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Lumber Yard November 1923 Discharge Sand ex. Grand Lake January 1924 Wharf Looking East SS Nyhavn May, 1924
South Brook Quarry Plant July 1924 Rotor Unloaded Paper Shed July 1924 Stater Unloaded Paper Shed July 1924
Unloading 1st Rotor from ship July 1924 Grand View of Mill Construction, Townsite and Fisher Mill October 1923 Grand View of Mill Construction, Townsite and Fisher Mill November 1923
Grand View of Mill Construction, Townsite and Fisher Mill December 1923 Grand View of Mill Construction, Townsite and Fisher Mill January 1924 Grand View of Mill Construction, Townsite and Fisher Mill February 1924
Mrs. J. M. Alexander screwing down bolt in Steelwork (Chris Fisher Sr. and Bert Butler looking on) November 3, 1923 Bldg No. 2 Paper Shed November 1923 Bldg No. 2 Paper Shed November 1923
Showing Steel Erection of Found & Insley Tower for
Pouring Bldg No. 30 (Office ) December 1923
Bldg No. 2 Paper Shed December 1923 General view of Steel Erection January 1924
Steel Erection, Bldg No.s 3, 4 & 5 January 2, 1924 General View from South Showing Office (Bldg 30) Bldg No. 30 (Office) March 1924
Bldgs No. 3, 4 & 5 from position further South looking N. W. April 1924 From high ground on E. side of Yard, looking W. showing
Bldgs. 3, 4, 5, 9 & 30 in progress" May 1924
Bldg No. 30 (Office) from Railway bridge May 1924
Interior of Bldg No. 4, above Paper Machine Foundations" June 1924 Bldg No. 30 from Railway Bridge showing Steel frame of Bldg No. 9 in background & piles in founds for bridge over Corner Brook Stream in foreground. June 1924 Bldgs No. 3, 4, 5 & 9, 13 & 15 July 1924
Bldgs No 3, 4, 5, 9 & 30 July 1924 Start of Chimney July 1924 Bldg No. 9 July 1924
(long) Mill Bldgs from high ground East side of yard August 1924 (long) Mill Bldgs from high ground East side of yard August 1924 Special Train leaving for Deer Lake with Rotor and Stator July 1924
Details of reinforcement & Form work for Paper Machine
foundations July 1924
Underneath Paper Machine Founds looking North July 1924 Acid Towers in progress July 1924
Bldg No. 30 from Rail bridge showing Bldg No. 9 & Acid Tower August 1924 Bldg No. 9 August 1924 Bldg No. 17 looking N. W. August 1924
(long) Mill Bldgs from high ground East side of yard September 1924 Paper Stores, from Wharf showing daily progress of steel work erection in Bldg No. 1 September 1924 Interior of Bldg No. 4, above Paper Machine Founds September 1924
Bldg No. 13 interior showing conduit in High Tension Floor September 1924 (long) Mill Bldgs from high ground East side of yard October ober 1924 Bldg No. 30 and Railway Bridge over Corner Brook Stream October ober 1924
(long) Mill Bldgs from high ground East side of yard November 1924 (long) Mill Bldgs form further South November 1924 General View of Mill Construction from Ice December 1924
(long) Mill Bldgs from high ground East side of yard December 1924 Conveyors from West Fill April 1925 Slasher Mill, Bldg No. 17 from west fill (to slash long logs) April 1925
Paper Machine being built Paper Machine being built Decking Wharf, piling completed September 1923
Wharf extension looking west April 1924 Wharf extension from end of Fisher's Wharf looking East June 1924 Drive Room for No. 1 Paper Machine, Bldg No. 4" January 1925
