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Atlas Freight Lines
This is my father while he was in the Marine Corps during World War II he has been gone 20 years now, miss him every day! Right after World War II my father bought his first truck, this photo is a application for vehicle transportation license, The address is 641 W. Seaside street Long Beach California, he applied for this but his first truck and he was a lease driver for Southern Cal freight lines, this was 1946. This photo is of my father and his first truck with me sitting on the funder of his first truck this was taken in Long Beach California close to Seaside St., Long Beach, CA, 1946
This photo is of my father and his first truck with me sitting on the fender of his first truck this was taken in Long Beach California close to Seaside St., Long Beach, CA, 1946 This photo is of some friends of my mother and Father The lady in the photo her name was Peggy and yes that is me in the suit with a tie, this photo was taken at 641 West Seaside St., Long Beach, CA, this was right after World War II and housing was very tough to come by then, The building in the back is ferns café and we lived in one of the apartments above Fern's Café. This photo was my father's second truck when we lived in Whittier California in the 50s this truck was parked in front of our house in Whittier California and he was still leased to Southern Cal Freight Lines.

Here is a another photo of that same truck but taken from the street that is our house in the back of the truck in Whittier California, some time after 1951.

The photo of this truck was my father truck my father and Don Traxler that had two trucks started Atlas Freight Lines in the early 1950's both of them were leased to Southern Cal freight lines in Los Angeles California and that's how they met one another! While I was in the United States Navy, and I joined the Navy in 1962, my father sold his half of the company to Don Traxler, he started another company later on and it was called Marathon Transportation Company and I will post photos of that company. Atlas freight lines grew to be a pretty large company, but I do not remember when or what year they closed the doors! Later on in the years I went by Atlas Freight Lines dock and at that time they were in Santa Fe Springs California I stopped to talk with Bill Hamilton I use to ride to San Diego with him in the summertime when school was out! Don Traxler was a good guy he always treated me well, he was the only reason I got paid when I was working there as a kid, Thanks Don! And Thanks Dad! Both are gone now!

This photo is of my father and his first truck the same truck that I happen to be sitting on the fender, this was also taken in Long Beach California. This photo is of Southern Cal freight lines The gentleman second from the left was a friend of my father and mother his name was Mel.
This photo of my father and his 1940 Ford also take him in Long Beach California in the alley behind Seaside boulevard. This photo was my father's first car after the war then he got the 40 Ford in the photo above, also taken in in Long Beach California This is my mother and father when they were married during World War II and this is little duplex that they lived in during the war.
This photo is my father's Teamsters Union book for local 208 in Los Angeles California. And this photo is his receipt for paying his dues in the Teamsters Union, when he was with Southern Cal Freight Lines.
This photo was taken when the company had grown, this was at 1201 5th street Los Angeles California those were some of the fleet back then! This is a photo of the dock at 1201 5th St. and they shared this dock with two other companies. This photo is with the dock looks like today very sad!
This photo was the old Richfield truck stop at 5th St and Alameda Street in Los Angeles California back in the 50’s and 60’s still there and the same building but now a Valero Truck Stop. This was Atlas Freight Lines Dock my fathers and Don Trexler Company back in the 50’s they also share the dock with Dependable Trucking Company and Desert empire express this was at 1201 E 5th St LA California on block east of the old Richfield truck stop at 5th St and Alameda Street.  

This photo was the old Triangle Café that was right across the street from my father's trucking company, Atlas Freight Lines. It had a horseshoe counter with stools that you sit on and they did not move they were permanently anchored to the floor, no tables to sit at it was one busy place and it's hay day, the food was great. I see they have reopened it as some kind of restaurant, and that big building in the back ground with all the windows in it is the old Barker Brothers Furniture warehouse, it now is some kind of outlet store.

My youngest daughter this was her grandmother's restaurant. I can remember going in this restaurant when I was a kid with my father, and the years that I worked at Wade Transportation, and Marathon Transportation Company looking at the front of this building just on the opposite side of the street was Milton Express and Atlas Freight Lines were right across the street on the left in this photo.

This is one I have this freight lines old ink pens! This photo is the backside of the dock where they park the trucks at night, I also have their own fuel pump! This photo is of Louie Robinson that work for my father and Don, he was really a great guy and very funny, i'm really not sure if Louie is still with us!
This photo is a canceled check in a payment of $50 November 27, 1956 my brother and I think They made a truck payment, we are not sure the canceled check shows Enoch Chevrolet on the back of the check! This photo was taken at the dock on Fifth Street and as you can see Desert Empire Express had not moved in yet, The Oldsmobile and the gentleman was leaning up against it was my father's Dad, my grandfather, what a great good man he was to me. He passed while I was in the Navy in 1962!
This is an Atlas Freight Lines new bobtail truck with Louie Robinson beside it, you can see the truck door has not had the lettering put on yet! This was our fathers Social Security card and the date of issue of 10-6-38.  

