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Some Train Pictures From The Joe Hyberg Collection Some Train Pictures From The Don Beneke Collection
Updated on: 07/17/2003
Some Location Pictures From Acton, California where the Movie "Duel" was filmed Some Pictures From the ATHS Truck Show at Brooks, Oregon in August 2006
Updated on: 07/17/2003
Some Pictures From The ATHS Truck Show at Orland, California in October 2006
Updated on: 07/17/2003

A dark green and yellow Freightliner in the background where Joe learned how to work on trucks. This was a truck donated to the school by Consolidated Freightways; it is from the 60's, a White Freightliner. ROC (Regional Occupation Center) in Hayward, CA. Taken in 1979. Joe Hyberg Collection. When Joe worked on a drug store dock, this is a picture of one of the CF trucks making a delivery at Dublin, CA in 1985. Joe Hyberg Collection. This is Bill Logan. He was a frequent delivery person at the place that Joe worked. At that time, CF had a lot of professional drivers. Note: Bill was nice enough to give Joe some contact names at the CF shop, because Joe wanted to buy a used CF truck. Joe would like to thank Bill and CF for helping him obtain his truck. This picture was taken at Dublin, CA in 1985. Joe Hyberg Collection.
This is the truck that Joe purchased at Consolidated Freightways. This is the truck that Joe learned to drive, and it opened up a lot of opportunities for him. The truck was purchased in Hayward, CA in 1985. Joe Hyberg Collection. Specs on this truck: This Freightliner was CF #116-3994, 6V92 Detroit, six speed transmission. Joe also worked for CF as a casual after he got his licenses. Consolidated Freightways will be missed by many of us. This picture was taken in Lorenzo, CA in 1985. Joe Hyberg Collection. I would like to thank my family for support. Taken in 1985 at Lorenzo, CA.
Bill of sale from CF Hayward, California when I purchased my ex-CF truck from them. #116-3994, date 02-25-1985 was my start in the truck business. I found out that #116-3994 came from the CF terminal in Berkeley, CA. It was assigned to go to the Oakland Army Base Monday to Friday.
After selling my xCF freightliner this is what I bought 1988 Ford Econoline 7.3 Diesel. This is sort of my Cadillac. CF truck for sale at Portland, OR in 1991. CF truck in Dublin CA in 1985.
CF 1949 WF800 Freightliner at the Hays Museum in Woodland, CA taken in 1994. They say this was a three axle box van at one time, cut down for P&D truck. Two nice retired PIE line drivers let me go inside this CF truck to take pictures.
More inside pictures of the CF Freightliner. CF tractors taken at Hayward, CA
Multiple views of a mid-70's Freightliner, it's an ex-Foremost Dairy Truck. Oakland, Calif.
CF Hayward, California getting trucks ready for auction. CF 60's City Tractor, still has the original color. Oakland, CA. Rear view of the 60's CF International taken at Oakland, CA.
A 60's International Harvester R-190 This is the first trucking company I worked for in 1985, it was called "Big Valley Express". San Leandro,CA. PIE trailer left at ABF for interline freight after their close down and never picked up. Oakland, CA.

ABF Oakand, CA terminal. Shelby on duty, at ABF yard. Oakland, CA. Shelby waiting to get off work. Oakland, CA.
ABF - this area is called the North fence, these tractors here are all heavy duty city tractors. Oakland, CA. Another view of ABF - Oakland, CA terminal. The blue coloring is from the Navajo Truck Lines. ABF This end is called the South fence. Oakland, CA.
ABF 1993 Ford truck I drove taken in Castro Valley, CA in 1996. Note #33263.

The first number is the type of power. "1" is line tractor, "2" is a bobtail van, "3" is a P&D city truck

The second number is the year. In the case of #33263, it is a 1993. This is how all trucks are numbered for ABF.

So this Ford is a 1993 P&D city tractor.

This truck was a line rig at one time (#1), but it has been reclassified to a #3 P&D city unit.

This tractor is assigned to the Benicia area of California or known as route 32. Joe Hyberg Collection International-ABF unit #35975 City tractor 1995, Inline 6 cylinder 466 International engine 5 spd trans. Benicia Calif. Joe Hyberg Collection. ABF Oakland, unit is assigned to Benicia, Vallejo, & Martinez,California. This is called Route-32. Benicia CA. Joe Hyberg Collection.
No 13901, the first number is 1 is line power, second number 3 means it's a 2003, third number 9 is a sleeper rig. These trucks run between Dallas, TX (ABF-070) to Orlando, FL (ABF-222) and not limited to these areas. To date ABF has 8 of them and they have 16 drivers assigned to them. Photo courtesy of Doug Thiel, ABF Branch Manager. Joe Hyberg Collection
truck that I drove and now the truck is being retired. Retired ABF 35975 put out to pasture on 1/12/05. Oakland, California This was the best one of the fleet, ABF doesn't get rid of their city tractors by year built, but by mileage then they are retired. Another view of retired ABF 35975. All trucks at ABF Oakland are pre-sold to a wholesalers.
ABF U-PACK Bush series car, Driver : Jason Leffler 32 car
Soon to be retired 1997 Mack #37888. Taken in Oakland, CA, Terminal 153. 37888 Mack truck. Oakland, CA. City tractor. Note that I am wearing what the Local 70 teamster of that era (60's and 70's) wore. Greased up hair, old style glasses and the famous Ben Davis shirt.