Board Machine, Bldg No. 4 January 1925 Paper Machine No. 1 & Paper Machine No. 2 in Bldg No. 4 January 1925 Paper Machine No. 1, West End, Bldg 4 January 1925
Cases of Mill Equipment in Paper Store No. 2 January 1925 Slasher Mill, Bldg No. 17, Upper Floor January 1925 Slasher Mill, Bldg No. 17, Lower Floor January 1925
Paper Machine No. 1, Bldg No. 4 April 1925 Barking Drum Bldg. No. 16 April 1925 Screen Room, Bldg No. 5 April 1925
Paper Mill Conveyors, from West Fill August 1925 Paper Mill Stackers August 1925 Inaugural Ceremonies Guests in front of Glynmill Inn August 1925
Inaugural Ceremonies at Mill Paper Shed August 1925 Inaugural Ceremonies at Mill Paper Shed August 1925 Steel Assembly Yard November 1923
Fisher's Mill Late 1922 Commemorative Medallion of Nfld Dog for Inaugural opening August 1925 Ariel view of Mill October ober 1960
Ariel view of Tank Farm and Mill October 1960 Ariel view of Mill Paper Sheds looking East July 1934 Ariel view of Mill Paper Sheds looking West July 1934
SS Kitty's Brook in front of Paper sheds SS Humber Arm, Gross tons 5,700, Net tons 3,500 Length 445, Built 1924 by Armstrong Whitworth at Newcastle uponTyne Captains: Charles Cross, Dunn, Lidstone, Bennett & J.R. Morbey. SS Humber Arm was torpedoed and sunk by German "U" boat off the coast of Ireland in 1940. In 1939 Captain Cross (father of Stan Cross of Corner Brook) died during crossing from England to Newfoundland. His wife and daughter were passengers. 7/25/1925. South Brook, General view of Camp, Stone Quarry, NO and Sand Pit October 1923
Plant Layout at Sand Pit, South Brook October 1923   Suphite Digester
Roll grinder in machine shop, Wm Andrews & Joe Durdle, preparing and grinding a roll, ( Lee Wulff) About 1942 Storing Newsprint in Sheds ( Lee Wulf) About 1942 Charging Floor ( Lee Wulff) About 1942
Groundwood Thickener ( Lee Wulff) About 1944 Pulpwood in Grinder Meshach Parsons (Lee Wulf) About 1944 Sub Station Vic O'Reilly ( Lee Wulf) About 1944
Installing new pulp stone in Waterous Grinders, Wm Lemoine, Joe Durdle & Stan Newhook, ( Lee Wulff) About 1944 Log Chute at Jack Ladder Tom Green and ?? Sims, About 1944 Loading Newsprint ( Lee Wulff) About 1944
Loading Newsprint ( Lee Wulff) About 1944 Wood Preparing ( Lee Wulff) About 1944 Wood Conveyor ( Lee Wulff) About 1944
Forge at mill ( Lee Wulff) About 1944 Ariel view of Mill looking East (Wulf) Ariel view of Hammond Farm (Wulf)
Ariel view of Mill and Wood Stacks (Wulff) Ariel view of Sulphite Paper Stacks (Wulff) Aerial view of mill looking East March 19, 1938
Start of Mill original location of Railroad looking East 1922 H.M.S. Lewin, Sir Eric Bowater, and others with horse about 1950 Portrait of Sir Eric Bowater done by Karsh, Ottawa About 1950
Salmon fishing at Big Falls About 1940 Lee Wulff + guide with moose rack and cape About 1942 Lee Wulff fishing Big Falls About 1942
Sport looking from lookout at Serpentine Lodge About 1960 M.G. Green presenting Deed for 185.34 Acres of land at Corner Brook to Memorial University for new College Campus: M.O. Morgan, T.C. Farrell (accepting on behalf of Government) M.G. Green, Ed Poole (Board of Regents)" "October 2, 1973 Sir Eric Bowater, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and others during Queens visit in summer of 1959 (She and the Prince visited the Mill and Corner Brook again in July 1978), in Mill looking at Machinery." 1959
