Pretty Logging - Hemlock Valley

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Bridge on Connors Creek Ford dump in Pretty's yard Extremely hard rock blasted near bridge
3/4 yard Insley Shovel D-7 Cat 1125 Slackline Yarder
This machine was designed by F. Pretty and built by "Westminster Iron Works".
Haulback ran at 2000 ft per minute
Mainline ran at 1000 ft per minute
4500 ft on haulback drum
2350 ft on Main & Skyline drums
Powered by a 6110 "Jimmy"
Double Brakes on all drums
Air on every drum, including straw line.
This is the first setting on the Hemlock Valley Road.
Same setting shows tree, Johnston Boom & 1125 yarder.
Loading pot sits high on the right bank.
View of skyline View from behind tree. Skids on the right are the loading machine.
Close up view of Johnston Boom Old Catapillar pushing a blast
Cold deck on westside of Sakqui Creek. F. Pretty in lower right corner Dewdney Logging Co. Kenworth logging truck
Pictures of the loading machine used at the spar tree
Setting with Harrison River in the rear Harrison River in background (right)
Slash burn with Hemlock Valley in upper left corner West side of Sakqui Creek abover 30% grade "Old Baldy" in backgroud
1125 yarder with Sakqui Creek on the right D4 Cat cable dozer plowing snow in Pretty's yard. This was the machine used to build roads at the start of the Hemlock Valley Road. Washington Trac Loader yarding and loading
Early mobile spar without rigging. (Pretty's hose on the right)

Topping a spar tree in Hemlock Valley

Charles Pretty's Timber camp on Harrison Lake in 1979 International Coaster fuel truck
Off-set Mack with lowboy trailer Charles Pretty's Timber camp on Harrison Lake
Gypo Logging on Hemlock Valley Road in 1979

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