My "Brother"

When I was a kid in the summertime down on dock at Atlas Freight Lines, that my father and Don Traxler owned, I can remember when Jimmy Hoffa and a couple of his guys came up on the Dock. They asked the drivers if they were happy working for what they making a hour. My father and Don always paid over a union wage at that time. That was the first time that I ever got to see Jimmy Hoffa. I do know it was a small terminal that they leasing at that time it was on Hooper St., Los Angeles, CA

Marathon Transportation Company
This is an old bill of lading from my father's second company Marathon Transportation Company this was the company that he started after he sold his half of Atlas Freight Lines to Don Traxler I was in the United States Navy at that time and when he started this company it was located at 330 S. Alameda St. there was some truck docks along the one side of this mobile truck stop 330 S. was Address for my fathers dock. Also at the Mobile truck stop is where Wade Transportation parked their equipment.
This is one of his old tractor with my father in it, the trailer came from Thunderbird Freight Lines, you can see some of the old Mobile truck stop in the photo. The trailer right next to it with number 83 on it is one of Wade Transportation trailers with a old KW if I remember right it was tractor 40 it was just used as a local tractor to go load floor tile or unload a load of C&H sugar, and I was the only tractor that wasn't painted Wade Transportation color it was a 5&3 with a Cummins 220 in it. The front of one of the Marathon Transportation Company trailers. Here are some of my fathers old business cards maybe some you guys will recognize some of them!
This photo is of my father on the left of my father was my middle brother on the right of my father is my youngest brother, my father and my middle brother are now gone, miss them both
You can see some of the old truck wash which was part of the Mobile truck stop in the back of this photo and this mobile truck stop was at 4th St and Alameda St., Los Angeles, California.
This was a another one of my father's tractors with a 40 foot trailer and you can see some trucks along the right in the photo that's where the dock was at. This photo was taken in 1964 when my father bought this bobtail there's no lettering on the doors yet! I was still in the Navy
Shirt patch from my father's trucking company, Marathon Transportation Company in 1966, never used. Three on our father's bobtail trucks, I’m not sure what year this was taken, my brother just ran across this photo! My brother Rod sitting in our fathers truck!
My middle brother Rod ( he has been gone for 7 years now) next to our fathers truck he was around 18 years old at this time of the photo! In the left side of the photo you can see a green Kenworth tractor, with Wade on the door, this tractor was the only one that wasn’t painted Wade blue, and I went to work for Wade Transportation Company in 1968. The KW had a Cummings 220 5&3 it was only used for local work it never ran to the Bay Area and back to LA .  
Here are some old matchbook covers these are my younger brothers collection hope you guys will recognize some of these! Here are a few more but my father's business cards. Yes there are some more!
Of course you had to have someplace to eat, these two business cards are related to my youngest daughter they are her great aunt and uncle, and one of the other great uncles name Lyle had Lyles Café at Avenue 200 on US 99 at Tulare, California. And as I have mentioned I grew up in Whittier California yes even had a street named Comstock in Whittier! This photo was taken in 1966 when I came home from overseas I was discharged upon arrival at Long Beach California. And this is when I went to work for my fathers at Marathon Transportation Company, and in 1968 is when I went to work for Wade Transportation and that was my first union job in the Teamsters. All these old photos seems just like yesterday!
And later on I moved on to other Union Trucking Companies.
One of the only early photos of all us together in a family photo leaning against my fathers 1962 T-Bird I’m not sure of the year this was taken, some time in 1966 or 67 I was out of the US Navy. Left to right my middle brother now deceased, myself, my youngest brother, our Beautiful Mother, and our father now deceased, my mentor of trucking days!
This photo's age was the time our father owned Marathon transportation company, and I was working for him, till 1968 then I went to work for Wade Transportation Company my first Union job.

Wildcat Express
This was my fathers 3rd trucking the he owned, my brother Craig also worked for him at Wildcat Express I was never around this company much at all when my father owned it, Craig thinks that dad ran this company from 1977 to 1985 when my father sold the company. And moved back to his home town Marion Ohio.

These are some of my fathers equipment when he owned Wildcat Express and my younger brother Craig worked for are father, this was dads 3rd trucking company.

The top left photo! Of the bobtail truck was a old Transcon truck is still painted in there blue color, you can see were they painted out the TC on the front of the box

The top right photo! The International tractor was a 1969 and it was a Canadian tractor. My brother said they had three half sets one of them was a old LeeWay trailer. The PDQ Express Van belong to a friend of our father, his name was Tommy M.

The bottom left photo! The White freightliner was also a old Transcon sleeper tractor, my brother thinks, it was a 1975 or 1976 and the Brown 40ft trailer was a old Wade Transportation Company trailer, I went to work for them in 1968 my first Union job, he thinks the old Wade trailer was trailer number #90

The bottom right photo! Is another photo of the International tractor, and the Ford tractor was a gas tractor they used to move trailers in town local, and trailer moves to the dock, you can also see the three half sets at the dock

I was not around this company but was at the dock and warehouse on Noakes St a couple of times, these photos are my brother Craig photos, I never had any of these photos. I want to thank my brother Craig for taking the Wildcat photos, just more great memories of our father in the trucking Industry.

A blank fright bill of laden. A note pad from our father's trucking company! This is a pen from one of our father's trucking company’s Wildcat Express in Los Angeles California.

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