Queen E. and Philip with entourage at Corner Brook House 1959 Sir Eric and Queen looking over wharf at Mill 1959 Train load of Pulpwood at Jack Ladder About 1950
Train load of wood being offloaded into Jack Ladder About 1950 Old Slasher in Yard About 1950 Pulpwood Stacks About 1950
Old Jack Ladder first edition About 1950 Stacker in wood Yard in winter About 1950 Pallet truck dump pulpwood in Mill boom About 1962
Sulphur Storage Tanks Digester House in background About 1950 Coal being unloaded from ship onto Coal Conveyor (Furness Withy Berth No. 4 October 1928 Paper Sheds No. 1 & 2 with no backfill yet and track going out around sheds October . 1928
SS Gladys Bowater SS Sarah Bowater in heavy ice and from the stormy Atlantic SS Humber Arm
SS Margaret Bowater May 6, 1955 (C) Overhead view of Mill Mar 5, 1955 View of mill looking west rail terminal in foreground
August 6, 1969
View looking East of mill Stacker still in place
August 6, 1969
Ships loading Mill and Stacked wood in view About 1950 Stackers, Slasher Building looking East About 1950
Drums inside woodroom October ober 1928 Grinder Chests production of groundwood pulp
about 1950
Original (1924) Warren grinder room before Demolition (1981) for installation of 4th TMP line About 1981
Sulphite Pulp About 1950 Sulphite Plant About 1950 Old Boiler room About 1960
Baled Suphite Pulp in Paper Shed ready for shipment September 24, 1947 Rolls of Newsprint in Paper Shed ready for shipment
April 19, 1965
No. 7 Paper Machine Mothballed permanently
March 27, 1983
No. 7 Paper Machine About 1960s 1957 Mill fire damage to No. 1 PM winder and backstand The fire that started at 3:00 AM caused $6 million the largest insurance claim in Industry up till this date extensive damage to # 5, 6 & 7 PM April 21, 1961 1957 Mill fire damage to No. 3 Paper Machine Dryer Section 1957
No. 1 Paper Machine winder section July 15, 1954 Machine Shop June 1926 Machine Shop 1960
Control Room About 1950s TMP I, on stream , ????? @ 170 tons/day About 1976 TMPs, II & III, on stream Dec 17, 1970 @ 250 tons/day About 1976
No. 1 Paper Machine About 1924 Dry end of a Paper Machine December 15, 1955 Albert Martin, G.M., posing on Crow Head overlooking Mill About 1960
Mill & Union Representatives after negotiating an Agreement. Back LtoR Elwin Kean, Albert Hownsel, Walter Pennel, Tom Payne, Less Alley, Ted Ledrew, Selby Gough, George Smith (International Machinist Rep) , Ches Doman, Albert Artis, Mid Row LtoR Reg Stanford, George Robson, Alec Hutchings, Selby Parsons, Kelvin Normor, Marilyn Fudge, Bessy Smith, Lyle Lang, Charley Martin, Lease Critch. Front Row LtoR Kit Scott, Baxter Fudge, Jack Crann, Joe Arsenau, H.M.S. (Monty) Lewin (General Manager), Gerry Penney, Henry Bell, ?????? Corcoran ( Electrical Rep). December 5, 1957 Alexander Pike (Chief Timekeeper) and Bucky Feever About 1964 Negotiating Team:
Back Row LtoR Headly Mills, Arthur Herman, Elwin Kean, Larry Lee, Gerry Penney, Albert Smith, Ernest Power, Frank Huck, Walter Colbourn,
Front Row LtoR Pearl Baggs, Albert Martin, ???? (International Rep for the office workers) Eileen O'Roark. Date unknown.
