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Pictures show Dad transferring his loader from Jim Hawkin's Mercury into Dad's 210 at Lakeshore Store.
Jim brought it this from (from town) because his truck was lower than Dad's and they were worried about power and telephone lines.
At Franklin River #3 at home (Batty Road). This was the last of the three '64 210's Dad owned. At the time of the picture (1973), Dad was driving it himself around town. Later on it went back to Sarita and was sold to Tom Young.
#2 at home, Batty Road #1 Louie Hebert's truck at Port Machine Works
Here Dad is loading his International 200D with his Case 1000 Dad's first 2000D International (about a 1965).
It had a V671 not big on power but BIG on noise.
It was with this truck Dad started working at Cameron Division when it first opened up. This was taken in a pit near the present West Boy Hotel on Sproat Lake. Gravel was being hauled to the water bomber base near Smith Landing (public beach). The picture shows a Rayner & Bracht shovel and Mercury truck.
Richard and Dad Grassy Mountain  
    Dad burning diesel in the box to melt the ice
Dad's new 1966 210 working on Cameron Main in 1966 Dave washing his truck behind the Cameron shop site Dave Rai's Dodge brand new in 1966
Dave Rai's Dodge Dave Rai's Dodge A. Falconer's Hayes #6
Loading #6   Dave Rai's Dodge
    March 1981 Nadira (Franklin River)
Maurice Hebert
Dave Rai, Len McDowell, Leo standing with cigarette in mouth Dave's truck - Cameron Division The 1966 International
Mount Arrowsmith in the background
The 1966 F210 International after it was repointed to match the three '64 International's 1966 F210 at home on Batty Road

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