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Here are a few pictures I have of my grandfather's fleet (Deluxe Transportation of North Bay, Ont).

Our company operated in Ontario and Quebec for 25 or so years before being bought by Smith Transport. I have pictures ranging from the late 20's until the mid 50's. Everything from a 30's White moving van to B-61 Macks and Fruehauf trailers. There are also a pile of bus pictures dating back to the 1920's. I have also restored a 1934 White 702 bus and have pictures of it.

1927 Chev, my Grandfather's first truck 1929 GMC 25 passenger bus 1931 White, my Grandfather's first moving van
1934 Diamond T North Bay to Huntsville, Ontario
1936 Diamond T with the first trailer 1936 Diamond T 1936 Leyland bus
1936 R-22 Twin Coach buses North Bay's first transit system 1948 1940 bus lines 1941 frist tractor trailer moving van
1943 Dodge Wilson 1948 Twin Coach Fageol S-41 1948 parade 1927 Chev and KB7 International with Fruehauf trailer
1949 Flxible 29 passenger coach 1949 Flxible with Romeo Veltri standing next to the coach
1951 GMC first diesel tractor 1952 FitzJohn FTG-33 1953 Flxible
1954 Mack B61T with Fruehauf tandem reefer 1956 GMC PD-4104 taken around 1972 1963 Mercedes
1968 MCI MC5A 1971 Ford/Thomas airporter bus 1972 MCI MC5B
Flxible coach White coach Restored 1934 White 702 bus

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