MC Vardy About 1969 Ben Pryde Est 1965 Ben Pryde Est 1966
John Manuel Est 1969 Hugh H. Joyce January 2, 1966 H.M.S. Monty Lewin September 2, 1960
Albert Martin Est 1965 Hartness Beardsley Est 1970 Stuart Weldon Est 1975
Milton Green Est 1970 Roy Murley Est 1970 J. D. Roberts November 12, 1962
Doug Kendricks Est 1976 (C/Slide) Aerial Mill Yard with Slasher June 2, 1988 (C/Slide) Mill Yard Slasher Conveyor & Crane moving 4 ft April 2, 1986
(C/Slide) Mill Pd & Crane on Barge moving wd to Jack Ladder April 2, 1986 (C/Slide) 8ft Truck at first Scale Ramp April 2, 1986 (C/Slide) Loader placing grab of wood on Slasher deck April 2, 1986
(C/Slide) Loader carrying grab wood to Slasher April 2, 1986 (C/Slide) New Cat 980 Loader in Wood Yard September 2, 1986 (C/Slide) Tanguay Loader loading self hauled trailer April 2, 1986
(C/Slide) Back filling log Pond with quarried rock/Crows Gulch September 2, 1986 (C/Slide) Aerial of filling log Pond with quarried rock October 2, 1986 (C/Slide) Aerial of filling log Pond November 2, 1986
(C/Slide) Wood Yard, Winter with 8 ft & 4 ft wood
February 2, 1983
(C/Slide) Aerial of Wood Yard looking West July 2, 1986 (C/Slide) Aerial of Wood Yard looking East October 2, 1986
(C/Slide) Front of Mill April 2, 1986 (C/Slide) Grinder Chest About 1980 (C/Slide) MV Corner Brook Side Loading April 2, 1985
(C/Slide) MV Corner Brook Front View April 2, 1985 (C/Slide) Conventional Ship loading July 2, 1985 (C/Slide) Ships off Corner Brook in Ice April 2, 1985
Steam engine Leapin Lena About 1940 No. 5 PM 60 tons/day January 1954 September 4, 1953
Main switch board in substation at mill About 1950 Const. of Bunker C tank when mill converted from coal to oil July 23, 1954 First roll of newsprint for opening celebration
August 26, 1929
Coal Hoppers feeding steam boilers before conversion to oil 1949 Jordans Refiners June 1935 Main Street and Mill in background August 3, 1932
Sulphur Burners About 1930 # 5 PM wet end 120 Fourdrineir Built by Mssrs Chas Walmsly & Co. made mill wrapper, core paper, butchers manilla March 3, 1932. Groundwood & suphite pulp screen room fine screen & deckers March 2, 1928
Finishing room March 3, 1932 SS Humber Arm loading About 1939
Where groundwood and Sulphite pulp were mixed prior PMs About 1930 Private car road and rail travel George Carson, T.S Howard About 1940
Stacker and wood pile About 1950 Sulphite Bailer About 1940 Coal Pile About 1940
Western Star printing press inside Mill About 1950 Back L > R Frazer Robbins, Hap Alcock, Walley Sheppard, H.K. Joyce, Doug Yates, Bill Wicks, Barney Myrden
Front L > R Madonna Howley, Gerry Elliott, Frank Huck, Elwin Kean 1965
L>R Selby Parsons, Frank Huck, Doug Yates, W. George Smith, Willie Wicks, Frank Bursey. (Note: Sir Eric Bowater had Selby Parsons fired for leaking up against the outside of a Marquis tent at a large Staff Party at Strawberry Hill activity was observed by Sir Eric from within tent). Est 1960
(Article and photo appeared later years in BOWLOG)
Seated L>R George Buckle (millwright), Charlie Osmond (Pricipal of Grand Falls Vocational School), Don Taylor (Industrial relations Mgr), Eric Fitzgerald (Paper Mill Engineer), Ralph Nichols (Maintenance Foreman at Deer Lake Power), Eric Moores (self employed). Back L>R George Smith (Mechanical Superintendent), Norman Young (Machinist), John Miller (Millwright foreman), Phil Elford (MacMillan Rothsay), Allan Curnew (Civil Service), Les Tulk (Insurance sales), John Mullens (Assistant Mill Manager) About 1960
May 2, 1955 Sitting L>R Isaac Janes, Ralph Wight (C) , Jack Wiseman, Charlie Wells, Jimmy Stephenson, Phil Upwards. About 1950
Left female Joan McCallum, Rt female, ??.
