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May 2017 Road Trip

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This photo was taken on our trip in May 2017 I had Charlotte take this photo of this Navajo truck, it just brings back memories of the old Navajo Freight Lines back in my early years. This photo was taken around Green River Utah the triples reminded me of my days at CF Motor freight pulling triples. We stopped at Carl's Jr. in Idaho Springs Colorado for a sandwich and this was sitting in the lot right next to Carls Jr. It was a bad day of trucking.
This is a shot Green River Utah. We are on the east end of town looking to the west. This truckstop is still going strong today. When I was at Illinois California Express we use to exit at one end of the town or the other and go right through town then, there was always a few Moffett trucks at this truck stop back then, and we use to stop there once and a while when I was with CF motor freight when we were running to Denver Colorado out of Miraloma California. At one time this building was a bank, it's so cool.....
We stopped at a view area and this photo is the start of going up Green River Grade I just happen to catch CFI coming down the grade. In this photo is FedEx starting up Green River Grade. Truck parking on the eastbound side of I -70.
In this photo we are in Salina Utah and it was even snowing a little bit. This photo we are on Highway 50 headed towards Ely Nevada. I like this old Bekins storage building, this photo is in Ely Nevada.
This old Preston trailer sits in Newport Ohio. This CF trailer was backed up to a dock in Marietta Ohio. This old American motor trailer sits in Belpree Ohio.
Navajo Cup!!!!!!! The back side of the Navajo Cup!!!! What our old house and what it looks like today this was taken this year 2017 on our road trip.
More photos from our 2017 road trip
At the Eisenhower presidential library and museum in Abilene Kansas Eisenhower presidential museum! Eisenhower presidential library building
Santa Fe rail depot in Abilene Kansas Another photo of the rail depot If I remember right this one is the Union Pacific rail depot.
Stopped to eat at Carl’s Jr. in Colorado on I 70 this was sitting in the yard next door bad day trucking, The highway patrol man said it happened the day before we were at Carl’s Jr. John Wesley Powell Museum at Green River Utah. This is taken from US Highway 50
Another photo of US Highway 50 are you set the cruise control 85 and headed towards Ely Nevada! On highway US 50 going into Nevada US 50 Highway sign Nevada
Nevada Northern Railway depot We Had breakfast here one morning This is a photo of the building where we had breakfast, The food was very good. Just down the street is the railroad museum you could walk from this restaurant.
A photo of the railroad depot And you have to take a train ride! A great place to visit. The steam engine coming into the train repair shop!
The biggest building in Ely Nevada! This is where we had breakfast the morning we left to go to head to Laughlin Nevada, The girl that owns this restaurant was 21 years old and cooks in there and some fabulous food!
Seal Beach California Pier! The best French dip sandwiches my Father took me in there when I was just a kid, it’s still the same today! Golf Friday shrimp in New Orleans
Moon speed equipment Norwalk California been there since the 1950s will use to ride her bicycle down there as a kid and dean moon would give us a decal. Tombstone Arizona Interstate 10 Rest area we are on our way to Phoenix Arizona.
This is some of old US Highway 66 place has been there for years. This is a Philippi sandwich Long Beach Harbor USS Iowa
Universal studios Margaritaville! We are on the highway going towards tombstone and this train had the traffic stopped I have never seen this railroad. Tombstone Arizona
War II National Museum Our view from our hotel room in San Diego California.  

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