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This next group of pictures were taken from Gifts From The Forest, by Gertrude W. Wall, Published by, Charles Scribner & Son, New York, Copyright 1952.

Subject: The Winton Lumber Compay from Martell California in The Winton-Amber Forest - A Certified Western Pine Tree Farm

Assortment of faller's tools in 1951 Empty Kenworth #41 Unloading trailer on Peterbilt log truck #13
Loading Kenworth #6 with a Peterbilt #1 waiting Loading Peterbilt #10 Peterbilt lowbed tractor #8
Lima shovel loading a Kenworth truck Lima, Cat and arch and Kenworth truck Two Cats and a Lima shovel
Lima and two Kenworth's

This next group of pictures come from Logging With Trucks
1924 Mack truck, Britain River loggin at Jervis Inlet in 1944. (Note: pneumatic tires) in British Columbia Bulldog Mack on plank road and hard rubber tires Chevrolet truck with load of logs in 1929 (Langley, BC)
Truely huge load on hard rubber and plank road 1924 International Harvester in Squamish, BC 1938
Logging with old army truck, A Thomas, Mission area BC Hayes logging truck used by Kokoska's Mill at Mission BC Winter logging with horses in Alberta
Early White logging truck Port Alberni, BC General Motors Truck loaded at a mill in Hines Creek, Alberta

A 4 ton International model C-50 hauling in Washington state owned by Jo Ochameaugh of Klaber, WA. The picture is from Timberman June 1935 issue. International C-55-F owned by Mr Reed, Elbe, WA. Being loaded at spar tree above. The picture is from Timberman April 1936 issue. 8000' of fir logs on this C-60 International truck and Walker sual axle trailer at the logging operations of Markham and Callon, Nehalem, OR. Driver Clarence Day. The picture is from Timberman July 1937 issue.
International C-55-F dual drive truck owned by Mr Reed. The picture is from Timberman May 1936 International in a Triton Motor Oil ad. The picture is from Timberman July 1937. International truck in an International ad in Lumberman April 1940
International truck ad showing a model D246F owned by E.L. Robson from Duncan, BC in Lumberman January 1940. Osborne Logging at Half Moon Bay, International truck Alan Cameron's Diamond T log truck at McConnel Creek, BC in 1942
Raising a spar tree in an area where no standing tree was suitable Logging at McConnel Creek, BC about 1938 One of two special built GMC truck/trailer units operated by Biles-Coleman Lumber Co. from Omak, WA. Loads of up to 8000' of pine handled. The picture came from Timberman August 1936.
Firestone Tire ad from Lumberman May 1936 Chev truck owned by DeLoss Wright of Olympia, WA crossing the Quinault River on the Olympic Peninsula. This is part of a 104 mile round trip which the truck makes two times a day. The log in the picture is 24' long and 5'1" in diameter. GMC truck ad from Lumberman April 1940
A Sterling truck ad from Timberman July 1937. The truck pictured sold to California Door Co of Diamond Springs, BC Marmon-Herrington owned by J.D. Proctor working at Fortuna, CA. All wheel drive truck Timberman October 1937. Alex Gigoux driving his 4 ton Autocar Model RL with Teco dual axle trailer. He is working for A.F. Coats Lumber Co. of Tillamook, OR. Timberman July 1937
Ford V8 owned by M. Elven. He hauls 20,000 feet per day on a 22 mile haul from Sultan Basin to Snohomish, WA. Timberman August 1936. Diamond T truck in a Dominion Tire ad. Lumberman June 1941 Diamond T trucks at Olympic Logging Company's Vancouver Island operation at the Horne Lake area. Lumberman March 1940.
Dominion Tire ad Lumberman March 1942. Diamond T from an ad in the September 1945 edition of Trucklogger 1933-37 Kenworth trucks in a Beall Trailer ad (An American operation). Timberman January 1937
Pacific Logging Congress exhibit at Seaside, OR in September 1937. Timberman October 1937 Kenworth truck ad in Timberman July 1937 Kenworth ad showing a David & White #9 (American operation) in early 1932 and late 1936 David & White bought a fleet of 12 Kenworth trucks. Timberman October 1937
An ad in Lumberman February 1942 for Seattle Bunks Unidentified Kenworth One of a fleet of 14 White's operated by Edward Hines Lumber Co. of Seneca, OR. Timberman December 1937.
Addition to Edward Hines Lumber Co fleet in 1937. (Seneca, OR). This truck is a White 718 special model 78 with Isaacson Log Trailer and Paul Bunyan Trailer lift. Timberman June 1937. Cat and arch. Lumberman April 1942. Caterpillar ad on front cover of Lumberman November 1941.
"Northwest" ad Timberman October 1937 CYCOL Oil ad in Timberman June 1937 Cover of September 1945 issue of The Truck Logger
Cover picture on service manual for Allis-Chalmers HD5 Tractor A classic old picture of a White hauling at least one R Model International dump truck. Location unknown.

Gotfredson Truck getting loaded. Vancouver Public Library Collection. Truck load near Alberni, BC. BC Provincial Archive. Single log load in this old Ford. Vancouver Public Library Collection.
Late 30's early Ford logging truck on a plank road. Vancouver Public Library Collection. 1930's Ford loaded on a plank road. Vancouver Public Library Collection. White logging truck loading the trailer. Vancouver Public Library Collection.
Loaded White logging truck on a plank road. Vancouver Public Library Collection. I hope this truck isn't going far. The load secure chains are dangling. Vancouver Public Library Collection. Diamond T log truck owned by T. Enemark. Vancouver Public Library Collection.
Diamond T loading by a McLean Boom taken at Chehalis, BC in 1942. BC Provincial Archives. Gravel pit Camp "A" taken a Nimpkish Lake. BC Provincial Archives. Skookum Logging Co dump truck. BC Provincial Archives.
Cat tractors, Comox Logging and Railway Company taken at Ladysmith, BC. BC Provincial Archives. Shovel nosed Kenworth loading logs. BC Provincial Archives. Hayes logging truck unloading logs. Vancouver Public Library Collection.
Kenworth logging truck unloading with a Mills Boom. BC Provincial Archives. Cherry picker in the background lowering a log on this Skookum Logging Co Kenworth in about 1953. BC Provincial Archives. Canadian Forest Products Autocar truck. BC Provincial Archives.

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