Back L>R ?? , Sid White, Roy Maybe, 2 messenger boys, Roland Janes About 1950
L>R Hughie Hussey, Percy Joyce, Jerry (?), "Aus" Butt" About 1950 Back L>R Steve Rowsell, Charlie Raines (S), Denis Timmis, George Carson, Gerry Penney, Joe Lawson, Frank (C) Purchase, Ernie Power, Cabot Fitzgerald, Reg Stanford. Middle L>R ? ?, Jim Read, ? Bugden (C), Bill Whiteway, Fred Mathews. Frt L>R Jack Oake, AlbertBergeron, Bessie Smith, Eileen O'Roarke, Frank Taaffe (C). Sitting on floor L>R Jack Fisher, Phil Sweet, (space) ? ?, Company Controller. January 20, 1951
Stand L>R Brett Oake, Harold Forsey Johnie Noble, Roland Temple, D Ryles (?) , A. Newhook, John Sweeney, H. Stone, Sam Crocker Sitting L>R Abe Stratton, Ern Bugden, Fred Rendell, Mott Murphy, Dick Holder, Len Suebbon (?), Jim Ryan. March 3, 1928 Frt L>R Wilf Buckle, Paddy Hicks, Mike Redmon (BL), Jack McCallum, Harold Ginn, Riley Hayes, Ned Tricco , Fred Noftall, 9? ? , 2nd L>R 1? ? , Ted Ledrew, Pat Strapp, John Wareham, George Wareham, George Randell, Ches White, George Pickering, Jack Foley.3rd Standing L>R Bill Hiscock, John Byrne, Fred Christopher, Bill Cormier, October avius Chaffey, Joe MacLennon, Dexter Freake, Wallace Hall, Ron White, Alf ""Roddie"" Rodway. Back L>R Joe Jones, ""Handsome"" Tom McCarthy, Bill Soper, Less Alley, Charlie Cross. March 3, 1928 Frt L>R 1? ? , Max Pardy, Frank Pieroway. Arther Absolom Alcock, (Hap's father), Major Howard (?C) , Major Walter M. Balfour, Frank Breen (C) ,8 ? ? ,9 ? ? . Back L>R Jack Lee, 2? ? , Jesse Thistle, Albert Martin, 5 ? ?, 6? ? , Stewart Osmond, Jack Finn. March 3, 1928
Sitting with Dog B. Gagnon
Frt L>R Louis Lockyer, Bill Hammond, Henry Halverson, Dick Penney, George Mercer, Bill Jones, Dave McCubben, Jim Read, 9? ? , Ralph Lewis, Jim Daves.
2nd Standing L>R 1? ?, 2? ?, 3? ?, 4? ?, 5? ?, 6? ?, 7? ?, 8? ?, 9? ?, Tex Millegan.
Back L>R 1? ?, 2? ?, 3? ?, Art Hunt, 5?, Bill Wiseman, 7? ?, 8? ?, Art Hull (Biff's father), A. Robson, 12?, Wm. Lemoine, Annicette Gagnon. March 3, 1928
Back L>R 1? ?, Mike Breen, 3? ?, George Peckford, 5? ?, Louis Bernard, John Francis, Nelson Locke, Less S. Henry, T. Harvey, 11? ?, Parker Crowell, ? Bennett, 14? ?, Fred Bernard, S. Allwood, John Laydon, 18? ?. Frt L>R J. Oldford, 2? ?, Jim Kemp, John Pretty, 5? ?, Bill Buckle, Peter Heudes, 8? ?, 9? ?. March 3, 1928 Back (Standing) L>R Steve Lawrence, George Gill, Sam Hilliard, John Penney, Less S. Henry, John Hyde, Jim Power, Walter Rowsell, Abe Churchill.
Frt L>R John Byrne, G. Dawe, George Howell, 4? ?, Pete Barry, Tom Snow, Bobby Bambrick, 8? ?, Amos Gregory. March 3, 1928
Frt L>R 1? ?, Les Henry, H.C Brown (GC), Abe Copping (C), Edgar Alexander Charlton (1st Resident Mgr at Corner Brook for IP in 1928), 6? ?, Albert (A. W.) Bentley (?)/T. S. Howard (GC), W.J. T. Wharton.
