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Lawrie Drybrough taken at BCFP'S Brittan River Camp up Jervis Inlet taken in 1949 Bill Schnare's trucks at Sarita for B.S. & W.
S&S Trucking Ford log truck on barge possibly to Nanoose Bay?

Rain Tree Chronicles did a great story on the S&S Trucking Company

Trucks lines up at Kelsey Bay Dump. 29-35 Hayes
Mack "A" Stick Dump in background Trucks at Kelsey Bay Camp
Trucks at Kelsey Bay Camp (hauling for MacMillan & Bloedel
S&S (Schnare & Schnare - father and son) fleet of trucks contract hauling for Iron River Logging, Oyster River in 1945. Schnare's trucks hauled for Elk River Timber too for many years.Ted Boggs Collection. S&S truck contractor for Iron River Logging, Oyster Bay 1945. Ted Boggs Collection. Boggs' house on left.
The "A" Frame at Iron River dump at Oyster Bay 1945. S&S Hayes 29-35
MacBlo bought Iron River Logging from Al Simpson in July 1, 1944, who had operated BATCO (British America Timber Co) Development Ltd. Simpson was dumping by Tyler Line and when MacBlo came in, they put up the A-Frame. Oyster Bar Coffee Shop in the background, Oyster Bay. Photographer: Jack Cash. Ted Boggs Collection.
Lineup of trucks aat Iron River, just south of Campbell River on the Island Highway (MacMillan-Bloedel Division)

Shop at Iron River
Yarding with a Cat and arch Yarding with Skidder & wooden spar loading with a shovel fitted with a steel heelboom
Yarder in front, loading pot in background View of McLean Boom Loading under a McLean Boom
Offset Mack log truck Moving a steam powered yarder on one truck Older Mack logging truck converted into dump trucks
Older Mack logging trucks converted into dump trucks Moving a big steam powered yarder with two trucks. One Hayes 29-35 and one Mack.

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