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  Jim (left) and Tom Young (right) Jim (left) and Tom Young (right)
First logging truck    
Second logging truck    
First logging show
Gass powered skidder and heel boom shovel
Dump machine New mobile yarder replaces old gas yarder,
which was retired to dump machine duties
Rebuilt logging truck    
  Shop and yard  
Single axle International in shop Steel tower setting with Northwest heelboom shovel
    Unloading trailer in landing
with a 100 Hough front end loader
"A" frame on the right side of picture Logging truck crossing bridge on Camp A side Loaded and ready
New skidder working near the tower setting. In the left picture note the logging truck in upper right corner.
It is sitting at the tower setting.
Hauling the mobile tower into camp on a lowbed
for the winter
Hauling the mobile tower into camp on a lowbed
for the winter
Steam skidder moving out on #1 truck from camp. (New sleigh) on mainline.

Transferring from #1 truck to #2 truck, to enable better maneuverability
while moving the skidder up a tight branch road off the mainline

Two trucks maneuvering the steam skidder through the steep canyon and across a trestle-type bridge on Mainline.
Unloading trailer in the landing under hayrack boom Putting on the peaker Turn coming in to landing
Steam yarder behind the spar
Turn in landing Steam yard in the foreground
and gas loading pot in the rear
Loaded and leaving
Waiting to be dispatched Loaded under hayrack boom  
  November 1981 Jim built bunks with trip stakes
and a compensator for his big log truck
Steel spar, Northwest shovel
logging truck and skidder
  February-March 1982. Richard built this truck mounted log loader with working grapple  
Spring and summer 1983

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