Back L>R Major Bert Butler, Gerald Murphy, Walter M. Balfour, C. Parsons, K.O, Elderkin (C), 5? ?, 6? ?, Bill Herdman, Albert Bergeron, Jim Read, George Carson, Alex Leddingham, Lynn B. Shaffery (C).
(Note: are S. E. Kay or R. L. Weldon or Lyle Lang in this photo???) March 3, 1928
Frt L>R Vic Payne, Jim Frampton, Jack McKay, F. Bugden, 5? ?, Thomas Kelley, 7? ?, Phil Sweet, 9? ?.
Back L>R 1? ?, ? Morrison, 3? ?, John Leggo, George Sheppard, Bill Kennedy, Bill Stone, 8? ?, 9? ?, Red Power, 11? ?. March 3, 1928
Back L>R ?, Middle L>R Herb Fillatre, 2? ?, (Sam Thomey, Wilf Buckle, Bill McCarthy, Jack Buckle, ? Buckle, John ?, ? ?, Fran Christopher, Bill Eastman, Sonny Redmond, Fred Gala...........(?), Bill Nash, Jack Mitchell, Jim Penney, L. Webber, Scottie, Matteson, Paddy Walsh, ? ?, ? ?, ? ?, E. Smith, Harold Rockett, ? ?, ? ?, ? Buckle.
Frt L>R 1? ?, Baxter Fudge (C), March 3, 1928
Frt L>R ? Dobbin (C), Bill Percy (?), Alonzo Howell (C), Jack Pretty,
5? ?, 6? ?, ? Boone, 8? ?, ? Boone. Middle L>R Arminious Boone, 2? ?, 3? ?, Less S. Henry, 5? ?, Middle L>R Arminious Boone, 2? ?, 3? ?, Less S. Henry, 5? ?, Standing L>R 1? ?< 2? ?. March 3, 1928
L>R Jim Whiteway, Leo Companion, Dunc Parsons" About 1940 Frt L>R Sam Tiller, Edgar Stratton, Pat Quigley, 4? ?, Hubert Young, Flood Gregory, Mark Randell, Mark Spurrel.
Back L>R 1? ?, 2? ?, Ira Cole, 4? ?, 5? ?, 6? ?, 7? ?. March 3, 1928
    Back L>R Harry Anderson, Jack Soabie (?), Albert Martin, Andy Walsh, Cabot Fitzgerald.
Center L>R Ron Marten, Ralph burnham, 3? ?, 4? ?.
Frt L>R 1? ?, Alex Collins. 1928
Frt L>R Don Sampson, Doug Elliott, Pete Kennedy, Ray Woolridge.
Standing Mable (Davis) Oxford. 2nd L>R Willie Wicks, Ernie Power, Rolland Way, Bert Rowsell, Clyde Hewett, Clive Elliot, Grant Hiscock. Rear L>R Hollie White, Jack Lee. February 27, 1953
Aerial of Mill July 7, 1934
Aerial of Corner Brook Est 1924 Aerial of Mill Est 1925 About 1925
L>R Selby Parsons, Pearl Baggs, Elwin Kean, Mark Randell, Tommy Boland, Ches Winsor, Paul Gillingham, Newman Gough, Hilbert Humber, Ira Coles. January 20, 1954 SS Nicolas Bowater About 1960 L>R H. M. S. "Monty" Lewin, Vincent Massey (Gov. General), Albert Marten, Mrs Massey (?). August 26, 1959
L>R Pat Moore, Jean Scott, Herbert Bourgeois, Monty Lewin. March 20, 1954 L>R 1? ?, 2? ?, Eugene (Uncle Hugh) McCarthy, Elijah (Uncle Lige) Rideout, Eddie Coleman, Sam Baker, Ky (Hezikiah) Gullage, Hedly Marks.