Copper & Brass Sales, this is a 1984 GMC. I drove this truck at night for them. This picture was taken in Emeryville, CA in 1992. Copper & Brass truck ran 24 hours a day. Line work at night, unloaded, and did a P&D route in the day time, five days a week. This picture was taken in Emeryville, CA in 1992. Longview Fiber was the best company I worked for. You could not find a better group of drivers to work with. In the picture, Don Bennett and I (Joe Hyberg) are saying our good-byes. We were the last drivers with load of boxes. Longview sold their company trucks and are now using leasers. This picture was taken in Oakland, CA in 1991.
Autocar logger taken at the Hays Museum at Woodland, CA GMC taken at the Hays Museum at Woodland, CA Mack B Model taken at the Hays Museum at Woodland, CA
Southern Pacific Ford W9000 from the late 60's taken at a rest stop along I-5 at CA-505. Old TIME-DC Kenworth from the late 60's taken along I-80 at Rodeo, CA.
Peterbilt of the 50's, still doing it's job (working) in Oakland, CA. Diamond T, from the 60's. Still working. Mr. Burdine use to haul at Longview Fiber, he really takes good care of his old trucks. San Leandro, CA. Note the size of the name plate on the door. From San Leandro, CA.
1970 White Compact, From Haslet Drayage and Warehouse. Color very close to CF. Oakland, CA. 70's Freightliner towtruck Mid-70's Ford WT9000. Oakland, CA.
The next few pictures are of trucks that once belonged to Hunts Foods, taken at Hayward, CA
60's Peterbilt Two views of a Freightliner
Two views of a Freightliner and Peterbilt cabovers.
Two views of a Kenworth K100
1983 Freightliner. A Rainbo Bakery truck. Oakland, CA. San Francisco French Bread Bakery Kenworths. I drove one of these trucks 13 years ago for them. Oakland, CA.
Portable water tower/tanker trailer. Oakland, CA. Hays Museum in Woodland, California. This is where Shelby likes to spend her time off. I want to thank the people of the museum for allowing Shelby in the museum. Joe Hyberg Collection. Even Shelby is sadden that CF went down. Hays Museum in Woodland, California. Joe Hyberg Collection.

White Freightliner from the early 70's. Hayward, CA Joe Hyberg Collection. WF last paint job is from the old Industrial Freight System. The slogan on the door was "Geared to Serve You". Hayward, CA Joe Hyberg Collection. Before Industrial Freight System, it looks to like an old Lee-Way Truck Lines. Hayward, CA. Joe Hyberg Collection.

December 12, 2002, there was an auction of CF equipment at the Hayward, CA terminal. On the day before the auction, the terminal was open where buyers were able to come and view the items for sale. These pictures were taken by Joe Hyberg.
Front entrance on the CF terminal at Hayward, CA. Joe Hyberg Collection. 1992 Ford-L-9000 CF#180027. Joe Hyberg Collection. 1995 Ford L-9000 CF# 1800416 Hayward, CA. Joe Hyberg Collection.
1990 & 1985 Capacity TJ 4000 Yard Jockey. CF#488-1617 & 488-0137. Joe Hyberg Collection. View of all city units. Hayward, CA. Joe Hyberg Collection. 1960 Brothers 28' Flatbed Trailer. CF#321-0065. Joe Hyberg Collection.
CF Trailer (Road System) They also built dock extensions: note the trailer legs holding the platform up. Trailer axles underneath the dock plates, they shipped as kits. Hayward, CA. Full view of Road System dock, Add another 14 doors.
Line up 28' road pups. And converter dolly from 1965 thur 1990, made by Road System, Comet, Strick, and yes Freightliner. 1988 Freightliner CF#110-774 3406 Caterpillar diesel. 1989 Freightliner, CF# 30-31 3406 Cat, tandem axle, tag.
1988 Freightliner CF# 110-837 parts truck. 1987 Freightliner CF# 110-250 and 1988 Freightliner CF# 110-54 parts truck. 1987 & 1988 Freightliner CF#110-250, #110-54 parts truck. Hayward, CA.
1988 Freightliner CF#110-837 & 110-774. Hayward, CA. 1989 Freightliner 3 axle CF#30-31.& 1995 Ford L-9000 3176 Caterpillar CF#182-190 twin screw. CF#110-774 driver side. Hayward, CA.
CF#110-774 view of 3406 Cat engine. CF#110-774 cab.

