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Frankin River Sarita Division 1984-85
Old 1954 BCFP HDX modified by Feric for a logging debris utilization experiment Terex logger of Tom Young's Old EQ Mack
"Mac" MacDonald's Kenworth Don Hawking Pacific Terry Hawkin's Mack at Sproat Lake Division
Falconer fleet by Alex's shop 1975 MacMillan Bloedel's A.P.D. Sawmill Port Alberni 1984 A.P.D. Alberni Pacific Division - MacMillan Bloedel

1970 Victoria Day Parade showing a Hayes Clipper
Hayes Clipper in Victoria Day Parade circa 1970

Alex Falconer's 1967 Kenworth and 1970 Hayes at Franklin River
Jim and Alex Falconer at Franklin River - 1967 KW | 1970 Hayes Alex 1970 Hayes Franklin River Franklin River 1967 Kenworth and 1970 Hayes
Jim Falconer with the 1967 Kenworth 1967 Kenworth at Franklin River
1967 Kenworth at Franklin River

Darling 800 - 1985
1985 Sarita Division MacMillan Bloedel on Darling 800 Darling 800 - 1985 Darling 800 looking out towards open Pacific waters - 1985
Setting on Darling 800 - 1985 1967 Hayes in fog on Darling 800 - 1985 Darling 800 Pacific with V12 Cat
Lowbed at Darling 800

Progression of the H-320 coming down with a load
Three shots of H-320 - driver Bob Dingsdale - Darling 800 Sarita Division

Miscellaneous Shots in Franklin River area - 1984 & 1985
1984 Franklin River truck on adverse up o top of Granite 14 Alex's 1973 International 4300 on Summit Main - Cowichan Lake in the background - 1984 Eric Venn - Franklin Cat operator
Working on Newstead Bridge - 1984
Alex's 1973 International 4300 hauling "rip-rap" Franklin River Bob Mealey and loader operator Howie Moon Alex's 1967 Kenworth on the Newstead bridge - 1985
H-40 Laurie Drybrough on bridge heading into Gorge Main Franklin River Summit Road 5 Pacific chunk truck at Franklin River
H-60 - Klanawa Main Darling Main

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