2nd L>R Redmond (Red) McCarthy, 2? ?, 3? ?, Wison Myles, Bill Stratton, Moses Earle, Bill Hart. Back L>R 1? ?, Johnny Lewis, Jim Mayo, 4? ?, 5? ?. March 3, 1926
L>R Leo Companion, Lawrence McCarthy 3? ?, Eli Janes. June 30, 1948
Back L>R Jim Roche, Collin Peddle, Jim Wheeler, Hayword Batstone,
Jack Peddle, Russ Batt, Len Reid, Ron Jenkins. Center L>R N. Gough, Jim Hancock, Kevin Moore, Ira Stone, Reg Leggo, Loinel Chaulk, Gord Abott. Frt L>R Jim Gash, Joe Vickers, Wm. Leitch, Frank Buckingham, Tom Sampson, Frank Corbin. February 1, 1955
L>R Gerald McLennon, Billy Pafford, Harold Pafford, Charlie Cross, Abe Sweetland, Harold Bouzanne, Cyril Gregory, Dan Griffen, Ned Grace (Boss), Oliver Hollett. February 25, 1948 L>R Frank McGrath, Charley Gill, Eric Hawkins, Ed Taylor. January 24, 1950
March 3, 1932 Frt L>R Tommy Murphy, John Lee, Roy Murley, Stan Cross, Frank Taaffe, Mark Roberts.
2nd L>R Reg Mercer, Bob Scott, Don Payne, Biff Hull, Don Taylor, John Mullens, Len Holloway, George Smith, Gerry Cooke. Back L>R George Walters, Len Barren, Dave Humber, Fred Sweetland, John Ford, Bob Squires, Tom Payne, Tony Kettle, Reg Finn. Dec 1982
SS Sarah Bowater summer time About 1960
March 3, 1932 March 3, 1932 Printing shop in mill Trademark labels for finished rolls March 3, 1932
Back L>R John Gilbert, Alex Brenton, Arthur Rose, Amous Lundrigan, Jimmy Cook, Tom Abbott.
3rd L>R George Pike, Wallace Hall, Bobby Hilliard, Bill Milley, Calvin Humber, Ron Denny, Ed Curtis, Joe Lundrigan, Hayward Marten. 2nd L>R Ed Sexton, Lamont (Lal) Webber, Lyle Lang, Harold Jameson, Jack Oake. Frt L>R John Francis, Jimmy Ryan, Freddy Tiller, Ray Crann, Sam O'Quin, Norm Sharpe. About 1950
Frt L>R Gerry Mercer, Jim Grace, Ted Ledrew.
Standing L>R George Hobbs, Dexter Freake, Reg Stanford, Elwin Kean." About 1955
Back L>R Bill Hilliard, Claude Kelley, Val Goss, Eric Bishop, Gerry Cooke, Norman Young, Charlie Gosse, Eric Fitzgerald, Harold (Gibby) Gibbons, Frank (Genny) Janes, Eric (Mose) Hatcher, Glen (Mood) Porter, Frank Bishop. 2nd L>R George Kearly, Albert Artis, Sam Jones, Jimmy Sparks, Jimmy Stephenson, Reg Nichols, Don (Spots) Goodyear (partly hidden), Charlie (The Sparrow) Meade, Gordon Madore, Ralph Chippett. Frt L>R Joe Pike, Allan Thomas, Calvin (Tubby) Normor, Kevin St. George, Walter Burton, Cyril Sampson, Joe Lawson, Ronnie Butler. Est 1959
  L>R Steve Smith, Hezikiah Gullage, Albert Martin, Major Bert Butler, George Carson (speaking), Sir Eric V. Bowater, Cabot Fitzgerald. September 15, 1953 L>R H.M.S. Lewin, Mrs Lewin, Sir Eric Bowater (speaking),
Mrs. Winter, Bob Winter (Federal Minister from N.S. that ran against Trudeau), Major Bert Butler, Wallace Hall, Steve Smith September 15, 1951
Back L>R Bill Cossett, Arch White, Mike Hendrigan, Harold Jerrett,
Alex Hutchings, Allan Parsons, Pat Moore (?), 9? ?, Max Taylor. Frt L>R 1? ?, 2? ?, Mary McEvoy, Jimmy Murphy, Maude Sullivan, Baxter Goodyear, Mary Furlong, Nick Tomey (?), 9? ?. March 3, 1928

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