long time California LTL Carrier Some more of my trucking memorabilia a very nice desk piece the Cowboy Hat from Red Ball Motor Freight. The logo is on both sides. Some more of my trucking memorabilia in my trucking room!
A 50’s P-I-E hat badge in my trucking room that has been used only if it could tell some PIE trucking stories.  My fathers truck company Atlas Freight Lines use to haul TBA out of Gulf oil refinery in Santa Fe Springs California and I just found this shirt patch amongst my stuff I think I got this at Gulf oil when I worked for my fathers trucking company in the summer time!  This is the only thing left of the Shenandoah Truck Stop on I-70 and exit 186 in Ohio was a great truck stop in its day .
More trucking shirt patches
in my trucking room
After coming home from overseas in 1966 and went to working for my fathers trucking company Marathon Transportation Company LA California Chet Morrison hauled Freight for my father and had a old 50 KW 220 Cummings 5&3 and He was the one that taught me to drive his truck, We use to run from LA Calif to Oakland California and back on the weekends we would leave on Friday night we did two rounds to Oakland and back over the weekend hauling SeaLand trailers some wonderful memories. Glad to have the SeaLand shirt patches in my trucking room!
My long time friend Linn Kriner sent me these hats for my trucking room! I worked with Linn 12 years at Dart Transportation Company in LA California. The old 70-80 truck stop Lordsburg New Mexico. A great old place in its day! My Rollins Truck Leasing shirt patch they were bought out by Penske truck leasing.

These photos are of my trucking room and race car memorabilia and there is a lot that’s stuff that is not up on the wall yet.
    More of my trucking memorabilia in my trucking room.
I ran into the Holland driver yesterday at Taco Bell and we got to talking, and he called me this morning and I met him at the Walmart in our town!
I acquired this Holland memorabilia for my trucking room today from a Brother Teamster 10/03/18.
I added some more shirt patches to my trucking room today! You do not see a lot of Montgomery Ward trucking memorabilia. I’m glad to have in my collection in my trucking room!
My brother Craig pick up this Clipper Carloading lighter for my Birthday, new never used.

They were just two blocks from our Fathers trucking company in LA California
ATL Garrett memorabilia
Some Garrett Freightlines memorabilia
Pozas Brothers Trucking Company I ran up to the Bay Area and back to LA California with them when I was at Wade Transportation Company
This is what Pozas Bros. Trucks looked like when I was at Wade Transportation. Some more of my trucking memorabilia Sterling Transit Company they we’re on Maple St in Montebello California another great California trucking company in its day! I did take a road test there at one time, but I decided to stay at Wade Transportation Company! In my trucking room a Yellow Transit shirt patch.
This is the only thing I have of Yellow Transit in my trucking room!
This Williams Transportation shirt patch is in my trucking room they were a LA California trucking company a good size trucking back the then, I remember them very well.  Another cool old trucking company back in its day Miller & Miller Same Day Delivery Service
Fleet Operations Timken Company
Canton Ohio
My TransCon money clip is new and
in my trucking room.
Another good old California
trucking company
Some more of my trucking memorabilia
in my trucking room
We use to fuel a Gay Johnson’s in Grand Junction Colorado when I was at ICX Illinois California Express. Another good California trucking Company
Some more of my trucking memorabilia in my trucking room.
The old blueberry hill truckstop was on US Highway 99 in Livingston California a great place in it’s day use to stop there when I was at Wade Transportation Company and we ran sleeper team at CF Motor Freight. I do not know who’s photo this is but it’s the only photo I have of the place.
Some more of my trucking memorabilia back when I was at Wade Transportation Company running up and down US 99.
All three of these truck stops were good places back in my hay day.

Of all my years of trucking I have been blessed that I got there safe and back home safe! And the different companies that I worked at I have met a lot a great guys, in some truck stops in the early years The little truck stop just north of Paso Robles California I got to know a lot of the Bert Jessup drivers, they hauled flowers down to Los Angeles California, they always told me John if you need any flowers we will get them for you there were some nights we would go to one of the trailers open it up and get roses or whatever you wanted! and I also ran with some great Sleeper Partners At Illinois California Express, and Consolidated Freightways one of them was a kid I grew up with in the 50's in Whittier California we went all through school together his name was Andy Meyer I use to see Andy running up and down the highway once in a while, and when I went to work for CF we ran sleeper truck together. Andy has been gone for some years now!

I want to thank all the guys that I know and I have met over the my years of trucking, that may read this here on Hanks Truck Pictures! John Comstock

And thank you Hanks Truck Pictures!

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