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1967 Kenworth and Hayes at Home (Batty Road) during a strike in the late 1960's (probably 68 or 69)
  Richard standing beside the truck  
Dad's 1970 S Model Kenworth in front of his shop on Glenwood St. Mack beside the 1970 Kenworth at my (Jim) apartment on Gertrude St (1976077)  
Hauling rock from Cameron Division to assembly whark on waterfront    
The 1973 4300 International in Franklin River Yard
Jim's 1972 International
The 1973 International is nosed into the garage
1985 back end of Darling Main 1973 Pacific P9 in Sarita 1973 Pacific P9 on the Coleman Dump Road,
Franklin Division
1973 Pacific P9 on the Coleman Dump Road, Franklin Division Dad standing by 1970 Ford pickup
at the shop on Glenwood St.
Old 1960 Kenworth formerly belonged to
Jan and originally owned by Art Tutty as a log truck
1960 Kenworth repainted by Reg Esau Behind Dad's Glenwood shop
Hauling dredgings at China Creek log dump
Cameron Division
China Creek log dump area 1963 Hayes in 1974
Fleet pictures in 1974
Fleet pictures in 1974 at the shop on Glenwood Street 1975 2070 International
taken at Intertruck (Alberni)
(City) Somass Sand Pit Pictures taken after the truck was painted in winter of 1980. Body, frame and wheels painted.
A 1973 Pacific P10 Dad bought in 1975. He never did work it. He did some work on the truck, rebuilt the box and painted it. med Dalziel bought it from him
Dad's 1975 International Scout pickup Junction of Elk Main and Franklin River Access Road
Gray Main, driver: Don Thompson Elk Main Late '70's Case backhoe
Late '70's Case backhoe Franklin River Hitchie Lake Franklin River BR 57 Sand Pit
Reg Dorman's Trucking & Fuel Kenworth and business card Bought in the fall of 1976, this is what the two Hayes trucks looked like then they first came home. (ex Dorman trucks)
This is how they looked after a little T-L-C Fleet picture in winter 1976-77
Fleet picture in winters 1976-77
Fleet picture in winters 1976-77 Dad bought this 1970 Hayes in the spring of 1977
These pictures were taken on the shop site for the new Sarita Division Camp when it was separated from Franklin Division in the late 1970's.
(Amalgamated again in 1983)
Sarita Branch 208 (Jim Driving)
Worthless Creek, Franklin River Haddin Area (Franklin)
1970 Hayes at Reliance Truck Equipment in Vancouver for a new box.
Original heavy rock box was sold to Coulson Prescott.
The box under construction;
heated rock box to go on a small Kenworth
1970 Hayes with new box in Dads back yard on Renton Road
An old Ford Dad owned for a short time
(ex Tom Young)
Dad and Rick Dunn Dad's new 1979 Kenworth on assembly at Canadian Kenworth in Burnaby
Waiting for box at Reliance in Vancouver In Dad's shop on Renton Road  
Old Ford van used to keep oil in after Dad sold the shop on Glenwood St to Buck Berry. (parked at Intertruck 1979) This is the old Hayes before Dad did some finishing touches to it
At city crusher. A 2950's Hayes Dad bought from Don Hawkins and fixed up in 1981. City stock pile
Dad's Pacific P 500
Ed O'Toole's truck repainted
after a pattern I drew up for him.
Clearing snow from the streets of Port Alberni
January 7,1982
Bob Haynes had these murals painted on his Parksville 'Central-Island Parts' store
Alex and grand kids

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