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Denver Colorado Was The Home Office For Illinois California Express.....

I went to work at Illinois California Express in 1974 this was a great union job, we had a bunch of these Ford tractors at ICX and most of them ran to Denver Colorado they had jake brakes on them, they were good riding trucks and easy to get in and out of the sleeper, this photo was taken someplace on Donner Pass Jim Wilson getting back in the truck, all the photos that you are seeing here we're all taking some time in 1974

We had a West board and a East board at ICX that you could bid on either one at bid time, or you could just bid the extra board.

The West board ran to Denver Colorado Albuquerque New Mexico, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. Kingman Arizona, Flagstaff Arizona, Farmington New Mexico I know I'm forgetting a lot of terminals for the west board and east board but it's just been a long time ago

The east board ran to Chicago Illinois we had two terminals in Chicago and we had a terminal in Kansas City. The one ICX terminal in Chicago what was right next-door to Leeway Motor Freight terminal I know there was a terminal and Cicero Illinois and I can't remember where the other one was at

Running to Chicago we use to fuel and shower at our terminal in Albuquerque New Mexico, which was a nice terminal, then on over Tucumcari New Mexico, and up US 54 that was our regulated route then. Here is one of my other trips in one of the Freightliner. I took this photo sitting up in the jumpseat we had change seats in Las Vegas Nevada, our domicile was out of Southgate California and we were on our way to Denver Colorado, this was one of the Ford tractors.
This was one of the prettier days going over Vail Pass, and loveland Pass. This photo was at the bottom Vail Pass headed towards Denver Colorado there was a chain shack there and the state man in the chain shack said chain up all tires or you did not go on ( all but Steering tires ) we had just chained up and were moving on! This photo is we're on our way to the top of Vail Pass and this was when it was still with 2 Lane Highway.
Here is another shot going up Vail Pass. I think this is somewhere between Vail and Loveland Pass Its just been to long cannot remember! This is another shot of us going on you can see this guy outside of his car trying to put it on chains I cannot remember where about this was taken.
Here we are about ready to go through the Eisenhower tunnel. This photo we came out of Denver Colorado terminal up over the top of Wolfcreek pass on our way to the Farmington New Mexico terminal. When partner Earl and I were doing our pre-trip we found a crack in this steering tire at ICX tractor, my case knife I had was a one long blade and one short blade, the short knife blade is sticking in the crack on this steering tire, we are glad we found this, we getting ready to make a Denver Colorado run!
This photo was going into Green River Utah that’s when I-70 ended and you had to go through downtown Green River back then you picked up I -70 again on the other end of town again! Some were in Colorado going to Denver or maybe going over Wolfcreek pass, long along I cannot remember were I took this photo! Going to Denver Colorado around Vail Pass! Nice condos!
We had been to Denver Colorado and we were going back on interstate I-80 to Hayward California this is on Donner Pass! This was taken going into Denver Colorado this is the Lakewood exit not much traffic then! Compared to when I there this year 2017 on our road trip west to Ely Nevada! A wrecked day cab and trailer in ICX Albuquerque New Mexico yard!
This is one of window stickers that was given to me when I went to work at ICX I thought I had lost this stuff, I was going through some boxes this October 2017 that I have not been through in years and found these stickers, I gave one to my brother Craig, he put it a Photo frame, and hung it with rest of his trucking memorabilia! ICX Map! The ICX envelope I was living then in Downey California!
Two window stickers! A little information about ICX This is the letter I received when I went to work full time at ICX in 1974 The nicest welcome of any companies that I worked at, great people also!
These two photos were taken some time in the first part of 1975 we were on a road trip to Port Angeles Washington this was taken on Siskiyou Pass. I was working at ICX at this time, but I was driving my 1966 Ford pickup on this road trip! This is not my photo but I really thought this was nice. Chicago rail yard in the 1960’s I see DC trailer, also ICX trailers.
Somewhere in Colorado when I was with a ICX photo from March of 1975
Can not remember where this was taken at! Sad!
Was taken while I was at ICX this was in November of 1974 I-80 the little white sign says Battle Mountain Nevada. My ICX paper clip organizer, love this thing!
My ICX paperclip organizer hanging in my truck room! Another one of my trucking days at ICX My ICX shirt patche some of my trucking memorabilia
My ICX shirt patches some of my trucking memorabilia    

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