January 12th 2003, there was an auction of CF equipment at the Sacramento, CA terminal. On the day before the auction, the terminal was open where buyers were able to come and view the items for sale. These pictures were taken by Joe Hyberg.
Entrance to Sacramento, California CF. Another view of CF Sac, CA entrance, on Del Paso Road. Dispatch Office of CF, door entrance on the left was for line drivers and door entrance on right for city drivers. At the age of 24 I used the door on the left, I think I was one of the youngest line drivers.
Sacrament CF auction picture 1988 thru 1993 assorted yard goats. CF Truck repair shop CF Sac, CA. Truck wash. CF Sac, CA.
CF fueling station Sac, CA. Another view of CF fueling station and second building is the repair shop. Sacramento, CA. 1996 Freightliner 28-181 Sac, CA auction.
CF # 28-181 Cab Sac, CA. CF # 28-181 3406 Cat engine driver side Sac., CA. CF # 28-181 3406 cat engine right side Sac., CA.
1995 & 1996 CF Freightliner COE 3406 Cat, Cummins N14, Detroit 60, Sacramento, CA. CF Freightliners up for auction. different engines 3406 Cat, N-14 Cummins. Detroit 60 series. CF #18-3866 Sacramento auction.
CF # 18-3572. CF # 18-3751 Sacramento, CA. Group shot of CF Freightliners Sacramento, CA.
CF Freightliner COE. Dog house shot. Sacramento, CA. CF Freightliner COE interior shot, Sacramento, CA.
CF Freightliner COE interior shot, Sacramento, CA. For the model builder out there. Red tank air starter. CF Freightliner COE, old wedge brake system.
Old CF trailer # 99-3850 Sacramento, CA. CF # 99-3850 CF auction Sac., CA. Rows of CF trailers ready for auction. Sacramento, CA.
Another view of CF trailers for auction. CF wreck, not up for auction. Sacramento, CA. Another view of CF wreck. Sac., CA.
CF Freightliner. the only personalized truck I saw at the auction. It says "In Recognition of Accident Free Driving" 3 Million Miler. Driven by: Bill Hendershot of Akron, OH CF Employees Parking Lot Sacramento, CA

Joe did me a big favor by getting these pictures of an In-N-Out Burger tractor/trailer.
These pictures were taken at their Tracy, California Warehouse.
Did I mention that these are my favorite burgers and when ever I'm in California, I don't feel right unless I have some of these magnificant burgers.
T  H  A  N  K  S    J  O  E  !  !  !

White cabover from the 60's. Benicia Calif. Joe Hyberg Collection. Side view White cabover. Benicia Calif. Joe Hyberg Collection. White cabover frame, note all the cross member are tube pipes, Benicia Ca. Joe Hyberg Collection.
After World War II, Greg Kierznowski purchaded a two axle dump truck. After he sold it, he went into long haul driving for many years. And in 1984 retired from Delta Truck Lines as a line driver at Portland, OR. This is one of my uncles. This photo was taken in 1946 at Thornton, Illinois. Late 1960's along I-80 in Nevada. Late 1960's Kenworth conventional at a rest stop along I-5 near 505 in California.
Same 1960's Kenworth conventional at a rest stop along I-5 near 505 in California. 1960's International logging truck at Truckee, California.
Postcard of a Kenworth logging truck taken in Northern California. PIE Tally Sheet, front and back.
Roadway Express letter sent to me, Sacramento, California Letter from Wesley B. Kemp from ABF Freight Systems, for 10 years of service. "Thank you Mr. Kemp." From Joe. 1979 E-350 Ford Econoline, 351 engine. My first new truck taken at Lake Tahoe, California.
Ed Kierznowski, WWII veteran. He started his retirement home. This is his favortite tractor (Case brand). He retired from the construction industry. Another one of my uncles. This picture was taken at Estes Park, Colorada. Ed Kierznowski finished home near Estes Park, Colorado. He built this home completely by himself. 40's Kenworth tow truck taken in the late 60's in Truckee, California.
Consolidated Freightways #162 at the old Leland James Building in Portland, OR. CF paycheck stub (casual city driver). The name B. Cole was the regular driver at CF that I replaced that day.
Consolidated Freightways (casual line driver pay sheet). At this time, CF was so busy they used retired line rigs (116) on the highway. This trip was from (Hay) Hayward, California to (RLC) Rio Linda, California, in the Sacramento area.
Through my search for collectibles I found a Canadian Freightways. Tractor on the left has the air tank behind the cab and the Canadian CF has duel exhast. Tractor on the left is a Consolidated Freightways #16-6339 and Canadian Freightways is on the right #16-2150 and both have different bumpers.

Ed "Bucky" Jarnagin truck. A 1950 Ford dump truck. Year 1957. Rock quarry in Oakland, California. Same site, with a truck being loaded.
After being loaded, the truck is at the scale to be weighed. Mr. Jarnagin's truck paving Castro Valley Blvd. in Castro Valley, California in 1957. Mr. Jarnagin cleaning out the truck bed.
Mack to quarry for another load.

Oak Harbor International Oak Harbor International truck. Marcos is a line driver and works out of Newark, CA. The picture was taken at Richmond, CA.

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